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ch an 

V d 

this room 


*l can t change the 
direction of the wind, but 
can adjust my sails to 
always reach my 

Jimmy Dean 

Wayland High School 
54 Old Connecticut Path 
Wayland, MA 01778 


Student Life 4 

Seniors 24 

Underclassmen 106 

Academics 134 

Athletics 148 

Activities 194 

Advertisements 2 1 2 


^> -3 

_ _ _ MSe^y 

P GfCXCC OassitUj way 

Or V 

v ^3 ■ ✓ 



5w 5t VI N 

coach, guidance counselor, mentor, friend 

1 \ V ^ 


^ V 


It is such a privilege to share a few words to celebrate Jim's life and to honor the 
incredible individual and counselor that he was. It is truly difficult to imagine that 
the Wayland community will never see Jim's beautilul smile again; standing by 
his office door, or cruising through the halls with his pencil behind his ear, coflee 
mug in one hand and note pad in another. 

As many ol our students and faculty know, Jim Griffin was a true family man. His 
devotion to Betsy, his girls, Rachel and Julia, his niece Emily, and his entire 
extended family was always his first priority. However, when he wasn't at home 
with his family or going to Julia's or Rachel's games, Jim's true passion was working 
with his students and his athletes. He loved his work, and he felt so privileged 
and blessed to be a part of his student's lives. Each and every day he came to 
work and encouraged students to follow their hearts, to work diligently to reach 
their goals, to make healthy decisions, and to find the balance in their lives between 
school, friends and family. He taught students to respect each other, regardless 
of differences, and to find the goodness in everyone and everything. And all of 
this he did with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, sense of humor and an amazing 

Recently many of our students and faculty in this room experienced a presentation 
called Rachel's Challenge. If you haven't heard of it until today, please read about 
it on line and find a way to experience the presentation and its message. Rachel 
Scott was a student at Columbine High School in Colorado, and she was a true 
visionary who cared deeply for her friends, family members and anyone with whom 
she came into contact. In an English essay she wrote: 

"Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer. ... My definition of 
compassion is forgiving, loving, helping, leading, and showing mercy for others. 
I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, 
then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a 
little kindness can go." 

Our dear Jim Griffin embodied this message of kindness, compassion and love 
in his work with students, families and faculty every day. It is our hope that all of 
us in the Wayland Community, who has felt his impact, will carry Jim's legacy by 
starting a chain reaction of compassion and kindness. In each day of your lives, 
please honor Jim by finding one simple way to demonstrate kindness and love for 
each other the way that Jim had always done lor all of us. 
When Jim learned of his diagnosis this past fall, his incredible courage and clarity 
brought him to school to speak with his professional family at WHS. I believe it 
best to share some of those words with you today to further demonstrate Jim's 
passion for his work at Wayland, for the respect he has for the education profession, 
and for the love he has for his sweet, beautiful family. 

When I think about what all of our sludenls come to school with everyday - Iheir 
vulnerabilities. Iheir tears, their worries, their concerns. I can now truly understand 
that teeling ot vulnerability as I deal with my disease. I have also come to a greater 
appreciation ot how all ol you as teachers have helped our students to succeed 
at a higher level through your encouragement, commitment and guidance. At 
limes I took lor granted the impact we have on our kids. . . I don 1 anymore. Thank 
you lor helping our students succeed and encouraging them to do and be their 

We come to work to do our best, to help our students, and then when we leave 
and go home to the other lite thai we love, our family life. . . . Please love all those 
special people in your lives. Don't miss a second of that. As much as I love my 
job. I so love to go home to my incredible wile and kids. 

I love my daughters and my wile Betsy so much. I am fodunale to work here at 
Wayland and meet so many wonderful people. I am such a lucky person, so 
incredibly blessed. I have been given more than I deserve in life. I teel so happy 
in my life, so loved and cared for and not everyone has the privilege of experiencing 
this. Life is tough and it is not fair, but I haven't been cheated for one second. 
Please don't feel bad lor me. . I have been given so much in lite. 
We all know Jim is at peace, now able to spend lime with his sister, Kalhy, his 
mom and dad, and lor those thai knew Zoe. one of our Wayland therapy dogs, 
we're sure she's Ihere with him loo. sharing turkey sandwiches. Although Jim 
will not bo here physically for us any longer, we know he will be watching over his 
whole family, rooting lor you, and sending you his love every day ol your lives. 
Thank you for sharing him with us. He will never be forgotten. 
Marybeth Sacramone. Guidance Department Head 

4 m 


young, wtfcf, & free 


Where We Work! 

he Cars We Drive 

II Hi 

Alex Orlov & Charlie Kelman sure do love cars 


niii if Hj 
jp ^^^^ < u 

Alexandra and Michela 

i * 

Sana and Tooba Gilani, 
Danielle and Bradley Varnum 





Laila Brown and 
Stephen Powell 

Hannah and Charlotte 

Jackson, Mrs. Coughlin, 
and Maggie 

Taylor and Cole Elias 


Alex and Nicole Noa, 
Rachel and Matthew Massicotte 

Isabel and Maddy 

Margot and Bryce Turner 

Paul and Mark Crisafulli, 
Jonah and Isaac Greenawalt 


Doug and Isabelle Lyons 

Chad Tyra, Jackson Hubbell, Anna Hubbell, Jesse Hoopes, Tommy Hoopes, 
and Evan Tyra 


The Lucier and Greenwood siblings 

Kathryn and Megan 

Shaleece and Sharelle Selden & Tianna and Bryanna 



Katie and Julia 


Eli Bucher and Hannah 

Bailey and Nick Mogan & Catherine, Evan, and Mrs 
Barber & Riley and Tess Starr & Ellen Barber 

Meg Kuhn, Grace Cartwright, Andrew Cartwright, Karl Kuhn, 
Allee Pineault, and Caitlyn Pineault 



r . 

Jared and Rebecca 

Cousins Lauren Burkley & Daly and Elizabeth Place 

Gene and Emma Barton I Nat and Michael Gordon I Jared and Evan Brisson 

Cousins Rosalita and Ariel Cormier, Jess and Sam Hayward, and Maggie Kennedy 

Andy Marton and Mrs. 

Elaine and Jameson 

Lauren and Karl 

Molly and Megan Pierce & Melanie and Nick Barber 

Matt and Pippa 





nr „ 


Remo Cameron Apse 

I would like to thank 
all of my friends for 
making these past 4 
years memorable. 

It was fun Max. 
Mackland. Wadsy. 
Mike, Johnny, and of 
course Coriglia. 

We have had some great times and 
there will be many more to come. 

Eric Alpert 


"You can't connect 

the dots looking 
forward; you can only 
connect them looking 
backwards. So you 
have to trust that the 
dots will somehow 
connect in your future. 
You have to trust in 
something - your 
gut, destiny, life, 
karma, whatever. 

Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give 
you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off 
the well worn path." 

-Steve Jobs 

Brian Aurelio 

Thanks Wayland for 

some great years! 
And thanks mom and 
dad for putting up with 
me through them all! 

Rebecca - have fun 
next year! Watch out 
for those doors, air 
conditioners, and 
mopeds! <3 

Luke and Peter - Thanks for everything guys. See you in Sweden! 

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Remember. 
"A frisbee is a circle, therefore it never ends." 
Good luck next year! 

Claire Bailey 

fam-thanks for 
teaching, listening to, 

and handling me. I 
appreciate it more than 
you know, loveyou. 

tfs-owe you everything, 
thank you 

wouldyoulovemeif 7 
ebdbte xoxox 
subito! APV 

meant what I said and I said what 
Dr. Seuss 


Natalie Barone 



Mom. Dad, Grandma 
Connie, Grandma 
and Grandpa, thank 
you for everything you 
have done. I love you 
so much! 
Champa, Hershey, 
Sadie-Love you :) 
Becky, Steph, Casey, 
Olivia, Amanda- you 
guys were always true 
to me and will always 
be my best friends. Love you to the moon and back! KH, AM you 
guys are awesome. All my skating girl: AMANDA, Catherine, Aspen, 
Tessa, Sonia, Allie. . . Dena , Dawn, Lindsey. Thank you for the best 
home away from home I know :) 
Congrats class of 2012! 
"In this bright future, you can't forget your past." -Bob Marley 

It's amazing how fast 

4 years go by 
Mom Dad El b Cath 
love you guys so much 
To my boys RS. AH, 
CH. SB. DL, LJ, MG, 
DM, HS (I <3 XBB) 
Carolyn June thanks for 
everything, you mean 
so much to me. To 
Carol John Heather 
Rob b the rest of the 
Morril drive crew. To all the hockey boys past b present. BYHL, 
Fantasy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 
Thanks teachers b coaches. EB. Muz, Rosie. 
"You work so hard your entire life to get away from one place, b 
when you finally get your chance to leave, you find a reason to stay. 

Love you 20 1 2 

Emma Barton 

m+d: thanks for 
everything, words 
cannot express how 
much i appreciate 
you both. 

g+w: keep causing 
trouble, okay 7 

s: i couldn't have done 
it without you, 
love always. 


2012: it's time to show the world 

and to the teachers: thank you. 

► WlffflD CLASS Of 2012 » 

Juliette Bastarache 

Mom&Dad thanks for 
everything you have 

done for me! 
I wouldn't be here 
without you guys. 
Zach&Lucas thanks for 
always having my back. 
Tante Bert&Auntie Doe 
you guys are the best, 
love you guys! 
Tracker b Shep 
best pups! 

To my buds CJ.HC.AS and GM. You guys have always been there for 
me 1 All of the stupid things we did. and all the great times we had! 
Thanks for dealing with my craziness! Boys, it's been fun. 
Field hockey girls - love you! Thanks to all my teachers! 
LDA love&miss you. 
Congrats class of 2012 :) WE DID IT!!! 

Daniel Bekenstein 

Thank you Mom. Dad. 
Emily, Sam. Andy, and 

Jenny for everything 
you have done for me 

and making me who 
I am today. 

AH. MC. NP. JF. DL - 
I'll miss you guys, 
thanks for all the 
great times. 

BVS ' 1 2 

Good luck 20 1 2, thanks for everything 

Nichole Bell 

Thanks to my family! 

You always support 

me. Mom and dad: I 
am so grateful for 

everything you guys 
have done and taught 

me. Tut tut. David. 

Anthony, and Tim: 
love. Kendall, love ya! 

2am cribbage. 

Nana, papa: taught me so much! Love all of you! Friends in and out 

of Wayland. <3 Teachers: taught me to work hard! 
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his 
life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last 
beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." 
<3 Rebbie <3 Ginger 

Kinaesiaa Bennett 

These past four years 
have gone by all too 
quickly! Luckily, mine 

included plenty of 
good times and great 
learning experiences. 

Thank you mom for al 
the love b support. 
I appreciate it. 

Special s/o to: BM. TM. AN. SSx2. &JW! 
I love you girls, stay beautiful :) 

Class of 2012. it's been live! 

Dina Berdichevsky 

Mom and papa-thanks 
for everything, 

probably would have 
taken twice as long 
without you guys. 


dkmdlg-keep doing you. 
tennis-love you all do big things 

"They charged me 1 5 dollars. That's how much it costs 
to only have 20 dollars." 
-Louis CK 

Kush Bhagat 

I want to thank you all 
at WHS for giving me a 
chance, allowing me 
to spread my wings 
and see what would 
happen. I want to leave 
you with two quotes. 

"Nothing happens 
unless first a dream." 
- Carl Sandburg 

"To unpathed waters, undreamed shores." 
- William Shakespeare 

We must dare to dream so as to be our own individuals in society. 
So my fellow students. I say dream those shores and path (chart) 
those waters to be what you want to be. 

Kerrin Bersani 

"It's not the size of the 
dog in the fight that 

matters, but the size of 
the fight in the dog." 

Wow. thirteen years of 
school seems like a 

really long time, and I 
never actually pictured 

this day coming. But 
I'm really happy it did! 

Big thanks to mom and Lou for your love and 

support through these past years! 
love you guys and am gonna miss you next year! 

Hina Bhat 

"Life is either a 
daring adventure 
or nothing." 

- Hellen Keller 

Can't wait to 
start my adventure! 

► WLflfiD CLASS Of 2012 


Tiffany Billing 

First. I want to thank 
my family. Mom. Dad. 
Justin, thank you for all 
of your support over 

the years. I'd be 
nowhere without all of 

you. Second, wow. 
I can't believe how fast 
these past four years 
went by. It seems like 
not too long ago. we 
were all just freshmen. 
We've grown so much on this journey together, and now it's our 
time to head off and change the world! 

"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." 

Class of 2012... We did it! 

Luke Boudreau 

I would like to thank 
my friends for staying 
with me throughout. 

my parents for their 

guidance, all of my 
teachers for their 

knowledge, and my 
coach for his support 

and understanding. 

Peter and Brian, thanks for being my wingmen. 
've enjoyed my stay at WHS. and looking forward I will make the 
most of what lies ahead. 

"Carpe Diem" 

Marissa Botticelli 

Thanks mom and dad 
for always being there, 
even when I didn't 
want you there. 
Thanks for answering 

all of my ridiculous 
questions (what is the 
average weight of a 
giant panda?) Thanks 
for making me who I 
am. CHASE. You might 
think you're getting rid 

of me. But you're stuck with me forever. There aren't words to 
describe how much my friends mean to me. You know who you are, 
I love you guys! I'll miss you. Candi babes. Blue sparkles forever! 
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss 
Twelve years together and. subito. it's all over. Good luck in the 
years to come. 2012! Congrats! 

Danielle Boykin 

"Life is an opportunity. 

benefit from it. Life is 

beauty, admire it. Life 

is a dream, realize it. 
Life is a challenge, 

meet it. Life is a duty. 

complete it. Life is a 

game, play it. Life is a 
promise, fulfill it. Life is 

sorrow, overcome it. 

Life is a song, sing it. 
Life is a struggle. 

accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. 
Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. 
Life is life, fight for it." - Mother Teresa 
Thanks to everyone who made this such a great year. Mom. Dad. 
and Michael- without you, I never would have gotten this far. 
Thanks 20 1 2 for an amazing senior year. We made it! 

,ucy Boyko 

Thanks to my parents 
and brother for always 
being supportive! 

Thanks to all my 

miss all my friends! 

I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply 
have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind... 
At these times. ..I use the Pensieve." Albus Dumbledore 

lared Brisson 

I want to thank my 
parents for supporting 

me my whole life. 
To my brothers Derek 
and Evan for being 
more than brothers. 
To the crew: T dog, X 
squad, Ian Q, Rick, 
Julio, and Dave. 
To all the Dudley's and 
to the girls and 
everyone else in the 
grade and anyone that went to WHS over the years. I'm lucky to 
have built so many friendships. To the weekend nights and all the 
.aughs. We livin' life! Come fly with the Bird. Batman, Slabs. CD's. 
Old Country Buffet, BBB, Dodgeball 

It's only the beginning... 

Shane Brady 


Thank you for 
supporting me through 
the years. I appreciate 
all you have done for 
me. I love you guys. 
Lee&Evan: have fun 
without me for 4 year 
f's... MikeDougChris: 

ilydoods...Cardo / 
ConDog: stay junky... 

AT. NW.JB.MM, RG) GTGH! The Crew: YGAG... 
Courtney B: wanna date. ..Hockey: good luck next 
year...Shoutouts:Von Rohr... Drew. ..Riley... Andrew... Juliette(UGH) 
...Mari&Kayshawn... Marcus... Guns&Starvin... 
TK...BMGJC...MB.MD...SM...WHS:my two years here have been 
awesome good luck next year y'all*JUNK* 

Jeremy Brofsky 

Thanks Mom. Dad, 
Jessie, and Jordan. I 
couldn't have made it 
this far without you. 

Thanks to all my 
friends and teachers 
from Claypit to the 
Middle School to the 
High School, you've all 
been great. 

Golf team all four years has been great. '09 state champs. 
IBL beginning with the dominant orange team. 

'Moving on is simple. It's what we leave behind that's hard." 
Author Unknown 
Good Luck Class of 2012 

► WLfltID CLASS Of 2012 33 

Alexandra Bryant 

It feels like yesterday 
we were in kindergarten 
thinking high school 
would never come. It's 
strange that what once 
felt like forever has 
come and gone. 

Thank you Mom, Dad. 
and Jon for everything. 
I wouldn't have made it 
here without you. 
love you all. Jon. you're the best brother I could have asked for. 
Thanks for always being there for me. 

"Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain." 
-Dave Matthews Band 
Good luck 2012! WE MADE IT 

Ryan Budnick 

On September 2. 2008. 

entered Wayland 
High School, naive and 

1 .377 days. 47.774 smiles. 95 1 tears. 8. 1 92 dreams. 1 .430 doodles. 
9.856 key changes. 385 tests. 55 1 .878 Cheerios. 23 polo shirts. 77 
inside jokes. 3 1 secrets. 363 friends, b one deep-fried calculator later. 
I emerge, victorious and unafraid to face my future, 
guided by my past. 

Jakub Buczek 

" Everything always 
works out." 
- Smart People 

Thanks to everyone 
who has helped shape 
me. everyone who has 

surrounded me with 
their actions and ideas. 

Shout out to the people and things that 
made Wayland an awesome place to be: 

my original southies, FDs. 
BBB, IHL. BYHL. and crew hags 

Jordan Bunn 


Congratulations 201 2! 

Thanks so much to... 
Mom and Dad. you 
are wonderful, and 

wouldn't be who I am 
today without you. 

Daniel, good luck and 
keep leading 

All my beautiful friends, thanks for loving me and keeping me sane: 

I love all of you! Tones and Kens thanks especially for actively 
supporting me in all areas of life. All the leaders who've taken time 
to invest in me (Kim. Morgan, Joy, Charlotte). I appreciate all of you 
so much. You've all blessed me. Wishing everyone the best! 
I Timothy 4:12 

what does sorry mean? 
monday funday 

RBN - love+missyougirl 
critter and giraffe - gonna miss you ladies 
jwhit - twinsies for life 
ma, dad - love you - thanks for everything, hb - high five? NAWT. 
lellyfish&huggies loveyousis. DO YA! - ilovemyfamily. track&xc 4eva 
no regrets just lessons learned, "goodbye for now" - KJ <3 R.I. P. 

Lauren Burkley 

RBN - let's pick up 
right where we left off. 

Kelly Ohh - 
Tickets b Passports, 
youme&becca the 
three musketeers, 
summers I'll never 
forget: rope swing, 
coch, b arnold palmer 
RHG- together we're 
unlimited. 5th grade 
forever. Ash aka BFM-dancing&laughing like we do best. WHAT IT 
DO!? ML. KB. MC. AD. Cheer<3 Eliz&Daly-good luck b stay smiling, 
you learned from the best :)sistercousinsforlife. keep making me 
proud dad. I love you b God Bless America! 

"There's time to rest after I die. b until then these days are mine." 

Blisa Bushee 

"Go confidently in the 

direction of your 
dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined." 

- HDT 
Thanks for the support 

Mom. Dad&Ra-ra! 
Couldn't have survived 

without you! 
Mucho amor. Friends 
b teachers - thanks for 

Yellow crayon, croquet&marbles. ASADC&Window-you have 
inspired me so much! I'm going to miss you guys! 
Live long and prosper. Lemonandonion salad. Aw yea. 
Vermonster. Wave the American flag. Cool off. 

Never stop dancing. 
Catch y'all on the flip side. 2012! Go get 'em! 

Hannah Camiel 

Mom, thank you for 
your constant support. 
Jonah, you're almost 

there little brother. 
Talia, thanks for all the 
laughter and smiles. 
You truly are the best 
little sister ever. Thank 
you to my teachers. 

friends, and for 
everyone who looked 
out for me. 


DK b my DW girls thank you for the lifelong 
friendships b memories. Marg thanks for being there. 
L 12. Aww yeah window yeah. ASADC. Don't stop dancing 
miss you dad. 

► WlfMD CLASS Of 2012 » 

Geoff Camp 

wait, so I can put anything here? 

Cecil Chacko 

"The road to success 
is always under 

Thank you Mom and Dad for your love and support. Few words 
could ever express how much I appreciate you and everything 
you've done for me. 

Love you!!! 

Grace Cartwright 

"And will you succeed 7 
Yes indeed, yes indeed! 
ninety-eight and three- 
quarters percent 
guaranteed! " 
- Dr. Seuss 

Thank you to all who 
have helped me 
along the way. 
143 Mom and Dad. 

Good luck in all future endeavors AYC. 
Co W/W! Walk on CAP. ~4~ 

"Certainty of death, small chance of success. 
...what are we waiting for?" - Gimli 

- Jonathan Chen 

Our journey through 

high school was 
certainly a long and 
tiring one. Hopefully I 
was able to make it a 
tad more interesting. 
It has always been my 

intention to leave 
my mark on Wayland 

High School, be it 

in your sanities or 
in spray paint. 

It's been a pleasure meeting every one of you. and I promise that 

when I rule the world you won't go hungry. 
Hope I'll see y'all in the near future. Until then. Happy Hunting! 
Thank you for making me who I am! 

Subito Magua consumit cardios gray-hairis. 

I'd like to thank my 
parents and my brother, 

Alex, for the endless 
support they have given 

Make it big, 
twenty twelve. 

Subito! Blue sparkles. ACC. S&S. 

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. 
That is why it is called the present." 

Annelise Cohen 

To my best friends, 
you will always be with 
me, no matter where 
we are. I love you all. 

To my second family: 
my thanks would never 
be enough. 

Elena: I know we will never really be apart. 
I don't think we ever could be. I love you more than I can say. 

WWcrew: you made high school unforgettable 
"Somewhere, deep inside, we all can fly." 

Christine Cocce 

"Laugh as much as you 
breathe and love as 
long as you live." 
- Unknown 

Mom. Dad, and 
Johnny, thank you for 
everything. I love you! 

To my friends, thank 
you for the good times 
and the laughs. 

You are all amazing and I will miss you so much! It's locked. LI 2. 
HOWNW. NKOTBSB. Ski trip - watch out for those trees! 
The smell of best friends, rainwater, and Fenway Park. 

We shared so many moments growing up together. 
Good luck Class of 2012! 

Ariel Cormier 

Mom and Dad. no 
words can describe 
how much I appreciate 
everything you have 
done for me. From the 

constant support to 
endless love, I can only 
say thank you. 

Rose, wouldn't have 
picked anyone else to 

share a room with. 
Blase, you'll always be my main man. Don't ever change, you guys 
are perfect. My life will never be full without you both by my side. 
Couldn't have made it without my friends. 
Thanks for all the silly times. You guys are all incredible. 
"Follow your heart kid, you'll never go wrong." 
Good luck 2012! 

► WlfiflD CLASS Of 2012 « 

Maggie Coughlin 

Awww yeahh window 
yeahh! AC: You can 
always make me smile. 
You've got a friend in 
me. (Wink). AW: IT'S 

Myy BAHHDyyy. 

EKarp: You better write 
to me. 

Mom & Dad: Can't 
wait for our Skype 

Thank you for everything. Raest Ras evor. Jack: Love ya, kid. 
going to miss you SO much. 
"Peace. .peace.." Don't worry, be happy 
Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose. 
20 1 2: Couldn't have picked a better class to be a part of. 
Stay Classy Wayland! 


Maeve Crimmins 

Class of 2012 
thanks for the 
memories and laughs. 

Mom and Dad 
thanks for all the 
love and support. 

RN.EB.KB.MD.LB.KO.ML.RG. Love you guys. 

So long Wayland. It's been real. 

Hallie Cramer 

"To succeed in life, you 

need three things: a 
wishbone, a back bone, 

and a funny bone." 

Don't be afraid to 
dream big, always be 
confident in the person 
you are b don't forget 
to laugh when it seems 

like no one else is. 
Mom and Dad, thank you for always supporting me in anything and 
everything I choose to do and giving me all the tools I need to 
succeed. To the best of friends that anyone could ask for-you 
always know how to cheer me up and have a fun time. 
PRIDE girls and swim team, too many good times to count. 
It's been real. 

Mark Crisafulli 

"Always do right. 
This will gratify some 
people and astonish 
the rest." -Mark Twain 

I'd just like to thank 
my parents for always 
supporting me, and 
I'd like to thank my 
brothers for putting 
up with me these 
last 18 years. 

I would also like to thank my friends for always being there. 
Thanks for everything. 

:aitlin Curran 

"Just keep swimming" 
- Finding Nemo 

To my amazing 
parents-you are always 
there for me b I can't 
tell you how much that 
means. Thank you for 
all of the opportunities 

b the best possible 
childhood. ETC&JLC<3 

To my teachers, thanks for making school a place I could (usually) 
look forward to b for putting up with me since freshman year. To 
my friends. ..we did it. You turned Wayland into my home, and I 
couldn't have survived high school without you. 2012. 
~4~ toomuchtosay 
I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." Carl Sandburg 

:hris D'Amico 

Mom b Dad, thank 
you for everything. 
I couldn't have asked 
for anything more. 

To my brothers, Daniel 
b Andrew, you guys 
are the best - good 
luck. TAE, thank you 

for always being there 
for me. 

Thanks to all of my teachers and coaches for always pushing me. 
BVS - BC, ME, #winningfinger - good times. 
To my friends, especially Mike and Doug, we've 
been through it all - thanks for the memories. 

Good luck 2012 

Erin Curtin 

Mom, Dad, Doug... 
and Patrick, thanks for 
everything, I love you 

all and I'll miss you. 

Good Luck by yourself 
Doug! Thanks for all 
the help and support! 

Swim family! I love you guys especially lane 10! 
10-20-15-5-50, Ubuntu, AIP 

Jess I , Jess 2, OBL, AD, Hunter: Love you all. 

Good Luck 2012! 

Andrea Defina 

"It sure left its mark on 

us, we sure left our 
mark on it, We let the 
world know we were 
here, with everything 
we did, We laid a lot 
of memories down, like 
tattoos on this town." 
Mom and Dad thanks 
for keepin' faith b 
supporting me ily! 
Dan Joe Rust i luv you! 
KG LB JV CD KR: u were there in the highs and pulled me through 
the lows. I won't forget when we laughed until we cried and the late 
night drives! i love you guys 
JG EC OL: so many great times i won't forget we're the most 
dysfunctional friend group ik luv you guys 
Cheer b Hockey<3 Spain Trip I I 

► WlffflD CLASS Of 2012 » 

Meaghan DePeter 

"Come fly with me - 
let's fly, let's fly away." 
- Frank Sinatra 

Mrs. Mast&Ms. Gavett- 
A million thanks 
for the support. 

You both inspire me to better myself & there are no words 
I can use to describe how much you both have helped 
me these past 4 years & how grateful I truly am. 
AEM. MRC. KMOD. KEO. Forever&Always. None of you forget that. 
Never forgotten- Daddy b Grammy 
2012- One Love 

Christie Dominguez 


"Be who you are and 
say what you feel, 
because those who 
mind don't matter, and 
those who matter don't 
mind." Dr. Seuss 
Thanks mom for 
always supporting me 
and being there for me 

Mike. Josh, Jenny, 
Jeremy, Josiah Love you 
guys soo much! 

Thanks Ms. Mast Mama Amy and Ms. Jones (WMS) for all your help 
these past few years. Thanks to all my friends for sticking by me 
through everything and accepting me for me 
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" - Dr. Seuss 

mom and dad: i love 
you guys, thanks for 
putting up with me. 
Jesse, good luck in the 
real world, you're the 

best brother ever. 

DiAmOndS aRe 

FH ladies for life! 
Good luck next year. 
"You're an Orphan" 

Allison Diamond 

Guys, thanks for all the laughs. Good luck and stay in touch! 
TH.ML.BM, couldn't ask for more, love you girls for life, be happy! 
I don't know what I would have done without you three, 
ames : ) illbetheone! #BAMforlife JG stay strong. LDA. 
"You Only Live Once" - michela luchetti 2012 we did it! 
they saved the best for last. You Wanna Be ONETWO. peace. 

Eric Dong 

Casey Gene Donlan 

As we head towards 
college, things will 
start to change. 
The one thing that we 
can always take with 
us is our memories of 
high school and our 
fantastic senior year. 
I want to thank my 
parents because 
without them I would 
be nothing. 

They are my rock and are the reason I was able to get over so many 
obstacles. I would also like to thank the great teachers I had that 

helped me make it through the years. 
And last, my amazing group of friends that have stuck with me all 
throughout high school. I will treasure my memories and look 
forward to making new ones in the future! 

Alex Dulude 

loved the years we've 
spent together, 
but now onward 
and upward! 

Gonna miss the 
nights with the guys, 
just hanging out, 
but we all have 
to move on! 

Thanks to my friends and family for pushing me to get work done! 

I'll miss you all 2012! 

Elena Drews 

"You have brains in 
your head. You have 
feet in your shoes. You 
can steer yourself any 
direction you choose. 
You're on your own, 
and you know what 
you know. You are the 
guy who'll decide 
where to go" 
- Dr. Seuss 

To my family b friends: Thanks for everything. 
I love you more than I can say. 
Tommy: Two more years. Good luck! Annelise: Words don't suffice. 
But you already knew that. Love you so much. 
Artemis: Every time I think about you guys I smile. 
WWcrew: Good luck next year. Best teammates I could ask for. 

Guy Efrat 

"Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, 
but today is a gift. 
That is why it is 
called the 'present.'" 
- Oogway, 
Kung Fu Panda 

Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Or, and Dana 
for always being 
there for me. 

Thanks to all my friends for making senior year so great. 
JV tennis 4 life. Handball Tuesday was the best idea ever. 
Shout out to Dudley Ducks. Ms. Kahn's first grade class, 
Israel, Batman, and MEM. 
Good luck class of 20 1 2. Stay classy. 

► WLffflD CLASS Of 2012 « 

Taylor Elias 

Thanks a bajillion 
Mom, Dad b Cole - 
You guys are the best. 
I love you. 

DECT [NFBs b Vest] - 
Too much to say... 
I'll miss you, amigas! 
Xoxoxo :) 

CD. - Couldn't have done it without you bud. 
Thank you for everything. 

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." 

Good luck. Class of 2012! 

Erick Felix Pichardo 

If you have the 
opportunity to play 
this game of life you 
need to appreciate 

every moment. 

A lot of people don't appreciate the moment until it's passed. 

Brianna Fay 

"Wherever you go. 
go with all your heart." 
- Confucius 

Mom b Dad, 
thank you for your 
unconditional love and 
support. You made me 
who I am today, 
I owe it all to you. 

Liam, Nicky, b Quinn, you'll always be my sweetest boys. Keep 
laughing and hold down the fort for me! 
To my friends, thanks for the good times b for being there through 

the rough ones. I love you all! To my WSPN b Madrigal families- 
Not enough words to explain how much you all mean to me, here's 

to an amazing four years, it's been unforgettable :) Go far 2012! 

Kate Fiske 

First and foremost, 
many thanks to my 
family. I honestly 
couldn't have done it 
without you. 

It's been a crazy four 
years, and I can't 
believe that it's 
coming to an end. 

To all the amazing people I've met at Wayland High School, 
thank you for making me who I am today. 
WHSTE. you made every single day an unforgettable, 
unconditional, love-filled adventure, and I will keep everything I've 
learned from you for the rest of my life. 
Let's hang 'em high. 

Noah Franklin 


Best word to describe 
me: ambitious 

"I don't look to jump 
over 7-foot bars: I look 
around for I -foot bars 
that I can step over." 
-Warren Buffet 

Why make life harder 
than it should be, just 
think outside the box. 

Interests: fishing, hockey, soccer, good food, hanging with friends 

.and yes for the last time I know the teacher didn't hear me :) 

Mom, Dad, James, 
and Jack thanks for 
everything, I love you 
all so much and I don't 
know what I would do 
without you. 

Sis, I don't know what I would do without you. 
love you forever and always. 

"There is no reason not to follow your heart." 

"The Road goes 
ever on and on 

Down from the door 
where it began. 

Now far ahead the 
Road has gone, 

And I must 
follow, if I can, 

Pursuing it with eager feet, 
Until it joins some larger way 

Where many paths and errands meet. 
And wither then? I cannot say." 
(J.R.R. Tolkein) 

Meridith Galang 

Mom, Dad, and Nick: 
Thank you so much for 
all you've done over 
the years. I wouldn't 
have made it here 
without you. Love you! 

My friends, you are the 
best. Thank you for 
all the laughs and 
great memories. 

It's locked. NKOTBSB. ski trip- watch out for those trees! 
And to all the WWVarsityGirls, thank you for a great four years. 
I will miss you all so much! 
"All our dreams can come true, 
if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney 
Good luck 2012! 

► WLflRD CLASS Of 2012 « 

Robert Gardel 

Its been a great ride 
and I've enjoyed every 
year. Thanks to all my 
teachers, coaches and 
my supportive family. 

Mom, Lindsay and 
Melissa I couldn't have 

made it through 
without all your help. 
I've had so many good 
friends through all the 
years that have made 
my childhood fun. Shouts to my buds from Claypit. the catfish crew 
back in 7th grade study halls. All good memories. B&E 14 and 
BBB's. "We're so good at this game." Never was there a dull 
moment or a more creative class of senior dudes. 

Best of luck 2012 

Cari Goldfine 

Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures. 
- Jessamyn West 

Rebecca Goldberg 

Mom. Dad. J. I couldn't 
have made it without 
you by my side. Thx to 
those who've helped 
me succeed - teachers, 
peers, friends. RBN I 
can't wait to see you. 
Laur the past 8 years 
are unforgettable. 
Ksush thanks for 
always being there. 
Michi, I'm lucky to 
have met you. MLKOKBMC. My Weston coxies - I couldn't have 
survived crew without you. Meeky, you've shaped me in invaluable 
ways, I love you. My varsity girls it's been crazy, good luck! 

20 1 2 - it's the end of the beginning. 
"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." 

Elise Goldfine 

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the 
bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway. 
-Mary Kay Ash 


/Iichael Gordon 

Wow- There are so 
many lyrics I could use 
to describe what I'm 
feeling right now- I 
can't really pick one! 

Mom. Dad, Nat b 
Fenway, thanks for 
putting up with all my 
rock n roll shenanigans 
over the years. 

Jonah, Mark, Ryan. Gabe. Kush b Erik- thanks for being the best 
friends a guy could have. I can only hope that the friends I make 
later on in life are as awesome as you guys. Keep in touch. To my 
teachers: thanks for guiding me in the right direction. 

Go 2012! 

essica Greenwood 

Mom and Dad, thank 
you for everything, I 
love you so much. 
Nick, love you, good 
^ fc^^ s\ luck and have fun! I'll 

W^ijJ^ v ^Jfcuj| I miss you! Thanks to all 
/ wL.:Jj my coaches and 

teachers for helping me 
over the years. To all 
my friends and EC. OL, 
AD, JH, AC, and Jess: I 
love you guys 
fh, hockey, and lax: it's been fun 
w/w: not enough words for the fun we had, I'll miss you all! 
Good Luck 2012! 
See you soon! 

Jonah Greenawalt 

With great power 
comes great 

Story Comes First. 
You've only got 


Rock on. Signed Sealed Delivered, I'm Yours. 

Thank you, Class of 2012! Use your power to change the 


Keely Griffin 

Mom, Dad, 
Tamara, Carlos, 
Marlee, Melina, Nia, 
thank you for your 
continuous support 
in helping me 
achieve my goals 
and dreams. 

Tim, I couldn't have made it through these past few years 
without you! I love you and I can't wait for what 
the future holds for us. 
To my cheer girls, good luck next year! I'll miss you :) 
Congratulations 2012!!! 

► WLflriD CLASS Of 2012 « 

John Grumbach 

Thank you... 

David b Christa Villari. 
Waking up and going 
over to your house to 
eat some good food. 
Thanks for everything 

you two have done 
for me. For sevnteen 
years you have 

been there for me. 

Veritas Aequitas 

LJ - LDA sunshine 

Erik Halperin 

"Your will is everything. Your will to act. " 
- Ra's al Ghul 

Your will will change the world. 

Thanks to my family, friends, teachers, and Wayland for my will. 

atthew Gutschenritter 

"The only true 
currency in this 
bankrupt world is 

what we share 
with someone else 
when we're uncool.' 

Mom, Dad, Libby. 

Jen & Laura - 
Thanks for being 

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life." 

Carson Hart 

Thanks Mom and 
Dad, Matt. Grace and 

All the guys: I had a 
ball and hope to hang 
on to every memory, 
catfish, b/e 14. 

"Anything worth while is worth a fight. 

CLASS OF 20 1 2 
Mom b Dad thank you 
so much for everything 

Sam keep causing 
trouble, I couldn't have 
asked for a better sister 
To my friends - 
thanks for keeping me 
laughing, love you 
more than anything. 

FH, wrestling and softball. the best memories were made with you 
ill, good luck next year! # 1 6 Thanks to all the coaches and teachers 
who got me here. L 1 2. HOWNW. Thanks to everyone who made 
this short time in wayland incredible, you'll be in my heart forever! 
"Live a little, love a lot" -Kenny Chesney 

"Don't cry because it's 
over, smile because it 
happened." - Dr. Seuss 

Thank you Mom and 
Dad for all the support 

you've given me. 
I know I wouldn't be 
who I am today if it 
weren't for you two. 

Words cannot express my gratitude for your ability to always show 

me what is right and what I should do while still giving me the 
reedom to choose my own path. I only hope I can be as amazing as 
you guys when I become a parent. Carrie b Ethan through good 
times and bad times, we always end up laughing. 
Shout out to everyone I've made laugh or smile. 

Kenya Heard 

To all my family, 
friends, teachers, and 
everyone I met along 
the way. thank you for 
the love, lessons, and 
laughs that will echo in 
my heart wherever my 
path takes me. 

To the class of 2012, 

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. 
We only have today. Let us begin." 
- Mother Teresa 

Andrew Herstine 

Mom b Dad - 
Thanks for everything, 
can't even put into 
words how much 
you've done for me. 
Love you. 
Ty b Ali - 
Thanks for putting 
up with me and being 
great role models for 
me to look up to. 

Thanks to all my teachers and coachers for all I've learned from you. 
ME 1 2 - I'm going to miss Tastee Tuesdays 
To my Friends, EB. RS, DB. DL, JF. MG, NPL - thanks for the 
memories, good luck, we'll be in touch. 
Class of 2012 - It's been fun. good luck 
It was a goal 

► WlfltlD CLASS Of 2012 « 

Saya Higano 

"You can't put a 
limit on anything. 
The more you dream, 
the farther you get." 
- Michael Phelps 

"Happiness is a 
perfume you cannot 
pour on others without 
getting a few drops on 
yourself." - Emerson 

"Aim for the moon, that way. even if you miss, you'll still be 
amongst the stars!" - W. Clement Stone 
"Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; b as we pass through 
them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world 
their own hue, b each shows us only what lies in its own focus." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Thomas Hoopes 

"You have brains in 
your head, you have 
feet in your shoes, you 
can steer yourself any 
direction you choose. 
You're on your own, 
and you know what 
you know. And YOU 

are the guy who'll 
decide where to go." 
- Dr. Seuss 

Mom and Dad. thank you for your undying support. 

Mrs. Mast and Mrs. Wolfson, I can't imagine how I would have 
survived these four years without either of you. 


Victoria Hill 

To my family, thank 
you for all of the Love, 

support, and humor 
that you have brought 

to my life, love you 
for always. 

To my friends, thank 
you for sticking with 
Me through everything, 
the world is a Brighter 
place with you all in it. 

I'll be the one forever b ever in our red ragtop. To my muses past b 
present, "if there's no tomorrow and all we have is here b now I'm 
happy just to have you, you're all the Love i need somehow." tfts. 
2012, kick back have a laugh catch my breath, 
this year will go by fast so don't blink. 

Jackson Hubbell 

"My momma always 
said. 'Life was like a 
box of chocolates. 
You never know what 
you're gonna get.'" 
- Forrest Gump 

I had no idea what I 
was getting into but 
it turned out to 
be all right. 

Class of 20 1 2. you guys are the best. ME2/5 we 
had the best homeroom ever, thanks Daniels. 
To all my friends and teachers and coaches who have helped me in 
some way. I appreciate it. WSPN, keep working hard. You rock. Boys 

tennis, fun times. You will be great one day. ..but keep working. 
Thanks Mom. Dad. and Anna. I wouldn't have made it without you. 

We only live once and if we do it right. ..once is all we need. 
Thanks to everyone who was there for the ups and downs. 
I wish you all the best <3 - good luck next year kid, 
don't miss me too much : LL. 
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: 
It. goes. on." - Robert Frost 

4ick Johnson 

amazing friends K- 1 2 - memories I'll always keep with me to learn 
and laugh from. EB&clan - precious moments, love always, 
pole vault - always flyin' high, swim&dive - no way to describe 
our experience together, KH WF AB CO 
2012 <3 

You're gonna be a star, kiddo. 
To the WW girls-you've been my family for the past four years. 
Don't let lactic acid hold you back! Finally, to my Sunday brunch 

ladies-you've made high school bearable. I love you girls. 
'Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own 
sunshine." - AnthonyJ. D'Angelo. Good luck 2012! 

► WLfiflD QflSS Of 2012 » 

Lee Junkin 

High school man, high 
school. Thanks mom, 
dad. Reed, and Callie 
for everything. Thank 
you Wayland, this is 

the best school I could 
ask for. 

Awesome times sound 
sedation, con trips, lax, 
hockey. Catfish. Junk. 
IHL, and BYHL. 

2012 you're the craziest people I have ever known I love you guys. 
BBB crew and FDs. y'all are the best I don't think anyone has had as 

much fun as we have. I'll miss this life. Good luck friends, I'm sad 
we must disperse, but in the words of Jerry Garcia, "There's nothing 
left to do but smile, smile, smile." 

Katrina Kelly 

v -.20? 

"Apply yourself. Get all 
the education you 
can. but then do 
something. Don't just 
stand there, make it 
happen." Lee lacocca 

To all the friends and 
family who love and 
support me: thank you 

is just not enough. 
Love you all so much! 

Summers with everyone have been the best, b we still have one 
more to celebrate! Love you most of all. Candi babes 
~Shout out to blue sparkles~ 
Congrats, class of 201 2! 

Thanks Nanc & Steve 

for everything. 
I couldn't have asked 
for better parents 

Jenn - sisters and best 
friends, you mean the 
world to me 

Fe-Fe&Lena <3 always 
making me smile 

Emma Kandrac 

Mm \ I '., 


Aww yeahh window love yeahh 
Mads - it's been real 

Good luck out there ' 1 2 
Follow your bliss 
e 3 

Charlie Kelman 

Thanks to Mom, Dad. 

Nick, and Emmy 
I love you guys, and 
wouldn't be the person 
I am today without 
you guys. 

To all my friends and 
classmates, we had 
some fun times. 

Gotta make sure we have some more after we graduate, 
with and without each other. 
Wherever you guys go after high school. 

I wish you all the best. 
Thanks again to anyone who had a part in 
my time at WHS. it's been great. 

.jne Kim 

"You can often 
measure a person by 
the size of his dream" 
- Robert Schuller 

Never let anyone tell 
you what your limits 
are. Push yourself. 
Dream big and work 
hard. At times when 
everything seems 

step back and think "have I done my best?" If so pursue a bigger 
ream. If not work patiently to overcome the challenge. You can do 

anything with time, effort and passion. 
If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been due more 
to patient attention than to any other talent" - Isaac Newton 
Thanks mom for being there for me. 

Stephanie Kra 

I can't say I enjoyed 
every minute of it or 
that I'd want to do it 
again or that it didn't 
hurt. What I can say is 
that it shaped me into 
who I am and for that I 
am grateful. 

WHS 2012 WE DID IT! 

couldn't have done it without the three amigos, the basement crew 
and everybody else you know who you are. 

Samantha Kolovson 

To my loving parents- 
Thank you for being 
there always - 
600 lunches 

To my friends, stay 
Candi. BABES 

To my BOATLOAD of 
WWVG's-featheries to 
heavies-Thank you for 
8 seasons of NO REGRETS-"so much of me is made from what I've 
learned from you, you'll be with me like a handprint on my heart. "- 
Trust what you know you can do and when in doubt, PULL 
HARDER"-" All we have to do is decide what to do with the time 
that is given to us"-" It does not do well to dwell on dreams and 
forget to live"-" It is do or do not. There is no try." 

Kori Krasin-Hermsdorf 

"Who says you're not 

perfect, who says 
you're not worth it" 
- Selena Gomez 

You guys are 
everything <3 

"Our lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders, 
these twists and turns of fate." - Rob Thomas 
Thank you so much to friends, family, and teachers. 

I wouldn't have made it without you. 
So long 20 12. show the world what we're made of. 

► WlffflD CLASS Of 2012 51 

Abby Kretowicz 



Don't cry because it's 
over, smile because 
it happened... 

SK. TK- My sisters who 
have never let me 
down and gotten me 
through everything 
these last four years <3 

IM. JS, DK- Best guy friends a girl could ask for. 
Couldn't have had an unforgettable WHS experience without you. 
Thank you Mom&Dad for teaching me how to overcome challenges. 
Forever Loved and Remembered: LDA, BWP 
We did it Class of 2012... 
Time to make an impact on the world. 

Dennis Lau 

First. Thank you Cod. 
my Lord and Savior, for 
how He's worked 
amazingly in my life 
these past few years. 

Thanks to my parents, 
for their guidance and 
patience, and 
everything they've 
done for me. 

Bdai. take care of yourself, don't be too goony. Haha. you're going 
places. Shoutout to all my brothers and sisters at BCEC. and how 
you all have been an amazing family in my walk with Cod. 
Keep in touch, and keep walking with Him! 
God Bless, and best of luck 2012! S'word ( A _ A )V 
[Galatians 6:2, Proverbs 3:5-6. Philippians 4: 1 3] 

/*needs to be placed*/ public class x{ private static int x: public x(0 
{x=0:} public static void main(String[] ars} { y z = new y(x, 5): z.w 
(x+2); if(z.t(24))System.out.print("there"): while(z.f(42)) x++; 
System. out.print("future"): z.r(); } } 

George Lee 

My last couple of years 
at Wayland High 
School were very 

My favorite part of 
high school was lunch 
time, cause lunch time 
was the livest part of 
the day. Lots of stuff 
went down during 
lunch time. 

'm going to miss my times at Wayland High School. 

duces 20 1 2 WE OUT ! 

jladison Lemmo 

"Imperfection is 
beauty, madness is 
genius, and it's better 
to be absolutely 
ridiculous than 
absolutely boring." 
- Marilyn Monroe 

To all my friends and 
family Thank You for 
Good Memories and 
Fun Times: 

IThoughtYouFellOverOrSomething, Croquet. Roller Coasters. 
Washington DC. Jersey Shore. Marbles... 
HaveFun. EnjoyLife. LiveSlow. GoodLuck. 

"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." - Bob Marley 

Sophia Lesser 

"We might be 
laughing a bit too loud, 
but that never hurt 
no one." 

mom&dad-could never 
thank you enough, 
love you more 
than life itself 
partners in crime, you 
guys are the best 

to all my friends, couldn't have done this without you. you never 
failed to make me laugh; hummusladies- the best friends I could 
have asked for. Ij- thanks for being the big sister I never had. es<3 
miss you always, love you forever LDA -keep smiling up there 
*live a little, love a lot 

Jerry Lerman 

Thanks friends and fam 
we made it! It's been 
great I love y'all. 

Mom. Dad. Lon. Bobby 
without you. 
I wouldn't be me. 
Dudley Ducks, Catfish. 
Slabs, B/E 14. 
Carl Wrigley. 

Quote that embodies school and friends: 
"Humor is a great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up. 
all our irritations and resentment slip away and 
a sunny spirit takes their place." 
The most fun I have had in my life has been just sitting back 
and joking around with my boys. Peace. 

Drew Levey 

Thanks Mom, Dad. 
and Garrett for all your 
support and guidance. 
You guys have always 

been there for me. 

To all my friends, it's 
been a great 1 2 years. 
Good times with the 
b/e 14, BBB's, and 
much more. I hope we 
all stay in touch. 

Good luck ' 1 2 and in the words of Jerry Garcia. 
"You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. 
You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do." 

► WlflflD CLASS Of 2012 » 

Oliver Levin 

Thank you Mom. Dad. 

and Audrey for all your 
support through the 
years. I wouldn't be 
here without you. 

Thank you to the 
friends: FDs. The Crew, 
and all you others who 
made high school what 
it was. 

Thanks Batman. The Slabs, BBB. for teaching me real lessons. 
Sound Sedation. BYHL. IHL. and IBL were all great times. 
Thanks 20 1 2 for being there with me for 1 3 years. 
I will never forget you. 

High school: Never too serious, always too fun. 

Ricky Tyler Levitt 

High School. It's been 
swell. I want to thank 

my parents for 
supporting me through 

all of my bright and 
not so bright decisions 
that I have made. 
I want to thank my 
sisters big and small for 

dealing with me. 
JB.JS. TM. IM. DS. and 
JC it's been real. 

Crew, FDs, Batman. Concerts. Narnia. Slabs. AMEZ's. IBL. Night of 
Unfortunate Events. RIP Porcupine. B/E 14. BBB. 
Dodgeball, Handball. Time Capsule. 
"I had a vision, of a world without Batman. ..and it was so. ..boring." 
- The Joker. The Dark Knight 

Julia Lopriore 




Thank you to all my 
friends, teachers, and 
family for helping me 

along the way. 
Mom and Dad. thank 
you for everything 

you've done. 
Jonathan, good luck 
I love you guys. 
JOS LWS and all my 
besties smgts! 

Muses <3 HOWNWyeaa 
WHSTE = unconditional love 
I will tell the story 
'The future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt 
Good luck out there 2012! 

Christian Lozano 

"All that happens 
means something: 
nothing you do is 
ever insignificant." 

- Aldous Huxley 

Mom Dad Gabe VW Slabs crew Alpine 

I want to thank my 

classmates and 
friends for constantly 
fueling heated debates, 
which have defined 
who we are. 
I had a blast! 
Mom, Mike, and John - 
Thanks for encouraging 
me to throw all my 
effort into my work. 

Mr. D. Mr. Krasnoo, and Mrs. Lehmann, I cannot describe 
in this space my gratitude &■ appreciation for your help, 
and the impact you have made on me. 
Take the initiative to look up Ronald Reagan's quote about his 
(and every American's) philosophy. It's awesome, just like him. 


Dlivia Lucier 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Charlie for 
everything. I know it's 
been a crazy year and I 
love you guys so 

Congrats 2012 
we did it <3 

EC, JG, AD you guys have been through everything with me and I 
:an't imagine not being near you guys next year. I love you guys like 
crazy. NLB I love you so much and can't believe we're going to be 
apart. Pickett & Rizz you are so amazing and I appreciate every time 
you guys have been there for me through the tears, 
stress and getting me into college. 

Michela Luchetti 



thankyou for 
mi key: you are my 
best friend $. thanks4 

do big things @bryant 
can't describe how 
much you mean to me. 

i truly could not have done it without you girls, loveyou 
forever&always remember YouOnlyLiveOnce. #bam. guys:thanks for 
making me laugh. never ever change. lntercambio:betanzos- 
megustantodos. fhgoodluckgirls. bathe. LDA.JCfighthard. 
JJL<3miss&loveyou.forever&always my angel, 
they saved the best for Iast.loveyou20l2!congrats:)cyasoon 

Doug Lyons 

Thank you mom & dad 
for supporting me 
through the years. 
I appreciate all you 
have done for me. 
I love you guys. 
Isabelle & Joe, I don't 
know what I would do 
without the two 
of you. I love you. 

I appreciate the help & encouragement from all my coaches and 
teachers over the years. To the soccer, hockey b lax boys: have a 
blast, it only lasts so long. My dudes, great memories. Good luck, 
keep in touch CD.JF. DB. AG. MG, NPL. MM. EB. SB, LJ, CH. 
Eric Mac & Jenny Beks keep working hard. I hope you have 
a great time. Let me know if you need anything. *J(JNK* 

► WLffflD CASS Of 2012 » 

Mom. Dad, and 
Branden: Thanks for all 
the support and love. 
I owe everything 
to you guys. 

Teachers and Coaches: 
Thanks for shaping 
me into who I am. 
I've learned a lot. 

Friends: It's been quite a ride. 

"We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that 
we don't take time to enjoy where we are." - Calvin b Hobbes 

Work hard, live harder 

Football boys: cherish the time it'll be over quicker than you think. 
Keep going strong with papa's, sixtretre for life. Shout out to bball 
and lax bros. Thank you to all my coaches and teachers for your 
help. Chris. Doug. Jigz. Shane and everyone else, great times over 
the years stay in touch gonna miss you guys. Fantasy football dudes: 
let's keep it going. Good luck to everyone. *JUNK* 

"Forever: now and until the end. you are. and always will be, my 
best friends. You're there through the tears, the pain, and joys, the 
good, the bad. and everything in-between!" Love you guys <3 

sen I o2s! 

-ernando Maza 

>eter McAuley 

see you in Sweden Luke and Brian 

Bailey McAfee 

thanks for everything. 
I wouldn't be where 
I am today without you 
You mean the world to 
me and I love you 
both so much. 
Ails&E- thank you guys 
I love you. 
Riles- good luck 
baby bro <3 

#BAM4ever. THbe:). Mich Al TH- "we barely get by. but have the 
best times and hope it never ends. "<3forever.illbethe I . 
boys-donteverchange. ty- since day 1 . FH II orphan! 
Iivealittlelovealot. 20 1 2savedthebest4last 
LDA <3 JGstaystrong 
Calvin: It's a magical world, Hobbes. oP buddy. ..Let's go Exploring! 

Amy McDonald 

" For beautiful eyes, 
look for the good in 
others; for beautiful 
lips, speak only words 
of kindness; and for 
poise, walk with the 
knowledge that you are 
never alone." 
-Audrey Hepburn 

2012-some of the best 
years of my life 

I love you LESM. CJM 
"It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love. Love is a substitute 

for chocolate. Chocolate is. let's face it, far more reliable than a 
man. " I love you KER thanks for being there for me no matter what. 
Thanks for everything. 

► WLfMD CLASS Of 2012 " 

Ashley McGuire 

Mom. you are more 
than just a mother, 
you are one of my best 
friends&i. love. you 
more than a million 
blue whales. Tracey 
and Kenny-thank you 
for always brightening 
up my days. Grampy 
and Grammy- I don't 
know what I would do 
without you two. 
Ben. Jake, and Connor- 1 love you three more than words could say 
and can't wait to watch you three grow. I am so happy I am a part 
of your lives. Lauren Burkley - GWB I love you so much "what it 
do"&dancepartys in my room *cheer and muses MD.MB.KG.JV, 
CO.NB.AK. 2012- looks like the worlds about to end but at least 
we saved the best for last. Rest in peace daddy i love you 

Ian McLaughlin 

Dean maorach fhad 's 
a bhios an traigh ann 
Dig your bait while 
the tide is out 

Jbird Xman Tdog 
Freddy Dsmooth and 
jules (when he shows 
up) my Dudley boys 
and the rest of the 
FAM thanks for doing 
it right with me. 

Slabs. Double block science in the slaboratory. Batman was 
consistently the best and most frequently played movie in town. 
Mom and Dad thanks for supporting me in my 
decisions over the years. Lauren, we miss you. 
Good luck class of 2012 

Kevin McKee 

"Life's short, do as many stupid things as possible." 

Briana Mele 

Swear to shake it up, 
if you swear to listen, 
oh we're still so young. 
Marina- My big sister, 
thanks for never letting 
anyone shove me in a 

locker. Love you. 
Mom&Dad - Thanks so 
much for everything 
you've done for me all 
these years, 
you're the best! 

Sunday Brunch Ladies, you always make me smile b I love you for 
that. wwcrew<3 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about iself. 
Each day has enough trouble of its own. 
Graduate. What's a kid to do now? Get away. 
We've got so much to prove. 20 1 2. we made it. 

/lax Meltzer 

Life's like a box of 
chocolates, you never 
know what you're 
gonna get. 

When I first came to 
Wayland. I had no idea 

what to expect for 
friends, school work, or 
how the whole public 
school system worked. 

1 1 took some adjusting, but after a bit I found where I belonged and 
realized this was my home. Wayland has been good to me for the 
ist 4 years & I want to thank everyone who's helped along the way. 

That's all I have to say about that. 

Meredith Miller 

Mom - Thank you for 
everything. I love you 

soso much and I 
couldn't have made it 
through all I did 
without you. 
Weegee - I love you as 

much as fella loves 
little fella. I'm a phone 
call away, call me any 
time you need me. 

Ning/Mandy/Kawaski - "ehh...yeah..probablyy" I would have been 
on Toddlers and Tiaras, but I don't think they had TV yet. Yeah the 
rumors are true, I deleted my twitter. Chocolate milk, Green Cars. 
Isolation Cabin, wizard duels, and southern accents. I love you all. 
Crewbies - Wear those unis proudly. No regets. 

Eilif Mikkelsen 

"There are three apples 
that have changed the 
world: Eve's, Newton's 
and Steve's." 

It's not where you go, 

or what you see, 
but rather the people 
you meet that will 
change you. 

Maybe someday if we're lucky, our paths will cross again. 
Until that day I say farewell my friends. 

Oh! I'd like to thank the Academy. 

Stay Classy Wayland 

Jack Mills 

Well then, here we are. 
Seems like yesterday 
I was a freshman, 
reading my first 
yearbook. Crazy. 
Now what am I gonna 
write? I have to thank 
my teachers, for all the 
help they've given me. 
I wouldn't have made 
it without you. 

My parents and my sister, I love you all. 
The most important thing I ever learned about life 
I learned from Ferris Bueller. 
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around 
once in a while, you could miss it." 
Look me up in a few years, we'll have lunch. Best of luck. 2012. 

► WlflllD CLASS Of 2012 » 

to my friends we have had good times and you will be missed. 
to my twin sister we did it! we out this! 

peace 2012 hello college life ! 

From those Elementary School days to Middle School's awkward 
stages. From Freshman year to the last days of our Senior experience. 
We have made memories that will last a lifetime! 

Every event that has lead me to this moment 
has made me stronger and I will NEVER break... 
...Tianna signing off :) 

Vanessa Moore 

Tyler S. Mordas 

Finally reached the 

finish line!!! 
Class of 201 2. you 
wanna be I 2! ! ! 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
joe. Auntie Tasha and 
Charlie for being 
there through this 
long journey. 

Shout out to my girls on the cheer team...*we are family*. ..and to 
my friends. know who you are! HOWNW 2010! To my NIA 
fam, LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you Botticellis for being my other 
family. ..Issa&Essa bffl.. Through the hard times and even harder 
laughter... I made it and there's no looking back... 
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." -Milton Berle- 

"Today you are You. 
that is truer than true. 
There is no one 

alive who is 
Youer than You" 
It's been a great 1 7 
years couldn't have 
done it without the 
love b support from 
Mom Dad and all my 
brothers I'll love 
you to death. 

Mom you've always been there I'll never forget everything 
you've done for me. The CrewJ.B R.L I.M J.SJ.C it's been real. 
Way too many good times to account for! I'll always stay in touch. 
"We ride together we die together" All my coaches 
it's been a fun ride. Breslm you've been an awesome role model 
can't thank u enough. L.A S.H 

"We're so busy 
watching out for 
what's just ahead of us 
that we don't take time 
to enjoy where we are" 
- Calvin & Hobbes 

Mom & Dad thanks for 
everything you're 

truly amazing. 
Love you so much. 

Nick, I couldn't ask for a better brother, keep up the good work. 
Morrill drive crew gts love you guys. Good luck next year! 
Ladiez- Through thick and thin you were there for it all. 

Guys- thanks for the good times and the laughs. 
Ida never forgotten <3 Fh. hockey. lax have fun girls xo 
Thanks coaches and teachers GOOD LUCK 2012 go get 'em! 

/laeve Moynihan 

"Laugh longer, 
live louder" 
Ma&Pa&Mimi-it's been 
a road, but worth it. love 
you so much. 
Mich&Sio&CB- best 
friends i'll ever have, 
dont miss me too 
much :) 
Hummusgals-have we 
stopped laughing once? 

close to my heart forever. furreal.P's. LDA-we won't forget 
Mr. Griffin-thanks for being there for me, seriously helped me more 

than you know<3 Soccer ladies ' I I -stay fresh. love you guys, 
make us alumni proud. Salitskys-thanks for giving me the extra love 
i've always needed. Everyone else i'm close to-thanks for everything. 
OH&GC make a difference, never settle. 20l2ers represent, t. 

Jason Morgan-Delossa 


"Franklin could count 
by twos and tie 
his shoes." 

Hopefully, I learned a 
little more than that. 

but the sentiment 
stands. I'm proud of 
what I got through 
my high school 

Even though there's a long way to go and the road won't 
always be smooth, I'm hoping we can all challenge life with a smile. 

Thanks, guys! 

Big thanks to everyone who made my graduation a success. 
Family, friends, teachers, mentors, doctors, and of course, my dog. 

Matthew Munsey 


"Natures first 
green is gold. Her 
hardest hue to hold. 

Her early leaf's a 
flower; But only so 
an hour. Then leaf 
subsides to leaf. 
So Eden sank to grief. 
So dawn goes down to 
day. Nothing gold 
can stay." 
- Robert Frost 

Everything ends eventually. 
Love it while you got it. 

To my friends and family, thanks for the good times. 
Love you all. 

► WlflRD CLASS Of 2012 « 

David Murphy 

"Dost thou love life? 
Then do not squander 
time, for that is the 
stuff life is made of." 
- Benjamin Franklin 

Thank you to Mom, Katherine. Casey, and Abby for always 
believing in me and pushing me to work hard to get what I want. 
To all members of the Wayland High School Intramural Handball 
Association of America, it's been fun. We'll need to have the 
biggest BBB in history for Christmas break of 20 1 2. 

Kamal Namou 

I have learned to 
endure and overcome 

many obstacles to 
better prepare myself 
for the outside world. 
Wayland has given 
me the greatest 
opportunity to do such 
and I am very grateful 

to have grown up 
surrounded by a class 
act of peers b teachers. 

recall when I was playing football and learning many lessons on 
the field as well as in the classroom which gave me memories 
that will always stay with me forever and remind me of 
the great times I had at Wayland High School. 


Mike Murphy 

To all the Seniors 
it was great. 

No doubt the best years so far. 

Co 2012 

Jason Nazarian 

"The question is not 
'Who will let me 7 ', 
but rather. 'Who is 
going to stop me?' " 

- Sean "Day[9]" Plott 

Underclassmen like to hear our awesome stories (and boy do we 
have a few), and we enjoy reminiscing over the past four years. 
Yet it's also important to reflect on the changes we've undergone: 
the events that have shaped us. and the people who have helped us 
survive the monster that is High School. 
To those who have my thanks, you know who you are. 

)ebbie Ng 


Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Eddie, and Sherry. 

love you all. 

See you later friends, and good luck out there. 
I'll miss you guys. 

WHSTE - Unconditional Love 

Jicole Noa 

"Live well;learn plenty; 
laugh often;love much" 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Mom b Dad thank you 
for everything you have 
done for me. You gave 
me your love b support 

in everything, and I 
wouldn't be the person 
I am today without 
you. I love you guys, 
ilex, we've been through a lot together. I love you so much and I'm 
always here for you. I'll just be a phone call away. 
To all my girls love you more than anything we've had so many 
good times, good luck next year! Guys it's been a lot of fun. 
PRIDE 201 I 
Be great 2012 it's been a blast! 

Liana Nierenberg 

r v 


Mommy, Daddy b 
Jacob thanks for 
everything. Bex you're 
my other half. 

to me ' 1 2 girls b boys, 
I love you all like crazy 
thanks for making high 
school amazing. 

ladiez- we had enough laughs to last a lifetime, I couldn't have 
made it without you and you'll always be my sisters. 
Ida keep shining up there 
"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams" 
hey guys we did it :) 


Alexis Nurse 

TCM - You're the best 
friend anyone could 
ask for and always 
knew how to make me 

laugh, even in the 
worst situations. BEM - 
I can't explain how 
nice it was to always 
have someone there for 
me with a smile and a 
hug; I couldn't have 
made it without you. 
Bry Bry. KEB - I can't count the amount of times you fell or how 
many times we laughed in our four years of high school, don't ever 
change. KMOD b RBN - I love you and all my girls more than 
I love my bing, and that means something. 
Sketchy pudde, sketchy corner, ALC. 
One love, 2012. 

► WlfWD QflSS Of 2012 « 

Kelly O'Donnell 

Mom b Dad - words 
cannot explain how 
thankful i am for 
everything you've done 
for me. i love you both 
karen - keep the good 

times rollin 
RN. KB. LB. AN. NS. 
MC. MD. MB. RG. ML. 

you guys are the 
reason I got through 
high school. 

Mr. Griffin - You're an amazing person and coach, thank you SO 
much for all the help you've given me. Becca Blume. i'm so excited 
for all the crazy memories soon to come, we've been through thick 
and thin and you will ALWAYS be my best friend. Tickets&Passports 
"Love the life you live. Live the life you love." 
- Bob Marley 

Lauren Obermiller 

"Happiness can be 
found, even in the 
darkest of times, if one 
only remembers to turn 
on the light." AD 

Mom and Dad - thank 
you so much for 
getting me through 

all these years. 
Karl- good luck bro. 
get 'er done. 

All my friends - you've been the best through it all. couldn't think of 
high school without you there. 12-ers, it's been real. 
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your 
own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll 
decide where to go..." Dr. Seuss 

This is the town we 
have grown up in and 
now we all get ready to 
leave. Our senior year 
marks the eventual end 

of our short lived 
childhoods, and into 

adulthood we go. 
I look back at it all and 
no words can describe 
what has happened. 

Connor E. O'Regan 

My high school experiences will be with me for the rest of my life 
because of you all. my friends, family, teachers, and anyone else 
who helped me along the way. Thanks for everything and making 
these last four years of my life some of the best four years of my life, j 

slabs. .BBB.DF's. well done. 

Olivia Orlandella 

Mom, Dad. 
Peter. & Joe- 
thanks for everything 
love you guys 

I know we've had our ups and downs but high school 
would have been nothing without all of my friends. 
Love you all and thanks for being there! We've had 
some awesome times so far with many more to come :) 
mtk- love youu 
it's been real 2012! 

lexander Orlov 

Thanks to all of my 
great teachers and 
close friends for 
making my experience 
at WHS wonderful. 

Charlie, Chad, Evan, 
Thor, Henry, Julia, and 
everyone else; I have 
the best bunch of 
friends that anyone 
could ask for. 

Thanks to everyone on the soccer team. 
You guys are like my second family. 
High school was amazing, but now it's time for the next step. 
Everyone, thanks for the fantastic times! 

rourtney Lee Owens 

Thank you mom dad 
Kyle b Nelly 
I love you guys 

Karen Christopher Allie 
Becca Jack b Cooper 
you'll always be 
my 2nd family 
I love you guys 

Allie you're my best friend "and I was like shore" 
Too many memories to write down but 
I'll always remember them. I love you!!! 
Divmg-KH WF AB CJ. Catherine&Ellen-Phoenix!! #IF-AA 
don't really know how I got here, but I'm so glad that I did" 
-Darius Rucker 

Megan Osborn 

"Today you are You. 
that is truer than true. 

There is no one alive 
who is Youer than 
You." - Dr. Seuss 

Thanks to my family 
and friends, you are 
the best. 

have had so much fun during Sunday brunches with the girls, 
dance parties. Troy, The Caspian Sea, yoga, dressy dinners, 
newport, and lots more. Love you guys! 
I definitely will not forget morning carpools, 
good luck HO and IF!!!!! 

June Pan 

Life is all about 
making decisions. 

There isn't such thing 
as a good decision 
or a bad one, 

Because whatever you 
have chosen isn't as 
important as how 
you are going to 
deal with it. 

Whenever you feel that you have brought yourself into a terrible 
situation, Just remember that there is always a way to make things 
better, And you are the only one who can find out this solution. 

► WLflfID CLASS Of 2012 « 

Claypit Hill '05: 
"It's time to go, It's time to say goodbye. 
I really thought that it might never end. 
But maybe someday, if we're lucky, our paths will cross again. 
Until that day. I'll say farewell my friend." 
Thanks for all the memories Wayland, good luck. 

Jeff. Matt, and Ryan - You've been the best big brothers, thanks for 
letting me tag along. To all my friends, especially my Sunday Brunch 
Ladies: The memories are endless and the laughter will never stop. 
I love you all so much. 20 1 2 Best of luck 
"Take what you can from your dreams, 
make them as real as anything." 

Mr. Griffin, thanks for all your support. 
You're the best! 

thanks to all my teachers! 
al/em: sisterly love is often showed through slamming doors and 
'borrowed' shirts, mom and dad: I literally wouldn't be where I am 
today without you. <3 2012. great memories, keep in touch. 
WE DID IT! Somebody's got to be famous, why can't it be us 7 
"I don't know why you say goodbye. I say hello"-The Beatles 

aasik Popov 

hope to go to a good 

college and get a 
fabulous education. 

future plans: go to college, get a job, play videogames, profit. 

Perseverance: The courage to ignore the 
obvious wisdom of turning back. 

Barbara Raphael 

From the moment I 
stepped foot into WHS 
I knew things would 
never be the same. 

They never were. 

I love all my friends 
who have been there 
for me, they are 

Class of 2012 you rock! 
Shout out to ME8.I love you guys! 
E.G- you are so amazing, you mean so much to me. love you <3 
Thanks Mom and Dad, for being there when I was having tough 
times and for pushing me to do my best. 

Ben Rabin 

thanks dad, mom 

friends - it's been fun. 
KD. riddy. ms karman. d halps - you guys are awesome 
20 1 2, when do we take over the world 7 

Kayla Rice 

Thank you mom b dad 
for all your support! 

KK, MB, SK, TS, DN, 

EG. CG. HS all the 
good times and stupid 
moments of dumbness 

I will never forget!!! 

Thank you Ms. Pickett and Rizzo for all your help 
with absolutely everything! 

So long Wayland High School (old and new)!! 

► WlflflD CLASS Of 2012 « 

Here's to my family -- 

Jambo included. 
Kels. you're my best 
friend and you know 
we're the luckiest 
girls in the world. 
K A 2 forever. 
Mum and Dad, 
1 am happy. I love you. 
WW. kick it. 
Keep winning. 

'Cause I need freedom now 
And I need to know how 
To live my life as it's meant to be 

You know where to find me. 

Haylee Rosenblatt 

Hang 'em High 2012 

Thank you to 
my amazing 
family and friends 
for your ongoing 
love and support. 

am very lucky to have 
all of you in my life. 

"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams." 

Celina Rouge 

.because things change. And friends leave. 
And life doesn't stop for anybody." 

- The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

Isusha Ryabin 

Can't stop now, 
good luck 2012! 

A big thank you to Mr. Griffin -- 
couldn't have made it through without all your help. 

Carpe Diem 

/lariko Sadagursky 

To all my 
family and friends: 
Thank you for 
your continuous 
love and support. 

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. 
So, get on your way." 
- Dr. Seuss 

Best of luck '12 

Hannah Sacra 

"This is for the 
possibility that 
guides us and for 
the possibilities still 
waiting to sing and 
spread their wings 

inside us." 
- Andrea Gibson 

Hayley, thanks for being such a great role model. Maddi, thanks for 
being my best friend and keeping pushing as hard as you always do. 
Hannah, thanks for always being there and making me laugh. 
Thanks to all my friends. LDPs, and God - 
I wouldn't be who I am today without you. 
Philippians 4: 1 3 

Anna Sailor 

"Don't let your dreams 
be dreams." -JJ 

Thank you family, 
friends, and teachers 
for everything... 

keep makin' memories, 
ladies, iloveyousomuch. 

m, you give me the love I need, 
c-man, keep makin' music, 
d, you're always by my side. 

Change the world. 2012. 

► WlfMD QflSS Of 2012 » 

Hummus ladies No chance I'll make better friends than you 
wonderful girls. Thanks Buddy. Frank & Liv. BIG GEN - thanks for 
everything, good luck next year you bootylicious biddy ;) hehe 
Coach b Mission-fire-pride. great. 
L.D.A. you left me breathless. Miss you. 
Hakuna Matata 2012. T 

Mom. Dad. Alexa. I love you guys so much and I wanna thank you 
guys for watching my back all these years keeping me out of trouble. 

My FDs. you guys are my brothas for life. Im gonna miss our 
freestyles. chants, seshs. but we'll all meet up in the future to pickup 
where we left off. Peace. 

Andrew and Steve- Thanks for paving the road before I went down 
it, I love you big brothers! All of my friends and especially my girls- 
great times through the years, let's keep having them! You all mean 
the world to me, thanks for the fun, laughter and memories. 
Intercambio por siempre. A. you've been the best. 
2012- Go far and live life. 

Shout out to my homeroom ME8 and to the other homeroom 
that I went to instead. 
Most of all. thanks to all the teachers who let me turn in late work 
to keep my grades decent.. .much appreciated. 

Good luck 2012. we could all use it. 

(-abriel Sehringer 

"A butterfly measures 
not in minutes, 
but in moments." 

Here's to the moments: 

Here's to WHSTE. 
To unconditional love. 
Here's to "Holiday in 
Spain" at a highway 
gas station. 

ere's to pickup lines on the beach. To murder mysteries. To Panini 
parties; to an extra folding chair; to the Newport mansions. 
To endless starbursts. karaoke, and purple cushions. 

Here's to family: to friends; to teachers. 
Here's to the past. And here's to the future. 

:arter Shearer 

It's been a good few years guys. 
Good luck and have fun. 

Anna Sharry 

"Wherever you go, go 
with all your heart." 

Mom and Dad, 
I can't thank you 

enough for all of your 
love and support 

throughout the years. 

Dana, you paved the 
way, thanks for always 
being there. 

To my friends, these past four years would have meant nothing 
without you. Thanks for all the laughs. I love you guys. 
Mads, keep it up. I'll miss you! 

Congrats 20 1 2, we made it 

Iliana Smalanskas 

Mom Dad: Thank you. 
I love you and I'll miss 

you next year! 
You made me into the 
person I am today, 
and I'm so proud 
to be your daughter 

Alex: I love you. 
thanks for watching 
out for me 

"Serious for cereal" 

"It's locked." 
"Well yes and no" 
Cheerleading at mock trial. Because frankly, my brain hurts 
Thank you all my friends, good luck with next year! 
3 1 II : P WHSTE = Unconditional love 

► WlffflD CLASS Of 2012 » 

David Smith 

crew, FDs. slabs, 
handball, concerts, el toro 

Emily Starr 

"Don't be afraid to 
make mistakes, to 
stumble b fall, because 
most of the time the 
greatest rewards come 
from doing the things 
that scare you most. 
Who knows where life 
will take you? The road 
is long, and in the end, 
the journey is the 

From geoparties to HOWNW to timestamps, high school has been 
one long, crazy journey, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. 
Mom and Dad, thanks for your help and support along 
every step of the way. Words can't explain how much 
I appreciate everything you've done for me. 


Hannah Smith 

711*1 r m J 

There's been 
a lot of people. 

There's been 
a lot of stuff. 

And here I am. going forth. 

Thank you and bye. 

Riley C. Starr 

Thanks a lot to my 
Mom and Dad. Thanks 
Mom for being with 
me every step of the 
way. Thanks Dad for 
the guidance and 
advice. Good luck 
Tess, the house is all 
yours. Thanks to my 
big sister Matti for 
blazing the trail. 

Thanks to my best friends for lasting memories from backyard wiffle 
ball to long nights in the "man cave." Thanks to my teachers and 

coaches for their support, their confidence, and their wisdom. 
I can't believe I am a senior now, feels like Happy Hollow was just 
yesterday. As they say, "Crab life by the horns" and revel in every 
moment. Enjoy life and be everything you can be. 

s/lackland Steele 

Thank you to my 
family, I couldn't do it 
without you. 

Thanks to my friends 
it's been a great High 
School career. 

Frosh baseball words can't explain the time we had, and even 
though we lost every game it was the best season by far. 

'atrick Sullivan 

"People are like dice, 
you throw yourself in 
the direction of your 
own choosing. 

People are free because 
they can do that. 

Everone's circumstances are different, but no matter how small 
the choice, you can throw yourself. 

It's not chance or fate. It's the choice each person made." 

Jean-Paul Sartre 

3 Jason Stoddart 

izzz been real 
dubtown, BBB, crew, 
toro, FDs, 
b/e 14. batman, 
listening to music. 
R.I. P. old high school, 

chillin during frees, 
professor snape, slabs, 

aqueducts, dudley 
pond, cochituate lake, 
narnia. bowls of cereal, 
weekends, really sweet 
how I didn't have my own parking spot junior or senior year, acting 
a fool in middle school, anna sharry, the spins, chants, ping pong, 
funny stuff, $, jumping over/on stuff, 99' luminaHove. 
had a blast in the wayland bubble but it's time to move along, 

peace WHS 

Hadrien Symon 

You met me at a very strange time in my life 
- Fight Club 

► WlflllD CLASS Of 2012 " 

Tiffany Sze 

It has been 
a great four years. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Vanessa for 
all the support. 

Friends... keep in touch :) 

Live your life 
WHSTE= unconditional love <3 

- tiff ^ A 

Marina Tanimoto 

"One's destination 
is never a place. 

but a new way of 
seeing things." 
-Henry Miller 

Thank you Mom. Dad. Ariana. and my friends. I love you so much. 

Good luck. 2012! 

Elaine Tarn 


To my mom and dad. 
thank you for being 
there for me 24/7. 
To my sisters, you've 
both always kept 
my days filled 
with entertainment. 
Good luck with your 
journey in school. 
To my friends, our 
memories will be with 
me forever. 

Let's keep in contact with each other, ok? To my ACCrs. what can I 

say 7 Ramen 7 HMart 7 Hotpot 7 Wait. Who eats babies? B I A4? <3 
Whaaaaaaaat. From the first ACC get together to now, we've grown 
close and had many adventures I'll never forget;) 
And last but not least, to 2012. 
congrats and good luck!! We made it!! 


Becky Tarantino 

m going to miss my 
two best friends 
Natalie and Steph 
so much! 
Three amigos forever. 
We've had sooo many 
good times together. 
Love you guys! 

Thanks to my 
friends and family 
for everything. 



I'll miss you OL, KH. CD. VM. WN. 
I'll miss the XC team and the winter track team. 
Good times together. 
And to the seniors, we're finally done! 
Aw yeah seniors 2012! 

\dam Tawakol 

Here's to the end of 
a crazy era with 

the greatest friends 
I could ask for. 
Much love. 

Shout out to all my 

The Crew, and the 
BBB group. 

batman, slabs, toro. Vineyard. Sound Sedation 

Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places 
if you look at it right" - Grateful Dead 

Catherine Terranova 

"It is from experiences 
that we get our 
education of life. 
We string them into 
jewels or into tinware, 
as we may choose." 
- Mark Twain 

Mom b Dad, 
James b Julia - 
thanks for all your 
love and support. 
Friends - we've had some awesome experiences b countless laughs 
that I'll never forget. Thanks for making high school great! 
Thanks to all my teachers and coaches 
for everything they've taught me. 
Lax, Bball, Fh #20 
GOOD LUCK 2012! 

Kevin Tenny 

Cristina Timperio 

Mom and Dad- Thanks 
for all the love and 
support you've given 
me through the years. 
I wouldn't be the 
person I am today 
without you. 

Daniella and Sofia- 
I paved the road, 
now it's your turn, 
love you two! 

All my friends - There are way too many amazing times. 
Thanks for all the laughs and memories I'll never forget. 
Especially my girls- I love you all so much and 

will miss you more than anything! 
"Love the life you live, live the life you love." 
Good luck 2012! 

► WlffflD CLASS Of 2012 » 

Chad Tyra 

SSBM Crew. Spain. 
b all my friends (you 
know who you are), 
been a good 4 years, 
wish we had longer. 

road trip this summer, be ready. 

More times to come 2012. live it up. 

Laura Vancil 

unconditional love and 
gratitude to both of 
you. and alex, thanks 
for laughing at my 

the ladiez - I love you 
guys, thanks for 
the endless laughs 
and unforgettable 
memories, you gals 
are irreplacable. 
matthew - you're family, always 
gsy - thanks for being the best 

always thinking of you LDA 
"it's all happening!" 
?ood luck 2012, let's hangout again soon 

Evan Tyra 

What a great four years 
Spanish Trip and all my friends 

Julia Vinha 

"I don't know the key 
to success, but the key 
to failure is trying to 
please everyone." 
-Bill Cosby 

"Fear is nature's way 
of testing you to see if 
you're serious about 
your goals." 

Thank you Mom, Dad. and Camila. Thank you Biba! 
Thank you to all my cheerleaders. Thank you Muses. 
To all my friends... I will miss you! 

Goodbye and good luck Class of 2012! 
LDA <3 

..ntonia Vitagliano 

/ou always pass 
failure on your way 
to success" 
-Mickey Rooney 

Congrats 2012! 

g _ Mom and Dad- 

j M^^m " = the person I 

^ _Z] am. and for all your 
love and support. 
Brett and Eileen-I'm so happy for you two! Love you big bro. 
I My wonderful friends- you guys rock and I love y'all so much! 
CC- Thanks so much for all your generosity and encouragement 
Jords- you're the best carpool buddy ever. 
I love you and thanks for all the support! John 14:27 

David Wadsworth 

Thanks to my family for 
all the love and support 
I couldn't have done it 
without you... 

To my friends. Ms MM 
thanks for all the 
good times... 

To the class of 20 1 2, thanks for a great 4 years 
and good luck next year. 

Eric von Rohr 

WOOOO. We did it. 
We are done. It's been 
fun. & we have had our 
laughs, but it's time we 

move on to bigger & 

better things. These 
last four years will 
always have a place in 
my heart, but it's time 

to make some new 
memories that we will 

hopefully remember. 

I wouldn't have made it through without all of my bestest friends, 
which I can't name, for I wouldn't have enough room :) 
Shout out to my smash bros (Pun) 

And now to quote Pink Floyd. "The time is gone, the song is over. 
Thought I'd something more to say" (Time. Dark Side of the Moon) 

Kavshawn Wallace 

First and foremost 
would like to thank my 
mom for making this all 
:css z e 

I know it wasn't easy 
for my mom to raise 
two kids on her own 
but she was strong 
enough to do it. 


To be the second person in my generation to graduate. 

Thank You for Wayland High Schooi 

► WLfMD CLASS Of 2012 


"In the end it's not the years in your life that count, 
it's the life in your years." 

- Abraham Lincoln 

This is my senior blurb. 

"Oh yes, the past can hurt. 
But, you can either run from it or learn from it." 


Josh- You took your path, and now I've created mine. 
Thanks for being there, love ya bro! 
' o my friends- you're amazing! Thanks for all the memories, good 
times, and laughs; there's way too many to count. 
Girls, you're the best! I love you all, good luck, b never forget. 
2012 "Forget regret or life is yours to miss." 

special thanks to cap'n geech b the shrimp shack shooters. 
20 1 2: soyez magnifique toujours 

"i'm more myself today than i was yesterday 
b i hope i can say that tomorrow." lights 
ceep your eyes on the stars b your feet on the ground." t roosevelt 

" End? This is not the end. [Graduation] is just another path, 
one that we all must take." -Gandalf the White 

"Rise free from care before the dawn, and seek adventures." 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Sometimes that net was covering up the sky. 
but we always managed to get it down. 
But all in all, I think this post was pretty couch-clever. ICCST. 
Never give up the cheerleading spirit. 
And. also, for the record, green. 

► WLfMD QflSS Of 2012 " 

Not Picture 

ark Blahnik, William Jin, John Monahan, Wilmarie Navarro, Tyler Perez, 
Shaleece Selden, Sharelle Selden, Alexandru Toader, Jessica Wade 

n-Howard Alpert Apse Aurelio Bailey Barber Barone Barton Bastarache Bekenstein 
enjiett_Berdidn^sky Bersjw^|hagat Bhat Billing^la^k^ttc^LBoudreau 


safu lli Curran Curt i n D'Amico Dcf i na DcPctcr D i amond 



nlan Drews Dulude Efrat Elias Fay Felix Fiske Flynn Franklin Caddis Galang Garde 

zano Lozowicki Luchetti Lucier Lyons Ma Maclean Markwarth Massicotte Maza 


:Afee McAuley McDo 
lis Monahan Moore 
jnsey Murphy Murp 
Donnell O'Res^n ^bermillej 
irez Perez PesjLMG^ault 
abin Sacra SaW^cfh^T bailor 
Iden Sharry Shearer Smaton: 

mon Sze Tan ^Mf^^l ra 

ra Vancil Vinra^flgrorf^/di 

ebb Webb Whittemore Wilson Winokur 

McLaughlin Mele Meltzer Mikkelsen Miller 
s l^MflWkolpan Delossa Moynihan 
_ .q^efc^TO^ierenberg Noa Nurse 
Orlov (jsborn Owens Pan Pascual-Leone 

ringer Selden 
toddart Sullivan 
rio Toader Tyra 
ace Wang Way 
Worstell Allen-Howard Alpert Apse Aurelio 

f B ' A 


f Jib' i 

- m3 


T V 




Warriors vs. Wildcats 


S e n i o 

Best Song: 

Sexy And I Know It 



Best thing about 2012: 

End of the world 
First to graduate from 
the new school 
We're not 2013 

Worst thing about 

They think they're cool 
They sit at our tables 
They exist 

Hardest course: 

AP Bio 
AP Chem 
BC Calculus 

Easiest course: 

- Finlit 

- College Psych 

Best place to go 
during frees: 




Best pick up line: 

- 1 know AER 

- How YOU doin'? 

- I'm from Belgium 

Best TV show: 

Jersey Shore 
Modern Family 

Best thing about 

Dunkin Donuts 
Leaving it 

Worst thing about 

No snow days 
Nothing to do 

Essential piece of 

- Circle scarf 

- Varsity jacket 

- Underwear 


Best way to 
embarrass Freshmen: 

Chant and clap 
Look at them 
They embarrass 


jiggest worry as a 

I >t getting into 

\ nere's the party? 
( itting lost in the new 



Old School 


Flip Phones 



Vhere will 2012 be in 
20 years? 

Best place to eat: 

Five Guys 

Coolest Car: 

The Mustangs 
The Taurus' 
The Jeeps 

Easiest rule to break: 

Leaving campus as an 
Textng in class 
Eating/drinking in the 
media center 

Worst thing about 

2012 couldn't park as 

Earthquakes in the 
History building 

Best thing about 

2013 can't park 
New school 
Sightseeing during 

Best excuse for 
getting pulled over: 

- "My calves are too 

- "I just got into college" 

- "I was trying to blow a 
leaf off of my windshield" 

Scariest thing you've 
ever done: 

- Talk to Ms. Pressman 

- Walk down the 
center aisle as a frosh 

- Avoid Ms. Mauchan in 

Best excuse for being 
late to class: 

- Traffic 

- Blame your carpool 

- Chatting with Mr. Tracy 

Best weekend activity: 

Hanging... around 
Watching Batman 

Biggest regret as a 



ying in our parents' 

n a speck of dust in 

- None. 

- Trying in middle school 

- Never finding the 




elv to Be Preside 

Paul Lozowicki 

Claire Bailey 

lliana Smalanskas 
& David Murphy 

Tianna Moore & Jon Chen 

Laura Vancil 6 Leejunkin 

June Kim & Ryan Budnick 

Runner-Up: June Pan 

Abby Kretowicz & Ricky Levitt 

Bailey McAfee &Josh Mills 

T 4 ' - 

I 1 









Tori Hill & Asa Hecker 

inners-Up: Jordan Bunn & Nico Pascual-Leone 

mi r 

Alicia Winokur, Willem Wang, cV 
Dina Berdichevsky 

Runner-Up: Eric von Rohr 



Rosenblatt & 

Jonah ■ 

Taylor Elias & 
Chris D'Amico 

Shaleece & Sharelle Selden 

Runners-Up: Maeve Moynihan & 
Mackenzie Salitsky 

Keely Griffin & David Smith 

Runners-Up: Erin Curtin 6 Riley Starr 



Natalie Barone & Alex Dulude 

Runners-Up: Kelly O'Donnell 6 Matt Munsey 

^^^^^^ * ^^r^^^^^^^J^ 

L all 


Worst Senioritis 


Madison Lemmo & Jason Stoddart 

Runners-Up: Alii Diamond & Jerry Lerman 

Sarah Pesaturo & Lee Junkin 

Runners-Up: Keely Griffin & Erik Halperin 

Anna Sharry & Michael Gordon 

Runners-Up: Haylee Rosenblatt & 
Oliver Levin 

Rafael Santos & Caitlyn Pineault 

Runners-Up: Elaine Hunt b Matt Gutschenritter 

Mistaken for a Freshmen 


Chad Tyra & Debbie Ng 

Runners-Up: Julia Vinha & Connor O' Regan 

Ali Bryant & Nathan Wilson 

Runners-Up: Abby Kretowicz & Max Meltzer 

Tiffany Sze & Carter Shearer 

Runners-Up: Kate Fiske & Sean Flynn 

Robert Gardel & Felicia Chu 

Runners-Up: Katie Terranova &• Eric Alpert 

Tommy Hoopes & Anna Sailor 

Runners-Up: Ariel Cormier & Nico Pascual-Leone 

Bailey Morgan &■ Tyler Mordas 

Runners-Up: Katie Terranova & Evan Barber 

10 1 

Looks and Brains 

Juliette Bastarache & Jared Brisson 

Runners-Up: Natalie Barone 6 John Grumbach 

Hallie Cramer & Nico Pascual-Leone 

Runners-Up: Anna Sailor b Matt Gutschenritter 

Mackenzie Salitsky & Charlie Kelman 

Runners-Up: Tianna Moore & Shane Brady 

Drew Levey & Courtney Owens 

Runners-Up: Meredith Miller b Carson Hart 

Jonah Greenawalt & Kate Fiske 

Runners-Up: Haylee Rosenblatt b Gregory Seage 

w£+M Elena Drews & Daniel Worste 

Runners-Lip. June Kim b Alex Orlov 

Best Dancer 

Hannah Camiel & Luke Boudreau 

Runners-Up: Elisa Bushee cV Matt Gutschenritter 

Meredith Miller & Jerry Lerman 

Runners-Up: Julia Vinha cj Patrick builivar 


■ I 

John Monahan & Andrea Defina 


ian Wilson 

Maeve Crimmins & Christian 

Runners-Up: Meredith Miller & Adam 





Kush Bhagat & Elisa Bushee 

mers-Up: Nicole Noa & Andrew Herstine 

Julian Catanese & Elaine Hunt 

Runners-Up: Antonia Vitagliano & Lee Junkin 



You Know You Wanna Be "One Two" 

Laura Vancil, Abby Kretowicz, Carolyn Jones, and 
Juliette Bastarache 

Emma Kandrac hides away during astronomy 

Guy Efrat gets carried away with the 
winning finger with Chris D'Amico 


Kelsey Burke, Becca Goldberg, Lauren Burkley, Kelly O'Donnell, 
Meaghan DePeter, and Ashley McGuire 



Theodore ffieronymus 

Averv Hill 

Jesse Hoopes 

Renus Howson 

Carla Huang 

Stephanie h ers 

Jonathan Patsenker 

Tyler Peyton 

Lorelle Wallace 

Christine Wang 

Allison Wei 

Elisabeth Wells 

Robert Williams 

Robert Williams 


Working hard ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Dr. Paul Stein (Superintendent) Scott Parseghian (Dean of Students), Pat 

Tutwiler (Principal), Allyson Mizoguchi (Vice 




Desiree Butter, Trish Halpin, David 
Schmirer, Kevin Delaney (DH), David 
Gavrori/ Erin Lehmann, Eva Urban, 
Jim Page, Julie Yazbeck, Sean 
Chase, Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer 
Missing: Kay Bassen, Kirsten Lahey 






Michael Hopps, Deborah Buchman, 
Megan Forsberg, Janet Manning, Matt 
Daniels, Charlene Bishop, Molly 
Kooshan, Carolyn Crary, Hannah 
Marton, Barbara Coughlin (DH), 
Kathleen Thompson 


Sara Langelier, Mary Brown (DH), Megan 
Smith, Melissa Bryant, Ed DeHoratius, Lee 
Krasnoo, Laura Huizinga, Jessica Skehan, Jill 
Swenson, Missing: Sibylle Pearson, Lisa 
Nowak, Heather Pineault 



Robin Fitch, Gwen Goldin, Zachary 
Vonnegut, Martha Gowetski, Dana 
Holland, Janet Karman, Brian Keaney 
(DH), Barbara Shellito, David 
Rockermann, Luartn Duesterberg, 
Peter Galalis 
Missing: Nancy Florez 

I f 


Ed Konopka (Head Custodian), Tom 
Altif, Joao DaSilva, Eli DeAndrade, 
John Maliewski, Tony Pilla, Sean 


Cthy Abtondi, George Armentano, Sue 
Btchelder, Mary Berardi, Jeff Blue, Cynthia 
sco, Mary Bracken, Sam Breslin, , Chris 
Cmcy, Ron Dowd, Nancy Fewell, Sarah 
: ,vks, Linda Frank, Michael Glovsky, Vivian 
-rdy, Lynda Lareau, Jason Montrose, Sybille 
3 arson, Lisa Perry, Judie Pickett, Steve 
fczo, Kathy Sherry, Barbara Smith, Jim 
Sxie, Chris Taylor, Jared Walsh 


Barbara Wolfson, Jim Girard, Jennifer 
Gavett, Ann Fratto (Secretary), Sara 
Drapeau, Marybeth Sacramone (DH), 
Jennifer Mast, Jennifer Sullivan, James 

Missing: Ben Buff a 


Susan Pressman, Erin 
Dalbec, Mary Barber, 
Pam Miller 


Justice Smith 
(Athletic Director), 
Chris Brown 
(Athletic Trainer), 
Joseph Porrell, 
Joseph Cincotta 

Metco Coordinator: 

Mark Liddell 



Mr. Weingartner 
& Dr. Sci 


Mrs. Lehmann 
& Mr. Gavron 

ost Likely to Be Mistaken For 

Mr. Breslin & 
Ms. Kooshan 

ikely to 
Leave WHS 

Mrs. Mast & 
Mr. DeHoratius 

Ms. Nowak & Mr. Chandler 

r 1 & 



Girls Varsity Crew- Pardis Alizadeh-Shabdiz, Caroline Ayanian, Devin Barnes, Kerrin Bersani. Hannah Brigham, Annelise Cohen, 
Emma Conroy, Elena Drews, Pippa Edwards, Meridith Galang, Rebecca Goldberg, Rebecca Harris, Emily Huber, Elaine Hunt, Sarah 
Kaye. Clare Keller, Madison Kiefer, Sam Kolovson, Julia Lavenson, Anna Lifland, Julia Matta, Bri Mele. Kira Palmer, Gabriela Purman, 
Kyle Robb, Michelle Sheffres, Hannah Smith, Antonia Vitagliano NOT PICTURED: Rebecca Goldberg Coaches: Matt Hanig and Lenni 

Boys Varsity Crew - Alex Bierman, Jakub Buczek, Tommy Drews, Kevin Ge. Theo Hieronymus, John Huo, Karl Kaza, Aidan Kelly, Karl 
Kuhn, Fernando Maza, Peter McAuley, Meredith Miller, Jason Nazarian, Max Seferian. Carly Skehan, Andrew Stiles, Willem Wang 
Coaches: Brian DeDominici and Pat Larcom 

Girls Novice Crew- Julia Carr, Katie Cundari, Jessica Henning, Mindy Lou, Julia Mitrano, Hannah Osborn, Mia Senechal, Charlotte 
Smith, Audrey Zizza Coaches: Joelle Bush, Connie Crosby 

Boys Novice Crew- Jack Bell, Andrew Cartwright, Josh Cohen, Patrick Gerjarusak, Aidan Gibbs, Jameson Hunt, Alex Karle, Martin 
Kelly, Grady LaRochelle, Charlie Lucier. Vivek Singh Coaches: Milos Drijic and Connie Crosby 

Field Hockey 

Varsity: Catherine Barber, Ellen Barber, Juliette Bastarache, Ali Bryant, Kela Butts, Erin Curtin, Alice D'Orlando 
Allison Diamond, Paige Gould, Jessica Greenwood, Jane Haffey, Jessica Hayward, Samantha Hayward, Caroly 
Jones, Maddie Kiefer, Michela Luchetti, Rachel Massicotte, Bailey McAfee, Bailey Morgan, Megan Osborn, Grac 
Perkins, Nina Price, Anna Sailor, Anna Sharry, Katie Terranova Coach: Shelly Fraser 

Captains Jess Hayward, Juliette Bastarache, Bailey 
McAfee, and Bailey Morgan 

Id Hockey 

Junior Varsity: Cashen Conroy, 
Mary Downs, Brielle Durant, 
Carley Durant, Alex Erdekian, 
Kate Kanieff, Samantha Keating, 
Meg Kuhn, Sunida McKay, Mary 
Murray, Elizabeth Place, Megan 
Rogers, Laura Stavisky, Julia 
Terranova, Lily Wadsworth, 
Lizzy Wells 

Coach: Suzanne Ontso 

Freshmen: Anthi Akrivoulis, 
Kathleen Burns, Julia Chinman, 
laley Cohn, Natalya Denisevich, 
parby Douros, Gianna Fargnoli, 
Tori Gitten, Anna Hubbell, 
Maggie Kennedy, Alexandra 
uchetti, Andrea Meindl, Hannah 
Miller, Anna Rubin, Heather 
Russo, Lilly Shahidi, Tess Starr, 
Andrea Vogt 
Coach: Lynda Lareau 


Girls Soccer 

Varsity: Hallie Cramer, Genna Cutitta, Branwen Defren, Isabelle Farrell, Morgan Fletcher, Stefanie Geiger, 
Maggie Hojlo, Maddy Jones, Hannah Kinney, Sophia Lesser, Maeve Moynihan, Michaela Moynihan, Nicole Noa. 
Sarah Nuss, Lauren Obermiller, Mackenzie Salitsky, Sydney Schaefer, Maddy Schwartz, Natalie Shear, Stephanie 

Steltzer, Cassidy Way, Allie Wuerfl Coach: Guy Enoch 

Varsity Girls Soccer Captains Hallie Cramer, Maeve 
Moynihan, Mackenzie Salitsky, and Nicole Noa 

Girls Soccer 

Junior Varsity 

Junior Varsity: Gabrielle Barrett, 
Jenny Bekenstein. Maddie 
Conroy, Amy Cunningham. Flora 
Goodman, Stephanie Ivers. 
Sammy Karle, McKenna Kiefer, 
Cara Lewis. Daisy Lin, Courtney 
Murtagh, Maddie Ponsetto, Rachel 
Schneider. Emma Simches, 
Elizabeth Soper, Ashley Stoddart, 
Heather Wright 
Coach: Ed Dehoratius 

Freshmen: Christine Burke, 
Jenna Canavan, Anna Downs, 
Taylor Frieling, Kaitlyn Haase, 
Elizabeth Jenny, Sarah Kinney, 
Anna Lesser, Isabelle Lyons, 
Melanie Miller, Jillian 
Skowronski, Margot Turner, 
Becca Wuerfl 
Coach: Cila Arnberg 


Varsity: Evan Barber, Daniel Bekenstein, Mark Blahnik, Michael Burke, Ben Caples, David Cohen, Chris Connell. 
Doug Curtain, Chris D'Amico, Matt Edwards, Matt Gutschenritter, Carson Hart, Andrew Herstine, Pierce Keegan. 
Andrew LeBlanc, Errol Lee, Andrew Lidington, Doug Lyons, Kevin Macintosh, Carlos Melero, Alex Orlov, Andres 
Pascual-Leone, Nico Pascual-Leone, Hadrien Symon, Chris Weig Coaches: David Gavron and Charles Goodhue 

Captains Mark Blahnik, Nico Pascual-Leone, Chris \ 
D'Amico, and Doug Lyons 

Boys Soccer 

Junior Varsity: Matt Alexander, 
Paul Andresen, Lucas Boegehold, 
Mike Carter, Lucas Clark, Will 
Curry, Zach Dieffenbach, Evan 
Dorfman, Marcus Garrant, Isaac 
Greenawalt, Ben Haspel, Bennett 
Keyes, Alex Marinakis, Theo 
Marinakis, Rory McHarg, Collin 
Moloney, Moonin Mookhiruntara, 
Brendan Murphy, Jacob Rudelson, 
Hafnaoui Sayeh, Patrick Thornberg, 
Kenzo Wong Coach: David Schaye 

Freshmen: Gene Barton, lain 
Brogan, Scott Carvalho, Alec 
Foster, Lyle Foster, Aaron 
3oldstein, Jeremy Harper, Scott 
Mo, Brett LaPierre, Brendan Lau, 
| nomas Lewis, Paul Longnecker, 
/lax Marks, Christopher Morales 
Galindo, Charlie Nuss, Peter 
Orlandella, Chase Purrington, 
Nathaniel Sommerfield, Ethan 
Toga, Pierce van Mulbregt, Ben 
\/erdi, Christopher Wise, Robert 
Yuan, Edward Zhu 
Coach: Lisa Nowak 


Girls Varsity: Kelsey Burke, Rebecca Tarantino, Courtney Bolivar, Brigid Falvey, 
Caroline Mellen, Grace Murphy, Isabel Penrose, Isabel Schwartz, Elizabeth 
Karpacz, Phoebe Morss 
Girls Junior Varsity: Julia Jofe, Eleanor Moore 

Boys Varsity: Jake Adelman, Jaleel Bell, Eli Bucher, John Cocce, Nick Condry, 
Nick Constantine, Nicholas Galang, Zachary Hays, Jesse Hoopes, Tommy 
Hoopes, William Jin, Greg Karpacz, Harry Leavitt, Joshua McCarthy, Bryce 

Boys Junior Varsity: Miles Adler, Terance Cheung, Danny Conley, Aidan 
Falvey, Nicholas Ng, Jesse Potts, Christian Powell 
Coaches: Suzanne Williams and Mary McDonald 

Right (from top to bottom): 

Seniors Kelsey Burke and Rebecca Tarantino 

Seniors Tommy Hoopes and William Jin 

Captains Kelsey Burke and Caroline Mellen 

Captains Jake Adelman, Tommy Hoopes, and Bryce Turner 

Golf Team 

Varsity: Jeremy Brofsky, Charles Cope, Christian 
Eng, James Gaddis, Spencer Henley, James Jurist, 
Oliver Levin, Michael Markwarth, Nick Morgan, 
Michael Murphy, Connor O'Regan, Yannick Schaefer 
Coach: T.J. Anthoine 

Captains (Right): Mike Murphy and Jeremy Brofsky 
Seniors (Below): Mike Murphy, Connor O'Regan, 
Oliver Levin, Jeremy Brofsky, and Michael Markwarth 


Girls Volleyball 

Varsity: Emily van Mulbregt, Claire Greenlaw, 
Olivia Shaw, Karen O'Donnell, Hannah 
Kravetz, Alex VanRooyen, Zoe Richards, 
Madi Brown, Julia Saltzman, Kruti Vora 
Bhavna Sivasubramanian 
Coach: Krissy Norrman 

~i — — 1 

Captains Olivia Shaw and Emily van Mulbregt 

Junior Varsity: Cara Grazewski, Whitney 
Halperin, Carla Huang, Misha McKoy, Daly 
Place, Zoe Schattenburg, T.K. Whitesell, 
Karen Zhang, Jing Zhao 
Coach: Mary Fitterer 

Senior Julia Saltzman 


Vlii^ity Fbotball 


Varsity: Kamari Allen-Howard, Cam Apse, Ryan Bache, Drew 
Bachman, Jake Baxter, Tommy Bernotas, Mark Bonner, Ben 
Boschetto, Christopher Cao, Jimmy Carmichael, Cameron Chin, 
Matt Cramer, Matt Devlin, Brian Garcia, Jesse Goddard, Will 
Gunshenan, Aaron Huggins, Daniel Karp, Kevin Kelley, Matt Kipp, 
Colman Lydon, Eric MacLean, Mike MacLean, Dayleon McKenzie, 
John Monahan, Tyler Mordas, Marvin Morgan, Brian Murtaugh, 
Kamal Namou, Christopher Oyola, Charles Paige, Robert Parker- 
Mason, Carter Pederson, Marvin Pimentel Patrone, Stephen Powel! 
Spencer Register, Sam Romania, Dominique Simpson, Kurt 
Straube, Brett Thomas, David Wadsworth, Kayshawn Wallace, 
Robert Williams, Roby Williams 

Coaches: Coach Parseghian, Coach Breslin, Coach Cincotta, 
Coach Newton, Coach Marshall. Coach Torres, Coach Jordan, 
Coach Register, and Coach Pena 

Captains: Kevin Kelley, Tyler Mordas, Mike MacLean, and Matt 


Freshmen: Cooper 
Archambault, Zachary Aresty, 
Bradford Belinsky, Andrew 
Carmichael, Kelby Carvalho, 
Richard Delorey, Nick 
Greenwood, Dylan Hogan, 
Ezekiel Hoskins, Andrew 
Jenkins, Robert Jones, Javier 
Lopez, Matthew Massicotte, 
Ryan McNamara, Dylan 
Mordas, Alexander Noa, 
Benjamin Porter, Travis 
Poulin, William Regan, Wes 
Robinson, Andrew Straube, 
Jared Thompson, Blake Welti, 
Jacob Zane, Willis Zetter 
Coaches: Coach Chase, 
Coach Montrose and Coach 

Fall Cheerleadfng 

Varsity: Natalie Barone, Brookil 
Brennan, Chloe Brown, Arielle 
Burgos, Lauren Burkley, Rosalil' 
Cormier, Andrea Defina, 
Christine George, Jessica 
Goodfellow, Keely Griffin, Sara 
Griffin, Anastasia Gumatay, 
Madison Lemmo, Devin 
Marcotte-Burgett, Ashley 
McGuire, Kiara Moloney, 
Vanessa Moore, Jillian Nystedt, 
Devon O'Heron, Nicole Philip, 
Maddi Sacra, Krayon'na Thame 
Katie Veal, Julia Vinha, Ashley 

Coach: Meghan Connor 
Captains: Ashley McGuire, 
Keely Griffin, and Julia Vinha 


Crls Alpine: Hannah Brigham, Kyle Robb, Olivia Lucier, Nichole Orlov, Sarah Mitty, 
Jlia Chinman, Sarah Kaye, Alice D'Orlando, Grace Perkins, Tess Starr, Haley Cohn 
E>ys Alpine: Zachary Aresty, Eli Bucher, Jakub Buczek, Tyler Clark, Harris Cohn, 
Aron Goldstein, Michael Goodman, Charlie Lucier, Sebastian Pellens, Tyler Peyton, 
VII Regan, Yasha Rudelson, Riley Starr, Blake Welti 

lOaches: George Conlin 

ICiptains: Kyle Robb, Riley Starr, Olivia Lucier 

t ■ 

Kris Nordic: Melanie Barber, Kathleen Barrow, Hannah Brigham, Julia Chinman, 
I laddie Conroy, Rebecca Harris, Dana Henderson, Elizabeth Karpacz, Sammy 
) hating, Sam Kolovson, Meg Kuhn, Julia Lavenson, Olivia Lucier, Sarah Mitty, 
I Fioebe Morss, Hannah Osborn, Kira Palmer, Grace Perkins, Tess Starr 
( bys Nordic: James Longnecker, Paul Longnecker, Eli Bucher, Yasha Rudelson, Eli 
i Lrd 

| <>ach: Chris Li 

' dptains: Hannah Brigham, Julia Lavenson, Olivia Lucier 





Boys Basketball 

Boys Basketball 

Junior Varsity: Lucas 
Boegehold, Evan Brisson, 
Cameron Chin, Christian Eng, 
Brian Garcia, Renus Howson, 
Dan Karp, Eric MacLean, Alex 
Marinakis, Theo Marinakis, Collin 
Moloney, Charles Paige, Robert 

Coach: Robert Andrews 

Freshmen: Nick Barber, Kurt 
Bonner, Andrew Carmichael, 
Jason Chandler, Cameron 
Dixson, Alec Foster, Scott Hojlo, 
Ryan McNamara, Spencer 
Miller, Dylan Mordas, Andrew 
Straube, Ben Verdi, Robert 
Yuan, Willis Zetter 

Coach: John Berry 

Girls Basketball 

Girls Basketball 

Freshmen: Samantha Abbott, 
Sophia Butler, Natalya 
Denisevich, Taylor Frieling, 
Elizabeth Jenny, Saba Lateef, 
Anna Lesser, J i I Man Skowronski 

Coach: David Smelser 

Junior Varsity: Kaitlyn Haase, 
Samantha Hayward, Maggie 
Hojlo, Clare Keller, Hannah 
Kravetz, Sunida McKay, 
Madison McNulty, Elizabeth 
Place, Nina Price, Rachel 
Schneider, Natalie Shear, Emma 
Simches, Ashley Stoddart 

Coach: Scott Azulay 

Winter Cheerleading 

Varsity: Brooke Brennan, Chloe 
Brown, Arielle Burgos, Jessica 
Goodfellow, Keely Griffin, Sara 
Griffin, Stephanie Ivers, Dani 
Kra, Abby Kretowicz, Devin 
Marcotte-Burgett, Ashley 
McGuire, Jillian Nystedt, Devon 
O'Heron, Nicole Philip, Katie 
Torres, Katie Veal, Andrea Vogt, 
Ashley Zachmann 
Coach: Meghan Connor 
Captains: Ashley McGuire and 
Nicole Philip (not pictured) 


Varsity: Ryan Bache, Bradford 
Belinsky, Kelby Carvalho, Nick 
Coffin, Malik Curet-Muhammad, 
Zachary Dieffenbach, Cole Elias, 
Lyle Foster, Aidan Gibbs, Jesse 
Goddard, John Grumbach, 
Zachary Hays, Jessica Hayward, 
Kevin Kelley, John Monahan, 
Christopher Oyola, Marvin 
Pimentel Patrone, Kevin 
Skowronski, Nicholas Thompkins, 
Chris Weig, Jake Zane 
Coaches: Sean Chase, Scott 
Parseghian, Lee Krasnoo 
Captains: John Grumbach, Kevin 
Kelley, and Nick Coffin 

Swimming & Diving 

Boys Swimming /Diving: Mike Ahearne, Jake Baxter, Scott Becker, Tommy Bernotas, lain Brogan, Ryan Campbell, Andy 
Cartwright, Dan Castillo, Alex Chused, Jaskson Condry, Matt Cramer, Mark Crisafulli, Charlie Cundari, Doug Curtin, Ricky 
Davies, Matt Devlin, Drew Donovan, Tommy Drews, Jack Halliwell, William Jin, James Jurist, Jack Kanieff, Alex Karle, Mark 
Karlson, Matt Kipp, Grady LaRochelle, Nick Leong, George Liu, Nikhil Mysore, Charlie Nuss, James Otis, Sasha Parfenov, 
Mark Priscilla, Will Sattanuparp, Hadrien Symon, Evan Tyra 

Girls Swimming/Diving: Inbal Almog, Kristina Barakov, Catherine Barber, Ellen Barber, Kathleen Burns, Hallie Cramer, 
Katie Cundari, Amy Cunningham, Erin Curtin, Anna Downs, Mary Downs, Pippa Edwards, Courtney Flagg, Stefi Geiger, 
Cara Grazewski, Julia Herbordt, Saya Higano, Anna Hubbell, Emily Huber, Carolyn Jones, Kate Kanieff, Maggie Kennedy, 
Ava Khadjenori, Madison E. Kiefer, Maddie C. Kiefer, Mindy Lou, Isabelle Lyons, Julia Mitrano, Eleanor Moore, Mary Murray 
Courtney Murtaugh, Courtney Owens, Megan Pierce, Molly Pierce, Maddi Sacra, Isabel Schwartz, Maddy Schwartz, Lily 
Tarn, Lily Wadsworth, Lizzy Wells, Heather Wright, Allie Wuerfl, Becca Wuerfl 

Coaches: Keith Meliones, Andrew Foley, Sarah Dromgoole, Marina Meliones, Mike Foley, and Heidi Friedlander 
Captains: Saya Higano, Carolyn Jones, Mark Crisafulli, Erin Curtin, and Hallie Cramer 

Swimming & Diving 

Indoor Track 

Boys Varsity: Matthew Alexander, Cooper Archambault, 
Dillon Baker, Kevin Capasso, Mike Carter, Jon Chen, Nick 
Condry, Danny Conley, Chris Connell, Shahar Dahan, Bobby 
Dawe, Evan Dorfman, Aidan Falvey, Liam Fay, Nicholas 
Galang, Michael Gilbert, Matt Glynn, Ben Haspel, Andrew 
Herstine, Jesse Hoopes, Tommy Hoopes, Jameson Hunt, 
Robert Jones, Bennett Keyes, George Lee, Andrew Lidington, 
Alexander Ma, Kevin Macintosh, Joshua McCarthy, Corey 
Mordas, Nick Ng, Christian Powell, Wes Robinson, Pierce van 
Mulbregt, Eric Von Rohr, Kayshawn Wallace, Austin Wong, 
Kenzo Wong 

Coaches: Peter Galalis and Ignacio Areguello 
Captains: Tommy Hoopes, Andrew Herstine, George Lee, 
Kayshawn Wallace, Alex Ma, Eric Von Rohr, and Jon Chen 



Indoor Track 

Crls Varsity: Caroline Ayanian, Courtney Bolivar, Laila 
Eown, Sorenna Brown, Christine Burke, Kelsey Burke, Kela 
Eitts, Pamela Chan, Christine Cocce, Annelise Cohen, 
Enma Conroy, Branwen Defren, Darby Douros, Brielle 
Drant, Brigid Falvey, Phoebe Fong, Whitney Halperin, 
Jssie Henning, Jade Hollenberg, Sammy Karle, McKenna 
tefer, Stephanie Kra, Caroline Mellen, Hannah Miller, 
^^lanie Miller, Grace Murphy, Lauren Obermiller, Isabel 
Fmrose, Anna Sailor, Lilly Shahidi, Vanessa Sze, Ally Toto, 
Minn Tran, Audrey Zizza 
Oach: Jim Girard 

(iptains: Kelsey Burke, Anna Sailor, Lauren Obermiller, 
(iristine Cocce, and Stephanie Kra 


Boys Hockey 

Varsity: Altan Atamer, Evan 
Barber, Lucas Bastarache, Ben 
Boschetto, Shane Brady, Scott 
Carvalho, Charles Cope, Will 
Curry, Marcus Daisy, Matt 
Edwards, Patrick Gerjarusak, 
Nick Greenwood, Lee Junkin, 
Justin Koulalis, Colman Lydon, 
Doug Lyons, Nick Morgan, Peter 
Orlandella, Travis Poulin, 
Spencer Register, Roby Williams. | 
Kevin Yun 

Coaches: Eric Brown, Rian 
Murry, Dan Roseland 
Captains: Doug Lyons, Evan 
Barber, and Shane Brady 

in \us 

n i 1 

Girls Hockey 

Girls: Kelsey Burke, Annelise Cohen, Hallie Cramer, Erin Curtin, Carolyn Jones, Bailey McAfee, Adrianna Bryaj 
Brigid Falvey, Maggie Hojlo, Maddy Jones, Annie Longfritz, Janniel Malcolm, Caroline Mellon, Sarah Nuss, Kiar 
Oyola, Lorene Pereira, Narcissa Plummer, Zoe Schattenburg, Krayonna Thames, Angela Wang, Carley Durani 
Alex Erdekian, Elizabeth Karpacz, Cara Lewis, Phoebe Morss, Nichole Orlov, Maddi Sacra, Elizabeth Soper, | 
Laura Stavisky, Ally Toto, Mylinh Tran, Lizzy Wells, Inbal Alman, Kathleen Barrow, Laila Brown, Sophia Butler. C 
Douros, Julia Jofe, Maggie Kennedy, Molly Pierce, Iman Qureshi, Emma Silberman, Katie Torres 

Coach: Shelly Frasier 

Boys: Jake Adelman, Ben Boschetto, lain Brogan, Eli Bucher, Kevin Capasso, Andy Carmichael, Derek Chen, 
Ion Chen, Alex Chused, John Cocce, Nick Condry, Zander Cowen, Shahar Dahan, Ricky Davies, Bobby Dawe, 
Zach Dieffenbach, Nicholas Galang, Marcus Garrant, John Grumbach, Zach Hays, Jesse Hoopes, William Jin, 
ennett Keyes, Matt Kipp, Paul Longnecker, Josh McCarthy, Carlos Melero, Christopher Morales, Corey Mordas, 
Kamal Namou, Nick Ng, Stephen Ren, Bryce Turner, Kayshawn Wallace, Austin Wong 
I Coaches: Peter Galalis and Ignacio Areguello 


Varsity: Matt Glynn, Matt Goddard, Yannick Schaefer, Kevin Yun, Ben Caples, Jesse Goddard, Rory McHarg, 
Alexander Tsipis, Michael Gilbert, Dan Karp, David Wadsworth, Chris D'Amico, Brett Thomas, Nick Constantine 

Riley Starr, Alex Ma, Mike Murphy, Andrew Herstine 
Coaches: Joe Cincotta and Jared Walsh 

Riley Starr, Alex Ma, Mike Murphy 


David Wadsworth, Chris D'Amico, Riley Starr, 
Alex Ma, Mike Murphy, Andrew Herstine 



.jnior Varsity: Matt Glynn, Alex Marinakis, Charlie Nuss, Theo Marinakis, Kevin Yun, Jesse Goddard, Alexander 
Tsipis, Zack Aresty, Joe Spagnuolo, Charlie Cope, Harry Falber, Dan Bunn Coach: Steven Soldi 


Varsity: Christine Cocce, Nichole Bell, Emily Starr, Kori Krasin-Hermsdorf, Olivia Shaw, Rebecca Strauss, Emil' 
van Mulbregt, Elizabeth Place, Melanie Barber, Madison McNulty, Daisy Lin, Devin Burgett, Samantha Abbott 

Coach: Andrew Fairfield 

Christine Cocce and Nichole Bell 

Kori Krasin-Hermsdorf, Christine Cocce, 
Nichole Bell, Emily Starr 


Spring Crew 

Girls Varsity: Pardis Alizadeh-Shabdiz, 
Caroline Ayanian, Kerrin Bersani, Hannah 
Brigham, Emma Conroy, Elena Drews 
(captain), Joanna Duffy. Pippa Edwards, 
Meridith Galang, Rebecca Harris, Emily 
Huber, Elaine Hunt, Melissa Kay, Sarah 
Kaye, Clare Keller, Madison Kiefer, Sam 
Kolovson(captain). Bri Mele, Kira Palmer, 
Gabriela Purman, Kyle Robb, Rachel 
Schneider, Michelle Sheffres, Hannah Smith 
Antonia Vitagliano 

Girls Novice: Julia Carr, Andrea Meindl, 
Julia Mitrano, Mia Senechal, Charlotte 
Smith, Audrey Zizza 

Coaches: Boris Kusturic and Joelle Bush 

Boys Varsity: Alex Bierman, Jakub Buczek 
(captain), Andrew Cartwright, Tommy Drews, 
Kevin Ge, Theo Hieronymus, Karl Kaza, Aidan 
Kelly, Karl Kuhn, Andrew Lidington, Peter 
McAuley, Jason Nazarian, Max Seferian, 
Carly Skehan, Andrew Stiles 
Boys Novice: Jack Bell, Jason Chandler, 
Joshua Cohen, Jackson Condry, Drew 
Donovan, Aidan Gibbs, Jameson Hunt, Grady 

Coaches: Brian DeDominici and Milos Drljic 

Boys Volleyball 

Varsity: Will Curry, Lucas Clark, Greg 
Karpacz, Kurt Straube, Nick 
Tempesta, Harry Leavitt, Christian 
Eng, Ben Haspel, David Cohen, 
Cameron Chin, 
Coach: Rod Fletcher 

Girls: Dina Berdichevsky, Katrina Gaddis, Emma Barton, Taylor Elias, Drew Canavan, Katherine McNamara, 
Allison Wei, Hannah Kravetz, Steph Kra, Isabel Penrose, Laura Mead, Jade Hollenberg, Flora Goodman, Julia 
Lavenson, Alex Van Rooyen, Emma Simches, Ashley Shuman, Jenna Canavan, Jessie Henning, Kathleen Burns 

Anna Hubbell, Anna Rubin, Jenna Salgannik, Myra Afzal, Lauren Simon 

Coach: Erin Reeves 






Dina Berdichevsky, Emma Barton, Katrina 




Stephanie Kra, Dina Berdichevsky, Taylor 
Elias, Katrina Kelly, Emma Barton 

Boys Tennis 

oys: Gene Barton, James Park, Moonin Mookhiruntara, Paul Andresen, Rex Provost, Rudra Ranganathan, 
Jesse Potts, Chris Cao, Hadrien Symon, Guy Efrat, Stasik Popov, Jon Goodman, Josh O'Neil, Jackson 
Hubbell, Ethan Hecker, Jared Goldberg, Will Sharton, Tommy Davlin, Matt Maws, Andrew Chen 

Coaches: Sean Powers and Phil Odipo 

Boys Lacrosse 

Varsity: Cooper Archambault, Jake Baxter, Shane Brady, Jimmy Carmichael, Michael Carter, Marcus Daisy, 
Robert Gardel, Nick Greenwood, Will Gunshenan, Carson Hart, Tommy Hunley, Lee Junkin, Tyler Kim, Jerry 
Lerman, Doug Lyons, Mike MacLean, Eric MacLean, Ian McLaughlin, Josh Mills, Nick Morgan, Brian Murtagh, 
Connor O'Regan, Carter Pedersen, Wes Robinson, James Shaw, Eric von Rohr, Roby Williams 

Coaches: Jacob Kravitz and Coach Harvey 

Boys Lacrosse 

Junior Varsity: Dillon Baker, Connor Ball, Evan Brisson, Mike Burke, Ryan Campbell, Terence Cheung, Tyler 
lark, Peter Cristakis, Joey Defina, Jack Demersky, Cameron Dixson, Evan Dorfman, Patrick Gerjarusak, James 
lirist, Mitchell Miller, James Otis, Sebastian Pellens, Christian Powell, Mark Priscilla, Spencer Register, Hafnaoui 

Sayeh, Daniel Specht, Colman Lydon, Sam Romania 
Coach: Ted Engle 

Feshmen: Lucas Bastarache, 
Eadford Belinsky, Scott 
(irvalho, Harris Cohn, Richie 
fcleroy, Lyle Foster, Aaron 
toldstein, Mike Goodman, 
Jremy Harper, Spencer 
ftnley, Scott Hojlo, Luke 
hnter, Charlie Lucier, Matthew 
tassicotte, Spencir Miller, Alex 
ha, Peter Orlandella, Travis 
Fkilin, Will Regan, Blake Welti, 
Jke Zane, Willis Zetter 
Oach: Albert Kelly 

Girls Lacrosse 

Varsity: Taylor Frieling, Olivia Lucier, Jess Greenwood, Katie Terranova, Bailey Morgan, Rachel Massicotte. 
Amy Cunningham, Grace Perkins, Kela Butts, Isabell Schwartz, Allie Wuerfl, Laura Vancil, Genna Cutita, Morgan 

Fletcher, Maddy Schwartz . 
Coach: Erica Jane Kluge 

Junior Varsity: Grace Murphy, Isabel Farrell, Courtney Murtagh, Cara Graszewski, Jenny Bekenstein, Hannah 
'sborn, Megan Rogers, Sammy Keating, Margot Turner, Anna Downs, Kaitlyn Haase, Branwen Defren, Sorenna 
Brown, Cashen Conroy, Ava Khadjenoori, Courtney Bolivar, Brielle Durant, Mary Murray 

Sailing Team 

Sailing Team: 

Jack Case, Julia 
Chinman, Erin Curran, 
Aidan Falvey, Courtney 
Flagg, Mark Karlson, 
Maddie Memoli, Chris 
Mulhern, Karl Obermiller, 
Corey Wise, Piper Wolff 



Window: Elisa Bushee, Hannah Camiel, Sydn 
Schaefer, Nina Price, Rosie Cormier, Emma 
Kandrac, Sammi Fujita, Becca Black, Ariel 
Cormier, Ashley Mcguire, Katherine Wang, 
Maggie Coughlin, Alex Roy, Claire Greenlaw, 
Jessica Goodfellow 


Fame: Evan Barber, Lucas Boegehold, 
Maddie Conroy, David Coutu, Mark 
Crisafulli, David Dines, Brianna Fay, Liam 
Fay, Tori Gitten, Isaac Greenawalt, Jonah 
Greenawalt, Erik Halperin, Sammy Karle, 
June Kim, Meg Kuhn, Anna Lifland, 
LillyAnne Lewis, Tommy Lewis, Julia 
Lopriore, Carly McKee, Misha McKoy, 
Erika Moran, Brendan Murphy, Debbie 
Ng, Ally Nolan, Caitlin O'Keeffe, Megan 
O'Keeffe, Allee Pineault, Isabel Pongratz, 
Haylee Rosenblatt, Greg Seage, Gabe 
Sehringer, lliana Smalanskas, Melissa 
Smith, Vaness Sze, Julia Terranova, 
Jonathan von Mering, Jesse Vogel 


2012 (: 

f4M\. i 

1 43 

, ft 

Si f 

V j 


Back Row: Mr Oneschuk, Marcus Garrant, Paul Longnecker, Janniel Malcom, Matthew Edwards, Martin Kelly, Christopher Cao, Anna Downs, Joshua McCarthy, 
Carlos Melero, Karl Kaza, Jake Baxter, Nicholas Leong, Karl Obermiller, Paul Crisafulli, Misha McKoy, Max Freedberg, Robert Yuan; Middle Row: Julia 
Terranova, lliana Smalanskas, Christine Cocce, Aamer Syed, Claire Greenlaw, Cara Grazewski, Elizabeth Chafe, Matthew Heerema; Front Row: Tess Starr, 
Narcissa Plummer, Kori Krasin-Hermsdorf, Iman Qureshi, Kathryn Selig, Megan Selig, Gwen Matthews, Justin Slater, James Otis 

honors wind ensemble 

Back Row: Michael Gordon, Stephanie Seltzer, Jonah Greenawalt, Erik Halperin, Samantha Briasco-Stewart, Ryan Budnick, Katie Terranova, Willem Wang, 
Alex Orlov, Kenneth Kistner, Anna Sailor, Carter Pederson, Sarah Nuss, Jakub Buczek, Mark Bestavros, Scott Becker, Gene Barton. Mr. Oneschuk: Front Row: 
Cashen Conroy, Jillian Nystedt, Karen Zhang, Caroline Ayanian, Amy McDonald, Myra Afzal, Robin Schectman, Bennett Keyes. Alexander Karle 

Back Row: Jacob Rudelson, Jesse Hoopes, Richard Han-Tang, Peter McAuley, Aiden Kelly, Andrew Chen, Terance Cheung, Molly Pierce, Kevin Yun, Elizabeth 
Soper, Derek Chen, Samantha Keating, Edward Zhu, Max Wong, Katherine Wang, Melissa Smith, Hannah Osborn, Emma Conroy, Samantha Kolovson, 
Nicholas Condry, Mrs. Memoli, Isabel Pongratz; Middle Row: Jonathan Bell, Lauren Simon, Meredith Galang, Julia Lavenson, Hannah Brigham, Caroline 

Kreidberg, Bhavna Sivasubramanian, Christine Francis, Rayna Graham, Adrianna Bryant; Front Row: Carla Huang, Robert Han-Tang, Sophia Butler, Katherine 
Torres, Emma Silberman, Erica Treese, Andrea Vogt, Maeve Moynihan, Michaela Moynihan, Stephen Ren 

honors sinfonia 

Back Row: Austin Wong, Eric von Rohr, Nichole Bell, Luke Boudreau, Anna Lifland, James Park, Madeleine Conroy, Madeline Memoli, Jennie Paik, Josh Mills, 
Caitlyn Pineault, Andrew Laven, June Kim, Antonia Vitagliano, Mrs. Memoli; Front Row: Jing He, Tiffany Sze, Mariko Sadagursky, Saya Higano, Katrina Kelly, 

Yun-Jae Lee, Felicia Chu, Alyssa Lee, Ksusha Ryabin 


honors jazz ensemble 

Back: Robert Yuan, Karl Obermiller, Mark Bestavros, Annie Longfritz, Douglas Curtin, Sarah Nuss, Scott Becker, Ryan Budnick, Gene Barton, Carter Pederson, Mr. 
Oneschuk; Front: Jonathan Patsenker, Carla Huang, Stephanie Steltzer, Michael Gordon, Willem Wang, Alexander Karle, Kevin Capasso, James Shaw 

jazz project full orchestra 

concert choir 

Back Row: Debbie Ng, Devin Barnes, Anna Lifland, Annelise Cohen, Abby Kretowicz, Tori Hill, Nina Price, Ashley McGuire, Jaimie Forti, Brianna Fay, Emma 
Kandrac, Anna Sharry, Ms. Carroll; Front Row: Daniel Karp, Gabriel Sehringer, Evan Barber, Mark Crisafulli, Josh Mills, Liam Fay, Brendan Murphy, Larry Guo, 

Theodore Hieronymus, Daniel Worstell, Jonah Greenawalt, Lucas Boegehold 


Back Row: Laneasha Sargeant-Warren, Jenna Salgannik, Katie Veal, Tori Gitten, Ms. Carroll, Meg Kuhn, Megan Rogers, Ethan Greenberg, Megan O'Keeffe, 
Casey Donlan, Amy Cunningham, Kamari Allen- Howard, Lily Wadsworth, Rachel Mapp, Misha McKoy, Phoebe Morss, Rupa Ravi, Andres Pascual-Leone, Robin 
Schectman, Theodore Grey, Kate Kanieff, Carley Durant, Alexander Dulude, Anna Hubbell, Lilly Shahidi; Middle Row: Samantha Karle, Brooke Russo, Zoe 
Richards, Darby Douros, Saba Lateef, Pardis Alizadeh-Shabdiz, Juliana Arenas, Teresa Whitesell, Mylinh Tran, Elisabeth Wells, Melissa Kay, Alexandra Toto, 
Latoya Nurse; Front Row: Emma Kerwin, Melanie Sciaba, Allison Nolan, Keren Darlington, Lea Dentico, Julia Jofe, Vanessa Sze, Barbara Raphael, Benjamin 
Cerrato, David Dines, Jacob Zane, Charlie Lucier, Ben Verdi, Erin Curran, Laura Stavisky, Erika Moran 




Anna Lifland, Tori Hill, Casey Donlan, Cashen Conroy, Julia Lopriori, Julia Vinha, 
Caitlin O'Keefe, Ashley McGuire, Darby Douros, Devin Marcotte-Burgett, Katie Veal, 

Carley Durant 


Liam Fay, Lucas Boegehold, Jonathan von Mering, Erik Halperin, Alex Dulude, Isaac 
Greenawalt, Jonah Greenawalt, Annelise Cohen, Jaimie Forti, Brianna Fay, Emma 
Kandrac, Allison Pineault, Anna Sharry, Bhavna Sivasubramanian 


David Dines, Matthew Cooper, Josh Mills, Thomas Bernotas, Daniel Karp, Ryan 
Budnick, Brendan Murphy, Evan Barber, Larry Guo, Gene Barton, Mark Crisafulli, 
Gabriel Sehringer, Dan Worstell 

In Loving Memory of 

Lauren Dunne Astley 

You truly left us breathless. 



Class of 20 1 2 

MM ™ 

President: Carolyn Jones; Vice President: Claire Bailey; 
Treasurer: Matthew Gutschenritter; Secretary: Taylor Elias 

President: Kruti Vora; Vice President: Larry Guo: Treasurer: 
Connie Yoon; Secretary': Courtney Bolivar 

Class of 20 1 4 


Class of 20 1 5 


President: Josh O'Neil; Vice President: Phoebe Morss: 
Treasurer: Ethan Hecker; Secretary: Elizabeth Karpacz 

President: Cameron Dixson; Vice President: Nick Barber: 
Treasurer: Jonah Camiel: Secretaty: Elizabeth Jenny 

Student Council 

5? m 


President: Abby Kretowicz; Vice President: Jakub Buzcek; Treasurer: Asa Hecker: Secretary: Crhistine Cocce 

Winter Week 

Alison Grimm at the 


Club Fair 

Club Fair 

Club Fair 

Club Fair 
Club Fair 

Julia Lopriore 

Relish the past, Live for the present, and 
Never stop dreaming of the possibilities. 

We love you! Mom, Dad, Jonathan and Searra 

Ariel Cormier 


We are so very 
proud of you! Let 
your light shine and 
your heart guide 
you. We love you! 
Dad, Mom, 
Rose & Blase 

t, * 

Alex Orlov 

We love you and couldn't be more proud 
Mom, Dad, Kat, and the Devil Dog 

^ I =y= l<0 




A family owned and operated 
Business proudly serving our 
Communities for over 60 years 

Congratulations to the Class of 2012 

Enjoy everyone 
special you share 
life with. 

Madison Lemmo 

Make the most out of life and 
all that you do. 

Follow your heart, reach for the 

Love you lots, 

Mom, Dad, Alexa and Brandon 

CongratuCations to Caro(yn y Waffle & Jufiette 

Stay (Best Tnencfs We Love You III 

Your Village. Your 

"Think of your 
diploma as 
your ticket to 
change the 

Tom Brokaw 



■ ■ 

Rebecca Goldberg 

One love, 
One heart. 
Let's get together and feel alright. 

Go get 'em Bunky 

We love you, 
Mom, Dadjared, PerLi, Oreo, & Poseidon 


Elisa Bushee 

We are so proud of you! May you always find joy in whatever 
you do. Just remember, "Dancing faces you toward 
Heaven. ..Whichever direction you turn." (Sweetpea Tyler) 

All Our Love, 
Mom, Dad and Joseph 

Jess Greenwood 

Congratulations Jess! 

We are so proud of you and 
all that you have 
accomplished. You are a 
devoted friend, a caring 
sister, and a loving 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, and Nick 



"We are so proud of you 
Jor aCC that you have 
accompdshed and 
aCCthat is to come. 
JoCCow your heart. 



"breathe/ L*v ~ breathes out" 

We? love< ycno, 
Monu, VcuyV ckavcU Covuxoi- 

(p a- htoxr...) 

Charlie Kelman 

From Tri-Town to the 
big city, your joyful 

presence will be 
treasured wherever 
you go. 

Shoot for the stars! 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and Nick 

Matthew Munsey 


I have learned, that if one advances 
confidently in the direction of his 
dreams, and endeavors to live the life 
he has imagined, he will meet with 
success unexpected in common hours, 

-Henry David Thoreau 


Practice limited to Orthodontics 

Unae K. Han, D.M.D., M.P.H., M.S. 

Diplomate, the American Board of Orthodontics 

30 Colpitts Road • Weston, MA 02493 



Karl Kuhn 

Congratulations Karl! 
'ou've come a long way since your first 
lay at Loker School. 
f e love you, 

Mom, Dad and Meg 

Kelsey Burke 

Kelsey we are so proud 
of you! We know your 
future will be filled with 
great things. You were a 
fighter since day one. 
Go get them. 


Dad, Mom & Shannon 


Hannah Smith 

Samantha Kolovson 

Congratulations Hannah 
and the class of 2012! 
We are proud of all that you have 
All our love forever, 
Mom, Dad, Charlotte, and Christian 

Sam Is One In a Million 

A sassy independent girl. 
Wild hair. Jazzy shoes. 
Tie-dyed girl. 
Rowing fast. Standing tall. 
Driving. Running. 
A celloing. bellowing 
free-spirited, action kind of girl. 
Wow. Sammy. Yeow Wow Wovj 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 


You are like a bright star 
ighting up everyone 
you touch with your 
Shine on 

Mom, Dad, Danie 
and Anne 



e wno you are 
nd say what you feel 
because those 
who mind 
dor/t matter 
and those 
wio matter 
dor/t mind. 




e are very 
»ud of you 

Mom & Dad 
Patrick & Doug 

'In my experience there is no such thing as luck. 

-Ben Kenobi 

Thank you Wayland High School faculty and staff for 
creating a wonderful school community, dedicated to 
earning and to fun. Here's to your patience and your 

Congratulations to all in the Class of 20 1 2. 
And a particular congratulations to Jonah. 

The Greenawalt Family 

Casey Qene Donlan 

You flew into our lives as an Angel, filling us with 
sweetness and light and love. Over the next 18 
years, you grew from a series of Disney Princesses 
to a beautiful young woman of intelligence, 
sensitivity, maturity, and so much promise. The 
time flew by but the many wonderful memories 
remain for you, your family, and friends. Cherish 
your memories as you graduate with the Wayland 
High School Class of 2012, and get ready to soar 
on those Angel wings again toward wherever your 
heart takes you. We will always be here for you, 
supporting you in your life's new memories yet to 
come of health, love, laughter, and success. 
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most 
rare and beautiful of all." - Mulan 




Congratulations Jess ! 

There are not enough words 
to say how truly proud 
we are of you 
and all you have accomplished. 

It has been amazing 
to watch you grow and mature 
into such a beautiful 
and special young woman. 

We look forward 
to seeing what great things 
the future holds for you, 
and know 

we will always be here for you. 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad and Sam 

Amy McDonald 


We are so very proud of you. You are our 

miracle baby and we are so 

impressed with the talented young woman 

you have become. We hope your 

compassion, kindness, and love of life will 

bring you a future full of joy 

and successes. You make the world a 

better place. 

Love always and forever, Mom and Dad 

PS- Remember, nothing fun until 
homework is done! :) 

You'll be on your way up! 
You'll be seeing great 

You'll join the high fliers 
who soar to high heights. 

-Theodore Seuss Qeisel 

Mark Crisafulli 

Congratulations and Good Luck 1 


Mom, Dad, 
Dan, & Paul 

Erik Halperin 

Good Luck. You make us proud. 
We Love you. 
Mom, Dad, Basil and Whitney 

Mike MacLean 

Congratulations Mike! It's been a great ride so far. 

Anna Sailor 

We are so proud of you 
and all you have 

" How you live your days is 
how you live your life." 

Lots of love, 

Mom and Carl 

Matthew Gutschenritter 


Even though "sometimes we wish that we could freeze the 
picture and save it from the funny tricks of time." as you 
"depart to live and love and serve mankind, " we hope that 
you "stay strong and hold on to these moments as you go 

"All who joy would win must share it, happiness was born a 

Thanks for sharing. 


Mommy, Daddy and Libby 

Alex Ma 

Congratulations Alexander! We're proud of all of your 
achievements and hard work. Be strong as you begin a 
new journey, and remember that we will always love 
and support you. 

Mom, Dad, and Branden 

Olivia Lucier 

Dream. Explore 
Discover. Keep you 
integrity. Let go o 
your insecuritie 
Find your joy. Ca 

We love you so ver 
much, Olivia, ant 
couldn't be proudet 

Dad, Mom and Charli' 

Brianna Fay 

To Brianna, our 
"sweetest girl." 
We love you and 
are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Liam, 
Bt^ Nick, and Quinn 

hU i .-0, , 

1 V * 


Tommy Hoopes 

Congratulations! We are so 
proud of your hard work, great 
attitude, and determination. 
Keep reaching for the stars! 


Mom, Dad, Jesse, Talia, & Jaelin 

Alicia Winokur 

"Legen - wait for it..." 


Julia Saltzman 

You're our last but definitely not 
least! You have always delighted, 
impressed and amused us with 
your intelligence and your humor. 
Your first 18 years have been filled 
with love, laughter, friends, sports, 
travel, work, and family. You have 
achieved so much and will surely 
have a bright future. We look 
forward to sharing it with you as 
you go forth into that big wide 

Loads of love from Mom, Dad, 
Steve, Andrew and Callie 

We love you and we are very 
proud of you! 

- Mom & Dad 


Willem Wang 

Congratulations on reaching this important milestone on your 
journey of life! Nothing compares to the joy and pride of watching 
you grow from a cute little baby to a well-rounded young man. 
Explore the world, venture into the future, and surpass yourself, 
knowing we always support you alongside. We love you forever! 

aura Vancil 

*Toda\ > oCare you, 
m that is truer 
^H^^^thaii true. 

There is 
no one alive 
\\ ho is 
than you ! 

Dr. Seuss 

W e love you Loly ! 
Mom and Dad. 

Tyler Mordas 

We love you! 

- Your brothers, 
Brett, Jamie, Corey, and 

Micheb Luchetti 

Congratulations, we are so 
proud of you! Always follow 
your dreams and be happy. 
You only live once- so enjoy! J.L- 
your guardian angel is watching 
over you and guiding you 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Mike, Alex and 

Christine Cocce 

Congratulations Christine! 

May all your dreams come true. 
We are very proud of you! 


Mom. Dad and Johnny 


You know we all absolutely adore you in every possible way!! 
You are a brilliant shining star in our lives! We are so proud of I 
who you are and all of your wonderful accomplishments' ! ! 

id of . 

L *T ^ .1 

Carson, Connor & David 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 

The Hart, Murphy & O'Regan families 

Collin Wallace 


We are so incredibly proud of you, your 
dedication to friends, commitment to hard work 
and your appreciation of all living things. 
May your optimism, passion and energy continue 
to inspire others. Keep believing in yourself. You 
are a wonderful son, brother and friend. 
We will always be there for you. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Lorelle 



Caitlyn Pineault 

Congratulations, Caitlyn. 
We are so proud of the wonderful 
young woman you have become. 

With all our love, always and forever, 

Mom, Dad, Allee, Emily (and Kessie) 

Congratulation Kayshawn Wallace for a Job Well Done!! 

We love you so much and are very proud of you.Thank you 
for your everyday smile. Your smile gives me a sense of 
hope, laughter, and peace. Kayshawn I know you will 
conquer many of your dreams because of your hope, and 
survival that you overcome. Follow your career path 
(History) and what you enjoy doing is track-field and 
football in college these are the things shaped you and mold 
you in WHS. Remember everyone that gave you the 
strength and wisdom such as family, teachers, coaches, and 
Friends. Rememer keep them close to you. I am glad that 
you decided History as a career path because your Dad had 
a passion in it. Love You!! Mom-Sis-Dad (heaven) 

Lauren Burkley 

Good luck next year, keep 
making me proud Lauren!! 
Roll tide!! 



May today there be peace within. 
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. 
May you not forget the inifinite possiblities that are born of faith. 
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. 
May you be confident know you are a child of God. 
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love. 

It is there for each and every one of us 
-Saint Therese of Lisieux 


Taylor Elias 

We love and adore you 
beyond words, Tay-Tay! 
It would be impossible 
to be more proud. 

You go girl! We are 
forever on your side... 


Mom, Dad, Cole, Beau, 

Bob & Tom 



John Grumbachl 

Congratulations , 

John and the Class of 2012!! 

John - You've accomplished so much with 
your determination to never, ever give up. 

YouVe done it with grace, creativity, and breathtaking resilience. 
Follow your dreams, work hard, stay true to yourself, and be sure to visit! 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, & Lindsay, 
and all the family, including Pumpkin, of course. 

ped make it happen - thank you. 

Maeve Moynihan 

"My (our) Wish" 

Our wish, for you, is that life becomes all that 

you want it to. 
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, 
You never need to carry more than you can 

And while you're out there getting where 
you're getting to, 
We hope you know somebody loves you. and 
wants these things for you, 
This, is our wish. 

We hope you know that we couldn't be more 
proud of you and excited for you, Maeve! As 
you leave Wayland for new adventures, we 
hope you are always surrounded by love. 

We all love you now and forever! 

Mom, Dad. Michaela and Siobhan 

The world is waiting for you 


The Barton Family 

901 9 




J - sfew ate aft bftimtw iimti. Soeifef fucK tut votii Journey- ■ '/////«■ /<•■>/. fjtiuv/ ■ 'hifci/ 



Lee Junkin 

"Not all those who wander are lost" 

J.R.R. Tolkien 

ft Congratulations Lee! We are so proud 
. i of the man you have become. Follow 
y 1 ^ your passions- pursue your dreams! 

Mom, Dad, Reed and Callie 


Congratulations to the class of 2012! 
Best of luck in all you do. 
Carpe diem! 

The Creative Arts Parent Association (CAP A) 
and Way land High School Parent Organization (WHSPO) 




We are very proud of you. 

Follow your dreams and take the road less traveled. 

We love you very much and hope our neighborhood memories will 

always make you smile. 

We wish you success and happiness always. 


The Starrs, The Morgans and The Barbers 


Congratulations and 
Good Luck Next Year!!! 

From the Class of 2013 

2012 - Good luck and 
have fun out there! 

From the Class of 2015 


We wish you the best of 
luck next year! 

-Class of 201 4 

Abby Kretowicz, 

Jakub Buczek, 
Vice President 

Congrats 2012, you made it! 
From the Student Council 


Asa Hecker, Treasurer 

Christine Cocce, 


jostens - i nariK you ror nananng our recnnicai aimcumes ana turning our laeos into d nnibneu 

Burlington Studios - You guys are always a reliable source of great school portraits and sports 
pictures! Thank you! 

Wayland High School Community - And of course thanks to the WHS students for making 
this year memorable and letting us take a ton of pictures of you! Good luck, class of 2012! 

Rebecca QoM)e/tg and Jknna QaiHoti 

itt. Samantha 125 
(HJelman. Jacob 158. 159, 205 
Wter. Miles 109 
tfzal, Myra 125 
Wiearne, Michael 125 
uimed, Kazi 109 
Hrivoulis. Anthi 125 
Mexander. Matthew 157. 196 
feadeh-Shabdiz. Pardis 106. 109. 151 

-Howard. Kamari 28, 136 
fttog. inbal 125 
Jpert, Eric 28 
tfwes. Chandler 109 
wJresen. Paul 109 
intico. Arielle 109 
vitico, Austin 125 
vpse. Remo 28. 91 
irchambault. Cooper 125 
renas, Juliana 137 
renas. Maria 125 
>restv. Zachary 125 
turelio. Brian 28 

.yanian, Caroline 21. 109. 196, 211 
tfizian. Hermene 109 

Sachman. Andrew 109 
lailey. Claire 10. 29. 81. 84, 85. 86, 88. 
5, 98 

aker. Dillon 117. 123. 211 

arakov. Kristina 109 

arber. Catherine 6. 17. 109, 205 

arber. Ellen 5, 6, 17, 22. 109, 205 

Bitter. Evan 6, 9. 13. 17, 20, 29, 90, 

93. 199. 200. 205. 207. 236 

arber, Melanie 19, 109 

after. Nicholas 19. 125 

ames. Devin 109, 115, 199 

arone. Natalie 7. 11, 16, 21. 29, 100, 

64, 193 

arrett, Cabrielle 21, 22, 117, 155 
arrow. Kathleen 125 
arton. Emma 14, 29, 147 
arton. Gene 14, 18, 107. 131 
astarache, Juliette 6, 30. 90, 91. 102. 

astarache, Lucas 21, 125 
axter, Jake 117, 196 
ecker, Scott 109 
eckett. Tucker 109 
ekenstem, Daniel 30 
ekenstein, Jennifer 16, 117. 155 
Snsky. Bradford 125 
«. Jaleel 158, 166, 167 
I.Jonathan 125 
I Kendall 117 
ell, Nichole 20. 30. 197 
ennett. Kinaesiaa 30. 92. 136 
erdichevsky, Dina 31 . 99 
ernotas. Tomas 117, 199, 200. 211 
ersani, Kerrin 9. 13, 31. 94. 210 
estavros, Mark 117, 133. 198 
hagat. Kush 31, 90, 92, 95, 103 
hat, Hina 31 
ierman. Alexander 109 
illing. Tiffany 32 
lack. Rebecca 109, 115 
ahnik. Mark 156 
lorn, Alexandra 125 
oegehold. Lucas 117. 211 
olivar. Courtney 109. 115 
onner, Kurt 125, 166 
onner, Mark 109, 166, 167 
oschetto, Benjamin 117 
otticelli, Charles 109 
otticelli, Manssa 20, 25, 32, 91 
oudreau, Luke 32, 103. 144, 193, 197 
oudreau, Taylor 117 
oykin, Danielle 11. 32 
Oyko, Lucy 23, 33. 92 
rady, Shane 33, 205 
rennan, Brooke 109, 164 
riasco-Stewart, Samantha 109 
righam, Hannah 17, 109, 197, 198, 

risson, Evan 12, 18. 117 
risson. Jared 12, 18, 33. 102. 166. 167 
rocado. Ashley 109 
rofsky. Jeremy 33. 160 
rofsky, Jessica 117 
rogan. lain 125 
roome, Marc 117 
roomer. Matthew 198 
rown. Chloe 125. 164 
rown, Laila 14, 125 
rown. Madeline 109, 133 
rown, Sorenna 109 
ruhl, Derek 117. 195 
ryan. Adrianna 109 
ryant, Alexandra 34, 101 
ucher, Elijah 17, 125. 159 
uczek. Jakub 20, 34, 94. 137, 193. 
96. 237 

udnick. Ryan 34. 90. 99, 193, 196. 198. 

200. 205. 207 

Bunn. Daniel 12. 125 

Bunn. Jordan 6. 12. 24, 34, 90, 92, 94, 


Burgos, Arielle 125, 164 

Burgos, Aurora 109 

Burke, Christine 16. 125 

Burke, Kelsey 9, 16. 35. 94. 105. 158, 

159, 219 

Burke, Michael 16. 109 

Burkley, Lauren 18. 35, 91, 92. 105. 


Burns, Kathleen 125 

Burns, Mishyia 132 

Bushee, Elisa 35. 80, 92. 103. 145, 146, 

Butler, Sophia 125 

Butts, Catharine 109, 134, 207 


Camiel, Hannah 15, 35, 80, 91, 103 
Camiel, Jonah 15, 125 
Camp, Geoffrey 36 
Campbell, Ryan 125 
Canavan, Drew 109 
Canavan, Jenna 125 
Cao. Christopher 117 
Capasso, Kevin 109 
Caples, Benjamin 4, 20. 117. 156. 157 
Carmichael, Andrew 125 
Carmichael, James 109 
Carr. Julia 125 
Carter, Michael 117, 157 
Cartwright, Andrew 13. 17, 117 
Cartwright. Grace 9. 17. 36 
Carvalho, Scott 125 
Case, Jack 117 
Castillo, Daniel 125 
Center, Kayla 117, 122 
Cerrato, Benjamin 117 
Chacko, Cecil 36. 136, 210 
Chafe, Elizabeth 125 
Chan, Pamela 125, 130 
Chandler, Jason 125 
Chen, Andrew 125 
Chen. Derek 126 

Chen, Jonathan 21. 36, 91, 98, 136 

Cheung, Terance 109 

Chin, Cameron 109 

Chinman, Julia 126 

Christakis, Peter 117 

Chu, Felicia 23. 37. 91. 101. 146. 197, 


Chused, Alex 126 
Cincotta, Andrea 117 
Clark. Tyler 117 
Clifford, Kyle 110 

Cocce, Christine 9. 13, 15, 22, 37. 86. 


Cocce. John 15. 126. 159 

Coffin, Nicholas 110, 137 

Cohen, Annelise 6. 37, 136, 144, 199. 


Cohen, David 4, 110, 157 
Cohen, Joshua 126 
Cohn, Haley 126 
Cohn. Harris 126 
Condry, Jackson 126 
Condr/. Nicholas 110, 159 
Conley, Daniel 110 
Connell, Christopher 110 
Connelly, Craig 110. 145 
Conroy. Cashen 19. 117, 123. 200 
Conroy. Emma 19. 117. 197. 198 
Conroy. Madeleine 19. 117 
Constantine. Nicholas 110 
Cooper, Matthew 117, 206 
Cope, Charles 117 
Cormier, Ariel 6, 18, 37. 80, 98, 105 
Cormier, Rosalita 18, 22. 117 
Coughlin. Jackson 14. 126 
Coughlin, Margaret 6, 14, 38, 92, 105, 

Coutu, David 117, 209 

Cramer, Hallie 6, 22. 24, 38, 91. 94. 102, 

115. 146 

Cramer, Matthew 117 

Crimmins. Maeve 9. 11, 38, 91, 103. 


Crisafulli, Mark 15. 38, 90. 199, 200, 
207, 222 

Crisafulli, Paul 15. 117 

Cundari, Catherine 126 

Cundari, Charles 117 

Cunningham, Amy 117, 155 

Curran. Erin 117 

Curran, Kaitlin 39, 137 

Curry, William 110 

Curtin, Douglas 4, 23. 110, 198. 205 

Curtin, Erin 20, 39, 104, 148. 221 

Cutitta, Genevieve 22, 110. 145 

Cutler. Abigail 110, 147 

D'Amico. Christopher 4, 12. 16, 39. 90. 
94, 104. 156, 193, 211, 231 

D Orlando, Alice 110. 203. 205. 210 
Dahan, Shahar23, 118 
Daisy, Marcus 4, 118. 147 
Darlington, Keren 118 
Dawe, Robert 110 

Defina. Andrea 39, 80. 92, 94, 103. 137, 

Defina, Joseph 110 

Defren, Branwen 110 

Delorev, Richard 126 

Demersky, Jack 110 

Denisevich, Natalya 126 

Dentico, Lea 126, 199 

DePeter, Meaghan 7. 40, 91, 105, 145 

Devlin, Matthew 16. 21. 110 

Diamond. Allison 6, 11. 12. 20. 40, 92 

Dieffenbach, Zachary 118, 123, 157 

Dines, David 118, 137. 200, 209 

Dixson, Cameron 126 

Dominguez. Christine 40 

Dong. Eric 40. 136 

Donlan. Casey 41. 84. 85. 88. 193. 200, 

Donovan, Drew 126 

Dorfman, Evan 118, 123 

Douros, Darby 126 

Downs, Anna 22, 126, 133 

Downs, Mary 5, 110 

Drews. Elena 6, 41, 102, 136, 193. 202 

Drews. Thomas 23, 118 

Duan, Justin 126 

Dulude. Alexander 9, 10. 20, 41, 100, 
145. 200 

Durant, Brielle 110. 205 
Durant. Carley 20. 118. 200 

Edwards, Matthew 4. 19, 110. 157 

Edwards. Philippa 19, 110, 133, 205 

Efrat. Guy 41,80.104, 207 

Elias. Cole 14. 18. 126 

Elias. Taylor 14, 18, 42, 81, 90, 94, 95 

Eng, Christian 110 

English, Chantal 118 

Erdekian. Alexandra 118 

Facher-Yarin. Sophie 110 

Falber. Harry 118 

Falvey, Aidan 118, 159 

Falvey, Brigid 110 

Fargnoli, Gianna 126 

Farrell, isabelle 118, 168 

Fay, Brianna 10. 42. 91, 199, 200, 225 

Fay. Liam 118. 122. 199, 200, 211 

Felix, Erick 42 

Fiske. Katherme 42, 92. 102, 208, 209 

Flagg, Courtney 118 

Fletcher, Morgan 110, 115, 168, 169 

Flynn, David 15, 126 

Flynn, Marguerite 110. 115 

Flynn, Sean 15. 43 

Fogg, Benjamin 118, 123 

Fong, Phoebe 118 

Forti, Jaimie 110, 132, 199. 200 

Foster. Alec 126 

Foster, Lyle 126 

Francis, Christine 110 

Franklin, Noah 9. 43, 202 

Freedman, Andrew 110 

Frieling. Taylor 126 

Fujita, Samantha 118 


Caddis, James 126 
Gaddis. Katrina 43 

Galang, Mendith 13. 15, 22. 43, 91, 151. 

193. 197, 198, 210 

Galang, Nicholas 15, 126 

Garcia, Brian 110 

Cardel. Robert 20, 44. 101, 144 

Garrant, Marcus 118, 157 

Ce, Kevin 110 

Geiger, Stefanie 118 

George, Christine 8, 20, 110, 164 

Gerjarusak, Mariphat 20. 110 

Giammarino. Daniella 126 

Gibbs. John 126 

Cilani, Sana 14, 126 

Cilani, Tooba 14, 110 

Gilbert, Michael 110 

Gitten, Victoria 126 

Glynn. Matthew 111 

Goddard. Jesse 111 

Goddard, Matthew 111 

Cold. Cori 111 

Goldberg, Jared 18, 118 

Goldberg, Rebecca 9, 18, 44, 91. 92. 94. 


Goldberg, Samuel 111 

Goldfine, Cari 44, 210 

Goldfine, Elise 44. 91. 205 

Goodfellow, Jessica 126, 164 

Goodman, Flora 111 

Goodman. Jonathan 118 

Goodman, Michael 126 

Gordon. Michael 18, 45, 90, 92, 94, 100, 

196, 198 

Gordon. Nathanael 18, 126 

Gould, Paige m 

Graham. Rayna 118 

Grazewski. Cara 118 

Creenawalt. Isaac 15. 20, 118, 157, 199, 


Creenawalt, Jonah 15, 20, 45, 90. 92. 

99, 102, 196, 200, 208, 209 

Creenberg. Ethan 111 

Greenlaw, Claire 126 

Greenwood. Jessica 16. 45. 95. 104, 


Greenwood, Nicholas 16, 126 

Grey, Theodore 126 

Griffin, Cabrielle 127 

Griffin, Keely 20, 45, 92, 100, 164 

Griffin. Sara 127, 164 

Griffiths, Tachianna 127 

Grumbach. John 46, 105, 232 

Gumatay, Anastasia 118 

Cunshenan, William 111 

Guo. Larry 23, 106, 111, 199, 200, 205. 


Cutschenritter. Matthew 24. 46, 90, 98. 
193. 205, 223 
Gvili, Adina 111 

198.207, 234 
Jurist, James 119 



Haase, Kaitlyn 127 
Habibi. Roxana 118, 123 
Haffey, Jane 111, 137, 144 
Halliwell, John 118 

Halpenn, Erik 19, 20, 46. 92. 105. 196. 

200, 205. 222 

Halpenn. Whitney 19. 127 

Han Tang, Richard m 

Han Tang, Robert 111 

Haney, Amelia 111,115 

Harper, Jeremy 127 

Harris, Rebecca 111 

Hart, Carson 20. 46, 80, 98. 211. 229 

Haspel. Benjamin 111 

Hayward, Jessica 18, 47, 92, 147, 221 

Hayward, Samantha 18, 118. 122, 169 

He, Jing 111 

Heard, Kenya 7, 9, 13, 18. 24, 47, 92, 

Hecker, Asa 15. 25, 47, 81, 99, 147. 237 
Hecker, Ethan 15. 118 
Heerema. Matthew 127 
Henderson, Dana 111 
Henley, Spencer 127 
Henning, Jessica 127, 151 
Herbordt, Julia 127 
Hermsdorf , Kori 51 
Herstme, Andrew 47, 94, 98, 193 
Hieronymus, Theodore 118 
Higano. Saya 48, 91, 146, 206, 211 
Hill, Avery 118 

Hill, Victoria 4, 7, 10, 14, 48, 92, 94, 99, 

Hojlo, Margaret 111, 169 

Hojlo, Scott 127 

Hollenberg, Jade 111, 144 

Hoopes, Jesse 16, 118. 159 

Hoopes, Thomas 16. 48. 80, 91, 92. 

101. 146. 158, 225 

Horine. Allen 127 

Hoskins, Ezekiel 127 

Howson, Renus 118 

Huang, Carla 118 

Hubbell. Anna 13. 16, 127 

Hubbell. Jackson 13, 16. 25. 48, 94, 205 

Hubbuch, Corinne 13, 49 

Huber, Emily 111 

Huggins, Aaron 111 

Hunt, Elaine 9, 13, 19, 23, 49, 103, 136. 


Hunt, Jameson 8. 19, 127, 132, 136 
Hunter, Luke 127 
Huo, Jian Chao 111 

Ivers, Stephanie 22, 118 


Jenkins. Andrew 127 
Jenny, Elizabeth 106, 127 
Jin. William 136. 158 
Jofe, Julia 127 
Johnson, David 49, 195 
Jones, Carolyn 12, 22, 49. 81. 90. 104. 

Jones. Madison 111. 168 

Jones. Robert 127 

Junkin. Lee 8. 20, 50. 100. 144. 193. 

Kandrac. Emma 10. 50, 95. 104. 105. 
193, 199. 200 
Kanieff, Jack 111 
Kanieff, Kate 119 
Kaplan, Devon 119 
Karle, Alexander 16. 119. 136 
Karie, Samantha 16, 119. 123. 155 
Karlson, Mark 5, 111 
Karp, Daniel 111, 132, 199, 200 
Karpacz, Elizabeth 16, 119. 159 
Karpacz, Gregory 16. 111. 166 
Kay. Melissa 119. 122 
Kaye. Sarah 111. 115. 144 
Kaza. Karl 119 
Keating. Samantha 119 
Keegan. Pierce 111 
Keller, Clare 119. 169 
Kelley, Kevin 111 
Kelly, Aidan 119. 123 
Kelly, Katrina 16. 50, 197, 205, 210 
Kelly, Martin 16, 127. 131 
Kelman, Charles 12, 21, 50. 91, 95, 102. 
166. 193. 218 

Kennedy, Margaret 18, 127 

Kerwin, Emma 127 

Keyes, Bennett 119. 123 

Khadjenoori. Ava 119 

Kiefer. Madison 23. 119 

Kiefer. McKenna 111 

Kim. Hae-Jun 23. 51, 92. 99. 197. 202. 


Kinney. Hannah 111 

Kinney, Sarah 127. 168 

Kipp. Matthew 119 

Kistner. Kenneth 119 

Kolovson. Samantha 9. 51. 144. 145, 

151.197.198. 210. 220 
Koulalis, Justin 119 
Kra. Danielle 19, 22, 119 

Kra, Stephanie 9. 13, 19. 51. 93. 210 
Krasin-Hermsdorf, Kori 193. 196. 198 
Kravetz. Hannah 119, 169 
Kreidberg, Caroline 111, 136, 197. 198 
Kretowicz. Abby 6, 7. 52. 91, 92, 95, 99, 

104.145.199. 237 
Kuhn, Karl 13, 17, 52 
Kuhn, Margaretta 17, 119 

LaPierre, Brett 127 

Larochelle. Crady 127 

Lateef. Saba 127 

Lau, Brendan 127 

Lau. Dennis 52. 136 

Laven. Andrew 111 

Lavenson, Julia 112, 151. 197, 198 

Leavitt, Harrison 112, 166, 167 

LeBlanc, Lauren 112 

Lee, Alyssa 119 

Lee, George 52 

Lee. Yun-Jae 119 

Lemmo. Madison 9, 12, 25, 53, 92, 93. 


Leong. Nicholas 119 

Lerman. Jerry 8, 24. 53, 103. 144, 193 

Lesser, Anna 14, 127 

Lesser. Sophia 12, 14, 25, 53, 90, 95. 

200, 220 

Levey, Drew 53, 88, 89, 102. 193 

Levin. Oliver 24, 54. 91. 193. 205. 206 

Levitt, Frederick 54, 99, 193 

Lewis. Cara 1 19. 155 

Lewis, LilyAnne 112 

Lewis, Thomas 127 

Lidington, Andrew 119 

Lrffand. Anna 119, 197, 199, 200, 207. 


Lin. Margaret 119, 155 
Liu. Ethan 112, 115, 205 
Liu, Zhe 119 
Locke, Tyler 112 

Longfritz. Annie 5, 112. 115. 145. 198 

Longnecker, James 112 

Longnecker, Paul 127 

Lopriore, Julia 54, 198, 200, 209, 213 

Lord, Eli 112 

Lou, Mindy 127 

Love, Andrew 119 

Lozano, Christian 12, 54, 103 

Lozowicki, John 119 

Lozowicki, Paul 55, 98, 134 

Luchetti, Alexandra 14, 127 

Luchetti. Michela 6. 14. 20. 55, 92 

Lucier. Charles 16, 127 

Lucier, Olivia 16, 55. 104. 193 

Lydon. Colman 112 

Lyons. Douglas 12. 16. 55 94, 104. 193, 

Lyons, isabelle 16, 127, 131 




Ma. Alexander 21. 56. 91. 94, 146 
Macintosh. Kevin 119 
Maclean. Eric 119 
Maclean. Michael 56. 166. 193. 223 
Macieod. Scott 112 
Malany. Brendan 119 
Malcolm, janniel 112 
Malloy. Tyter112 
Mapp. Rachel 127 
Marcotte-Burgett. Devin 128. 200 
Mannakis. Alexander 119 
Marmakis, Theodore 119 
Marjadi. Sohini 112, 208 
Marks. Max 128 
Markwarth. Amanda 120. 122 
Markwarth. Michael 56. 95. 166 
Marton, Andrew 19, 205 
Massicotte. Matthew 15. 128. 132, 145 
Massicotte, Rachel 15. 56. 90. 93. 95. 

Matta. Julia 112. 151 
Matthews. Gwyneth 128 
Maws. Matthew 128 
Maza, Fernando 12, 57 
McAfee, Bailev 9, 14. 25. 57. 93. 94. 
168. 193 

McAuley. Peter 57 
McCarthy. Joshua 159 
McCullough. Matthew 120 
McDonald. Amy 57. 196. 222 
McCuire. Ashley 58. 92. 105. 145. 164. 
170. 199. 200 
McHarg. Rory 112 
McKay. Sunlda 169 
McKee. Kevin 58. 202 
McKee-Kowall. Charlotte 22, 112. 144. 

McKenzle. Dayleon 112 
McKoy. Misha 112 

McLaughlin. Ian 7, 13. 58. 90. 95. 166. 

McLaughlin, Regan 22. 112. 115 
McNamara. Kathehne 112 
McNamara. Ryan 128 
McNiff. Thomas 120 
McNulty. Madison 120 
Mead. Laura 112. 132 
Meindl. Andrea 128 
Mele, Briana 9, 21. 58. 94. 95, 151, 210 
Melero. Carlos 20, 120. 156. 157 
Mellen. Caroline 112. 158, 159. 210 
Meltzer. Maxwell 59. 91.95 
Memoli. Madeline 120. 123 
Mikkelsen. Eilif 59 
Miller, Hannah 128 
Miller, Melanie 128 
Miller. Meredith 59. 95. 103 
Miller. Mitchell 120 
Miller. Spencer 128 
Mills. Josh 12. 21. 59. 197, 199. 200, 
206, 207 

Mitrano. Julia 128 
Mitty. Sarah 120 
Moloney. Collin 120 
Moloney. Kiara 112. 164 
Monahan. John 103 
Mookhiruntara. Moonin 120 
Moore. Bryanna 17. 60, 92, 136 
Moore, Eleanor 120 
Moore, Tiana 144, 145, 147 
Moore, Tianna 17, 60. 92, 95. 98 
Moore. Vanessa 60. 164 
Morales Calindo, Christopher 128 
Moran. Erika 120 
Mordas. Corey 8. 120. 195 
Mordas, Dylan 128 
Mordas. Tyler 60. 86. 101. 144. 166. 
167. 193 

Morgan. Bailey 17. 61. 90. 101, 231 
Morgan. Marvin 120 
Morgan, Nicholas 17. 128. 206 
Morgan-Delossa. Jason 9. 61 
Morrison. Evelyn 120 
Morss. Phoebe 120, 159 
Moser-Hardy. Rachel 120 
Moynihan, Maeve 21. 22. 61. 90. 93, 
193, 197. 198 

Moynihan. Michaeta 8. 21. 22. 120. 197. 

Mulhern, Christopher 112 
Munsey. Matthew 24, 61. 218 
Murphy. Brendan 120. 157 
Murphy, David 22. 24. 62, 193. 229 
Murphy, Grace 112, 115, 159 
Murphy. Michael 62 
Murray. Mary 120 
Murtagh. Brian 112 
Murtagh. Courtney 120. 155 
Mysore. Nikhil 107, 112, 115. 205 

Nazahan. Jason 62. 211 
Nee. Shawn 120 

Ng. Debbie 20. 63. 101. 199. 208. 211 
Ng. Nicholas 112, 159 
Nierenberg. Dana 7. 10. 12, 63. 90. 93, 
94, 145 

Noa. Alexander 15. 128 

Noa. Nicole 15. 22. 24. 63. 91. 231 

Nolan. Allison 128 

Nolin. Andrew 120 

Nurse. Alexis 63. 92. 136. 147 

Nurse. Latoya 128 

Nuss. Charles 128 

Nuss, Sarah 112. 115. 196.198 

Nystedt. Jillian 120 


O'Donnell. Karen 112 
O'Donnell. Kelly 7, 9. 64, 105. 168 
0' Heron. Devon 164 
OKeeffe. CaitJin 15. 112. 144. 200. 205 
OKeeffe, Megan 15. 128 
O'Regan, Connor 64. 80. 193. 229 
Heron. Devon 128 
Neil. Joshua 107. 120 
O'Neill, William 120 
Obermiller. Karl 19, 128, 194 
Obermiller. Lauren 19. 20. 64, 92, 95 
Oliver, Samara 20. 112. 145 
Orlandella. Olivia 12. 64. 231 
Ortandella. Peter 13. 21.128 
Oriov. Alexander 12, 65, 84, 91. 94. 98. 
135. 157. 193. 196. 214 
Orlov. Nichole 120 
Osborn, Hannah 13, 120, 146. 151 
Osborn, Megan 13. 20. 21. 24. 65. 90. 
92.95.210. 211 
Otis. James 120. 196 
Owens, Courtney 65, 92. 102 
Ovola. Christopher 120 
Oyola. Kiara 112 

Paik. Jennie 120. 133, 197, 205, 206 

Palmer. Kira 23. 106.112.151 

Pan. Yijun 65.91,205. 211 

Paolella. Brooke 128 

Parfenov. Alexander 112 

Park, James 120 

Parker-Mason, Robert 120 

Pascual Leone. Andres 13. 16. 128 

Pascual-Leone, Nicolas 13. 16. 24. 66. 

90. 102. 157, 193 

Patsenker. Jonathan 120 

Pedersen, Carter 113. 1%. 198 

Pellens. Sebastian 20. 113 

Penrose. Isabel 113, 159 

Pereira, Lorene 113 

Perez. Katerina 66, 91, 210 

Perkins. Grace 113 

Pesaturo, Sarah 24. 66. 94, 100, 205 

Peyton, Tyler 120 

Philip, Basil 128 

Philip. Nicole 113. 164 

Pierce. Megan 19. 113 

Pierce. Molly 19. 128 

Pimentel Patrone. Marvin 113 

Pmeault. Allison 13. 17. 121. 123. 133. 

137. 200. 209 

Pineault. Caitlyn 9. 17. 66. 92, 100. 197. 
205, 230 

Pizzi. Andrew 128 

Pizzi. Vincent 113 

Place. Daly 18. 128. 168. 205, 207 

Place, Elizabeth 18, 113. 169. 205. 210 

Plummer. Nardssa 113. 115 

Poirier. Renee 23. 121 

Pongratz. Daniel 113 

Pongratz. Isabel 128 

Ponsetto. Madelyn 91, 113 

Popov, Stanislav 67, 95. 136 

Porter. Benjamin 128. 132 

Potts, Jesse 113 

Poulin, Travis 128 

Powell, Christian 121 

Powell. Stephen 14. 113 

Price. Nina 91. 113. 144. 169. 199 

Priscella, Mark 113 

Provost. Robert 121. 122. 198 

Purman. Gabriela 113. 136 

Purrington, Chase 128 



Quaair. Ibrahim 128 
Oureshi. iman 128 

Ranganathan. Rudreshwaran 128 

Raphael. Barbara 7. 67 

Ravi. Rupa 121 

Regan. William 128 

Register. Spencer 113 

Ren. Stephen 129 

Rice. Kayla 11. 20. 23, 67. 91. 218 

Richards. Zoe 113 

Robb. Kyle 7. 68. 92. 137. 144, 151. 206 

Roberts. John 113 

Robinson. Wes 129 

Rockwell. Walter 113 

Rod. Julia 23. 68 

Rogers. Megan 121 

Romania. Samuel 121 

Rosenblatt. Haytee 68. 91. 92, 99. 208 

Rouge. Celina 68 

Roy, Alexander 113. 137, 205 

Rubin. Anna 129 

Rudelson. Jacob 157 

Russo. Brooke 129 

Russo. Heather 129 

Ryabin. Ksenla 69. 91. 92. 197. 211 



Namou. Kamal 62, 91 
Narciso, Martin 120 
Navarro. Wilmane 9. 10 


Rabin, Benjamin 21. 24, 67. 87. 91. 146. 

Sacra. Hannah 6. 8, 69. 144, 145. 147 
Sacra. Madelene 8. 22. 23. 121. 123, 

Sadagursky. Mariko 69. 85. 87. 88 

Sailor. Anna 13. 69. 86. 89. 90. 91, 92. 

94. 101.196. 223. 238 

Salgannik. Jenna 129 

Salitsky. Mackenzie 70. 92. 102. 193. 


Saltzman. Julia 9. 13, 70. 85, 91. 94, 145 
Santos. Rafael 70. 100. 144. 193 
Sargeant- Warren, Laneasha 129 
Sayegh. Anthony 129 
Sayeh, Hafnaoui 121. 157 
Schaefer. Sydney 121 
Schaefer. Yannick 113. 166. 167 
Schatten burg, Zoe 113 
Schectman. Robin 121 
Scheidemantel, Jason 129 
Schneider. Rachel 121. 155 
Schwartz. Isabel 15. 113. 159. 194. 205. 

Schwartz. Madeline 15. 22. 129. 131 

Sciaba, Melanie 129 

Seage, Gregory 70. 95. 145, 209 

Seferian, Brad 129 

Seferian. Maxwell 121. 123. 198 

Sehnnger. Gabnel 20. 23. 71. 90. 135. 

199. 200, 205. 206. 207. 208 

Selden, Shaleece 5. 9, 17, 23, 99 

Seiden, Shareile 5. 9. 17. 23. 99 

Selig, Kathryn 17, 129 

Selig, Megan 17, 129 

Senechal. Mia 129 

Shahidi, ullyl29 

Shanson. Yana 121 

Sharp. Andrew 129 

Sharry, Anna 9, 71. 90. 91. 100. 152, 

199. 200, 231 

Sharton, William 129 

Shaw. Olivia 113 

Shaw. Peter 113 

Shear, Natalie 7. 113. 168 

Shearer. Carter 23. 71. 101 

Sheffres. Michelle 22. 23. 121, 123 

Shuman, Ashley 121, 123. 194 

Silberman, Emma 129 

Simches, Emma 14, 121. 122. 155. 169 

Simon. Lauren 129 

Simpson, Dominique 113 

Sivasubramanian. Bhavna 106. 113. 

197. 198. 200 

Skehan, Charolotte 113. 211 
Skowronski, Jillian 129 
Skowronski. Kevin 113 
Slater, Justin 129 

Smalanskas. iliana 71. 91. 95. 196. 198. 

205. 208. 209. 210 

Smith. Charlotte 14. 113. 151 

Smith. David 9. 72. 100. 105. 193 

Smith. Hannah 7. 12. 14. 22. 72. 95. 

147. 193. 220 

Smith. Melissa 129 

Sommerfield. Nathaniel 129 

Soper. Elizabeth 121. 155 

Spagnuolo. Joseph 121 

Spmelli. Luke 129 

Starr. Emily 72. 91. 95. 105, 193. 205 

Starr. Riley 9. 17, 72. 205 

Starr, Tess 17. 129 

Stavisky, Laura 121 

Steele. Mackland 23. 73. 91 

Steltzer. Stephanie 121. 137 

Stoddart. Ashley 121 

Stoddart. Jason 6. 7. 9. 10. 73. 92. 100. 


Straker. JheRod 113 
Straube. Andrew 129 
Straube. KurtH3. 166 
Strauss. Rebecca 114 
Sullivan. Patrick 73 
Sussman, Jacob 114 
Syed. Aamer 129 

Symon. Hadrien 9, 73. 94. 156. 193, 211 

Sze. Tiffany 19. 23. 74. 92. 101. 197. 

Sze. Vanessa 19. 121.123 

Tarn. Elaine 19. 74. 91. 211 
Tarn, lilliane 19. 129 
Tanimoto. Manna 13. 74 
Tarantino. Rebecca 74. 158. 193 
Tawakol. Adam 75. 105. 144. 198. 206 
Tempesta. Nicholas 114 
Tenny. Kevin 75 

Terranova. Julia 13, 17. 121. 123. 211 

Terranova. Kathenne 13. 17 22. 75. 90. 

92. 98. 168. 194. 196. 213 

Thames. Krayon'Na 114. 136. 147 

Thomas. Brett 114 

Thompkins. Nicholas 129 

Thorn berg. Patrick 121. 123. 157 

Timperio. Cristina 75. 90. 145 

Toga. Ethan 129 

Torres. Kathenne 129 

Torti. Kimberty 91. 114. 133 

Toto. Alexandra 121 

Tran. Bao 114 

Tran. Mylinh 121 

Treese. Erica 129 

True. Elizabeth 114 

Tsipis. Alexander 114 

Turner. Bryce 15. 114. 135. 158 

Turner. Margot 15, 129. 130. 131 

Tyra. Charles 16. 76. 91. 95. 101 

Tyra. Evan 16. 76. 94 

Zachman. Ashley 122 
Zane. Jacob 130 
Zetter. Willis 130 
Zhang. Karen 21. 122 
Zhao. Jing 130 
Zizza. Audrey 130. 151 


Valdes. Alejandro 121 
van Mulbregt. Emily 114. 203 
van Mulbregt, Pierce 129, 132 
Vandl. Laura 20. 76. 90. 104. 227 
VanRooven. Alexandra 121 
Varnum. Bradley 14. 129 
Varnum. Danielle 14 
Veal. Katalina 130. 164 
Verdi. Benjamin 130 
Vinha. Julia 4, 76. 91. 92. 95. 164. 200 
Vitagliano, Antonia 12, 21. 77. 90. 92. 
94. 98. 144. 197. 198. 206. 210. 211 
vogel. Jesse 90. 114. 208, 209 
Vogt. Andrea 130 

von Mering, Jonathan 114. 137. 200 
Von Rohr, Eric 77, 137, 197. 206 
Vora. Kruti5. 114. 205 

Wade. Jessica 9 
Wadsworth. David 77. 91 
Wadsworth. Ury 20. 121 
Wallace. Collin 229 
Wallace. Kayshawn 77. 136 
Wallace, lorelle 121 
Wang. Angela 114 
Wang. Christine 121 
Wang. Kathenne 130 
Wang. Willem 78. 99. 193. 196. 198. 
205. 210 

Way. Cassidy 10. 78, 144. 147 

Webb. Felipe 78. 90 

Webb. Leonardo 78. 136. 145 

Wei. Allison 121. 123 

Wells. Elisabeth 121 

Welti. Blake 130 

Whitesell. David 114. 147. 205 

Whitesell. Teresa 130 

Whittemore. Jessica 9. 24. 79. 90. 92. 

94. 145 

Williams. Robert 121 

Wilson. Nathan 79. 101. 193. 202 

Winokur. Alicia 79. 89. 92. 99. 136 

Winter. Liam 114 

Wise. Christopher 130 

wolbarst. janet 233 

Wolff. Nora 130 

Wolff. Piper 130 

Wong, Austin 114 

Wong. Kenzo 122. 157 

Wong. Max 130 

worsted. Daniel 79. 90. 91. 102. 199. 
200. 205 

Worstell. Elizabeth 23. 122. 205 
Wright, Heather 122 
Wuerfl. Alexandra 22. 114 
Wuerfl. Rebecca 22. 130 
Wyche-Wall, Ouenten 130 

Yoon. Connie 114. 144, 205 
Yuan. Robert 130 
Yun. Kevin 122 

I/Getty Images 

AP Photo/Bennington Banner. Austen Danfortn TIMOTHY A. CLARY/ AFP/Getty I 


World Beat 


Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post/Getty Images 

hts reserved/Courtesy Everett Collection Dale Robinette/©Walt Disney Studios Motion 
Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 

AP Pholo'John Minchilk) 

Illustration by NASA via Getty Images TIMOTHY A. CLARY/ AFP/Getty Images 


K ■ 

Occupy Wall Street Occupies Headlines Space Shuttle Program Ends 

Outrage over bank bailouts and foreclosures sparks The nation's budget woes force NASA to cancel 

a protest movement that spreads from New York's 
Zuccotti Park to cities across the nation. 


a 30-year program that shuttles U.S. astronauts to 
and from the International Space Station. 

You Are One in 7 Billion 

In October, the United Nations expresses concern 
over the planet's food supply now that the world 
population has reached an all-time high of 7 billion. 

Statue of Liberty 
Turns 125 

Lady Liberty celebrates 
her 125th anniversary. 
To mark the occasion, 
125 immigrants from 46 
countries are sworn in 
as U.S. citizens. 

Daniel 8erehulak/Getty Images 


Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images 

Blizzard Brings 
Tricky Snowfall 

A surprise Nor'easter dumps 
record snowfalls of more than 
two feet in the Northeast, 
leaving millions stranded 
without power on Halloween. 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images 

New Foreclosure Relief Is Coming 

The government passed a near unanimous 26 billion dollar mortgage settlement, supported by 49 of 
the 50 states. The settlement is geared towards those affected by the housing crash that now owe 
more on their houses than they're actually worth. 

AP Photo. NOAA 

Doctor Convicted in 
Michael Jackson's 

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's 
personal physician, is convicted of 
involuntary manslaughter for his role 
in the pop star's anesthetic overdose. 

Al Seib-Pool/Getty Images 


Arab Spring Extends 
Through Fall 

Middle East regimes topple with the death 
of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and the 
ouster of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and 
Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. 

AP Photo/Bennmgton Banner. Austen Danforth 

Hurricane Irene Engulfs 
New England 

Hurricane Irene unleashes torrential rains 
on New England, resulting in washed-out 
roads and swollen rivers. One woman is 
swept away and drowned. 

AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito 

Pele Souza/The White House/MCT via Getty Images Joe Raedle/Getty Images 

Cruise Ship Capsizes Death of Bin Laden Catches Nation's Attention 

The Costa Concordia runs aground off The United States watched as news came in about the death of 

the Italian coast near the Isola del Giglio, Osama Bin Laden, following the Seal Team 6 raid on the terrorist 

resulting in numerous casualties. leader's Pakistan compound. 

U.S. Troops Leave Iraq 

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq 
ends in December, concluding eight years 
of war and occupation. 

Greek Economy 
European Stability 

European nations offer 
bailout loans and urge 
austerity measures to 
keep the Greek debt 
crisis from damaging the 
Euro-Zone economy. 

Amanda Knox 

Italian courts 
overturn the 
murder conviction 
of American college 
student Amanda 
Knox. She returns 
home to Seattle 
after serving four 
years in prison. 

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images 

Kevin Casey/AFP/Getty [mages 

Legislators Take 
Bullying Seriously 

To address increasing concern over 
harassment in schools, Michigan 
becomes the 47th U.S. state to pass 
laws that are written to combat bullying. 


Obama Introduces Jobs Act 

To boost the sluggish economy, 
President Obama presents Congress 
with the American Jobs Act, a bill 
designed to put citizens back to work. 

AP Photo/Havre Daily News. Nikki Carlson 

AP/Charles Dharapak 

Navy Rescues Iranian Crew 
from Pirates 

In the North Arabian Sea, the USS 
Kidd, a U.S. Navy warship, rescues 
the crew of an Iranian fishing boat 
from Somali pirates. 

f Hit, 

* 9 I 


Republican Hopefuls Debate 

A series of nationally televised debates 
narrows the field as candidates vie for the 
2012 Republican presidential nomination. 

Curtis Tate/MCT via Getty Images 


The Nation Remembers 9/11 


New York 

Washington, D.C. 

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/1 1 terrorist 
attacks, memorial events are held in New York, 
Pennsylvania and Washington. D.C. 

Watson Gets a 
Government Job 

After trouncing human 
Jeopardy champions, 
Watson, the IBM 
supercomputer, analyzes 
pharmaceutical patent 
data for the National 
Institutes of Health. 

United States 

Post Office 

Andrew Harrer Bloomberg/Getty Images 

Post Office Posts Losses 

After sustaining a record 514.4 billion loss for its 2012 fiscal year, the U.S. Post Office asks 
consultants to advise them about restructuring. 

AP PhotoThe Oakland Press. Jose Juarez AP Phota'Scnbner. File 

Coupon Clipping 

Coupons are a lifestyle trend as 
consumers emulate super-thrifty 
shoppers featured on TV shows 
like Extreme Couponing on TLC. 

School Buildings 
Go Green 

States are adopting green building 
practices so that school buildings can 
save energy and use fewer resources. 

Gabrielle Gif 



Consumers Trash Junk Mail 

Households across the nation are 
taking steps to reduce the paper waste 
of unwanted junk mail from catalog 
companies and advertisers. 

Gabby Giffords Pens Memoir 

One year after she was shot by a would-be 
assassin. Representative Gabby Giffords 
and her husband publish a memoir. 

Simon Bruty/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images 

Tuscaloosa Survives Tornado 

When a tornado hits the town of Tuscaloosa, 
these University of Alabama students seek 
shelter in a bathtub under a mattress. 

"The Protester" Is Person of the Year 

As demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, 
and New York make headlines, Time magazine 
names "The Protester" as 201 1's Person of the Year. 

Steve Jobs Dies 

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a pioneer in the 
personal computing and consumer electronics 
fields, dies at age 56 of pancreatic cancer. 



m Ml 

AP Photo PARK Jl-H WAN/AFP/Getty Images 

AP Photo/Mark Stehle 

Women Leaders Share Nobel Peace Prize 

Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee, Liberian President Ellen 
Johnson-Sirleaf. and Tawakkol Karman of Yemen all receive the 
Nobel Peace Prize. 

New LED 
Lightbulbs Shine 
for Decades 

Pricey, Energy 
Star-rated LED 
bulbs debut in stores 
and outshine 
compact fluorescent 
bulbs, lasting five 
times longer. 

YouTube Request Snags 

Corporal Kelsey de Santis successfully 
asks Justin Timberlake to be her date for 
the Marine Corps Ball by posting a video 
on YouTube. 


London Builds an Eco-sawy 
Olympic Park 

Green building practices transform former 
industrial land into London's Olympic Park 

for the 2012 Summer Gc 


Keith Myers/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images 

Joplin Mall Is 
Makeshift School 

After Missouri's Joplin High School is 
destroyed by a tornado, students attend 
class at nearby Northpark Mall. 

Airlines Fly Toward 
Greener Fuels 
Seeking to decrease greenhouse gas 
emissions and shrink their carbon footprint, 
passenqei jets are starting to switch to 
new bio-fns. 

Lance Cpl. Emmanuel Ramos/ Marine Corps Base Quantico Public Atfairs/AP Photo 


Harry How/StaH/Getty Images Eduaroo Enomolo/NewsFree/LatinContent/Getty Images 

JOHN QURZMGK tfP Mh :~ag« 

Boston Bruins Bear Down 

Following their first Stanley Cup win in 39 
years, the Boston Bruins keep the momentum 
going strong with a solid 201 1-2012 season. 


Skaters Gather in Brazil 

Lincoln Ueda, Tony Hawk and other world-class 
skateboarders headline a "Jump" festival at 
Ibirapuera gym in Sao Paulo. Brazil. 

Manny Pacquiao Holds His Title 

In Las Vegas, WBO Welterweight champ 
Manny Pacquiao successfully defends his 
title against Juan Manuel Marquez. 

Teen Is 
LPGA Tour 

Lexi Thompson, age 16. 
wins her first LGPA 
tournament, the Navistar 
LPGA Classic, making her 
the youngest winner in the 
history of the LPGA Tour. 

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images 

St. Louis Cardinals Win World Series 

With a win over the Texas Rangers in seven games, the St. Louis Cardinals take home their 1 1th 
World Series victory. 

Basketball Players 
End Strike 

The 201 1 NBA lockout ends as 
basketball team owners and players 
strike a deal. The start of the season 
is delayed until Christmas. 

AP Kevin Terrell 

Scott Cunningham'Contnrxjtor/Getty Images 

Verla nder Receives 
Cy Young Award 

Justin Verlander of the Detroit 
Tigers c American League MVP 
and winner of the 201 1 
Cy Young Award. 

Talking Tebow 

Sports announcers and fans debate over 
Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. 
an athlete who wears his faith on the 
sleeve of his football jersey. 

Minnesota Lynx Net 
WNBA Championship 

The Minnesota Lynx defeat the Atlanta 
Dream in three games to claim their 
first-ever WNBA championship. 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images Peter Andrew Bosch/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images 

Mike Stobe/Getty Images for USTA 

First Lady Gets a Kick Out of Fitness Tony Stewart Races to NASCAR Victory Stosur Wins U.S. Open 

Members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer In the season's final race of the NASCAR Sprint Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur 

Team join Michelle Obama for a Let's Move Cup Series at Homestead-Miami Speedway, defeats Serena Williams to win the women's 

soccer clinic on the south lawn of the White House. Stewart edges out Carl Edwards in a tiebreaker. singles championship at the U.S. Open. 

AP Photo/Kelly Kline 

Baylor Gets Its 
First Heisman 

Robert Griffin III, 
starting quarterback 
for the Baylor 
University Bears, 
is named the winner 
of the Heisman 
Trophy award. 

JoePa Loses His 
Battle with Lung 

Joe Paterno, the 
beloved college foot- 
ball coach who led the 
Penn State Nittany 
Lions to a record- 
breaking 409 victories, 
dies at age 85. 




Sports Illustrated 
Honors Coaches 

The Sportswoman 
and Sportsman of 
the Year awards go 
to college basketball 
coaches Pat Summitt 
and Mike Krzyzewski. 

New York Wins 
Super Bowl Trophy 

Eli Manning leads the New York Giants 
to their fourth Super Bowl triumph, 
narrowly defeating the New England 
Patriots 21 to 17. 

Untao Zhang/Getty Images 

Women Gymnasts Garner Gold 

The U.S. women's team brings home gold 
medals from the Artistic Gymnastics World 
Championships in Tokyo. 

Kirstin Scholtz/Contributor/Getty Images 

Marc Serota/Getty Images 

Dallas Mavericks 
Beat the Heat 

The Dallas Mavericks ice the Miami 
Heat dream team and LeBron James 
by winning the 201 1 NBA World 
Championship in Game 6. 

Kelly Slater Rules the Waves 

By winning top honors at the Billabong 
Pro Tahiti competition, surfer Kelly Slater 
captures his 47th elite World Tour victory. 

Al Bello/Getty Images 

^Huetty Images for Latin Recordir 

Michael Tran/F.lmMagic 

Jeff Kravte/FimMaqic 

Usher on the Upswing 

Usher wins the AMA Favorite Male Artist award, 
performs with Justin Bieber for NBC's Christmas 
in Rockefeller Center and reunites with Ludacris. 

Katy Perry Stays on Top 

Katy Perry is the year's most-played artist on the 
radio, with five Number One singles. She sells two 
million albums and 24 million digital downloads. 

The Rising Star, Bruno Mars 

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars receives six Grammy 
nominations, an AMA Award for best Pop/Rock Male 
Artist, and sings with the Muppets on Sesame Street 

Music $ 

Lucky Seven 

Hip-hop superstar and 
producer Kanye West 
receives a total of seven 
2012 Grammy nominations, 
more than any other artist 
for the season. 

Adele Turns 21 

Despite vocal cord trouble 
that forces her to suspend 
touring. Adele is Billboard's 
Number One artist of 201 1 
and her album, 21, is the 
year's top seller. 

Mark Humphrey/AP Photo 

Lady A. Owns the Night 

Nashville's Lady Antebellum hits the country charts with "Just a Kiss." from their third studio 
album. Own the Night. 

Tim Whitby/Getty Images 

George Rose/Getty Images 


Ley Houston 
at Age 48 

The mu >ic industry and 
fans aliie were stunned 
about Ine death of music 
icon. ITVhitney Houston. 
Henoody was found 1/ 
unresponsive on Saturday, 
February 1 1th in her 
Los Angeles hotel room. 


Larry Marano/Getty Images 

Hot Chelle Rae Is Getting Hotter 

Hot Chelle Rae signs with RCA. wins a Best New Artist award from the American Music Association 
and releases the band's second album. Whatever. 

Joe Kohen/Wirelmage 

/AP Photo Press Association/AP Images 

Jennifer Lopez Goes Solo Coldplay Plays It Cool 

After the tabloids cover her split from husband Coldplay releases its fifth album, Mylo Xyloto, and 

Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez wins a Favorite Latin streams a concert in Spain as a live webcast on 

Artist Award from the American Music Awards. YouTube. 

Dimitrios Kambouns/Wirelmage 

Frederick Breedon IV/Fi!mMagic 

Taylor Made 

Taylor Swift releases 
her Speak Now 
World Tour: Live 
album and is named 
CMA Entertainer 
of the Year. 

Gaga Visits Obama 

Lady Gaga drops in on President Obama to 
lend her support to his anti-bullying campaign, 
according to a White House senior advisor's blog. 

Maroon 5 Moves Like Winners 

Maroon 5 wins an AMA Pop/Rock Favorite 
Band award. The cast of Glee covers the 
band's hit single, "Moves Like Jagger." 

The Merry Band Perry 

Siblings Kimberly, Neil, and Reid 
Perry of The Band Perry celebrate a 
Platinum album, three CMA Awards 
and a Grammy nomination. 

Richard Drew/AP Photo 

Jason Derulo 
Recovers from 

Jason Derulo lands 
in the hospital and 
cancels a planned 
UK tour after 
fracturing his neck 
while rehearsing 
acrobatic stage moves. 

Richard Diamond/Getty Images 

Casting Crowns Hit the Town 

The acclaimed contemporary Christian 
rock group, Casting Crowns, launches a 
tour to promote its latest album, Come to 

the Well. 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Natalie Grant Gets 
Grammy Nod 

Singer Natalie Grant receives a Grammy 
nomination for Best Gospel/Contemporary 
Christian Music Performance, for "Alive 
(Mary Magdalene)." 

Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via AP Images 

Foster the People Pumps Up 

More than a year after the catchy single's 
release. "Pumped Up Kicks," by Foster 
the People, finally reaches the top of the 
singles chart. 


Sea- 3a .d Mfc images 

iroid Instant Digital 









Polaroid Pictures to Go 

The Pogo instant digital camera from Polaroid 
prints its own snapshots to share in less than 
a minute. 

Call of Duty Earns $400 Million No Glasses Required for Nintendo "3DS" 

The debut of Call of Duty: Modem Warfare 3 The newest Nintendo 3DS device features a 

is the most successful game launch in history, no-glasses 3D screen and allows players to record 

according to Activision Blizzard, Inc. 3D video footage. 


the Son of 



Super Mario 3D 
Land Conquers a 
New Dimension 

Developed for the Nintendo 
3DS. Super Mario 3D Land 
receives rave reviews for its 
addictive 3D experience. 

Welcome The 
Son of Neptune 

Troubled teenage 
demigod Percy 
Jackson returns for 
r x more adventure in 
The second book of 
thk Heroes of 
Olyropus series. 

Angry Birds Goes Mobile 

The humorous and addictive computer game. Angry Birds, is one of the most successful mobile 
apps in the world. 

£ XBOX 360 <9 X60X 360 


Ubisofyreleases Just 
Dance 3. featuring singles 
by Kity Perry, Cee Lo 
Green. Bntney Spears, 
issor Sisters, and 
e Black Eyed Peas. 

footba MADDENS 

Madden NFL 12 Scores Big 

EA Sports adds non-NFL players like female 
quarterback Hope Bromley to the free agents 
in Madden NFL 12, the newest edition of the 
popular video game. 

Mindflex Duel Is a Brainy Game 

Mindflex Duel players wear special, brain 
wave-sensing headsets to steer foam balls 
through the air and around obstacles 

Heather Wines/CBS via Getty Images 

Michael Caulfield/Getty Images for PCA Sergei BachlakovAS The CW/Courtes 

More Bang for the Buck 

The Big Bang Theory, a popular sitcom 
about geeky research scientists and the 
women in their lives, is in its fifth season. 

Missing Michael at the O 

Critics and fans tune into the eighth sea 
Office to see how the ensemble cast fares after the 
departure of star Steve Carrell. 

Bewitching Teens Cast a Spell 

When Cassie Blake moves to a small town in 
Washington State, the teen is invited to join a 
coven of witches in The Secret Circle. 

Victors in 
Storage Wars 

In southern California, 
abandoned storage 
lockers are sold at 
auction to competing 
buyers who hope to 
find hidden treasure in 
Storage Wars on A&E. 


Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images 

{ V 


X Marks The Spot 

Simon Cowell is set to 
kick off season two of 
the U.S. version of the 
X-Factor. This year's 
competition will feature 
new judges to replace 
Paula Abdul and Nicole 
Sherzinger, as well as 
a new host. 

NBC Finds 
Its Voice 

Christina Aguilera, 
Cee Lo Green, Adam 
Levine and Blake 
Shelton compete 
to coach unknown 
singers to victory in 
the reality talent 
show, The Voice. 

Ray Mickshaw/Fox via Getty Images 

CBS Captures 
Viewers Interest 

A mysterious billionaire 
scientist hires a former 
CIA officer to help him 
prevent crimes before 
they occur. The crime 
drama, Person of 
Interest, is a hit for CBS 


Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images 

Big Stars on Small Screen 

Mike & Molly, a sitcom about an obese couple who start dating after 
they meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, is in its second season. 

Vermin, Beware 

An eccentric Louisiana 
exterminator works 
the front lines of his 
family business in the 
reality show Billy 
the Exterminator. 

AP Photo/Peter Kramer 

Brian Killian/Wirelmage 

Playing the Pawn 

The History Channel has a hit with 
Pawn Stars, featuring the Harrison 
family and selected treasures from 
their Las Vegas pawn shop. 

i Enc CharbooneauWrelmaQe 

Ad, Ba<e- Getty Images 

Lionsgate Releases The Hunger Games 

Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson star 
in The Hunger Games, a film adaptation of the 
popular science fiction novel. 

A Winning Season 

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill star in Moneyball, based 
on the true story of the Oakland Athletics' record- 
breaking 2002 season. 

A Dark and Stormy Knight 

Batman (Christian Bale) returns to Gotham 
to uncover the truth about Selina Kyle 
(Anne Hathaway) in The Dark Knight Rises. 


mYW. mm mm 

it *J 

y is uft'' A 


The Boys 
Are Back 

Robert Downey. Jr. 
and Jude Law return 
as Sherlock Holmes 
and Dr. Watson in Guy 
Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: 
A Game of Shadows. 

Warner BrosVCourtesy Everett Collection 

©Warner Bros. Ent. All nghts reserved. /Courtesy Everett Collection 

Harry Potter Series Finale on Home Video 

After inspiring moviegoers to camp out for the first midnight showings, Harry Potter and the Deathly 
Hallows: Part 2 comes to home video. 

Eugene Gologursky/Contnbutor/Getty Images 

Wilson Wet>b/©Universal Picture&'Courtesy Everett Collection 

Agent J Returns 

Josh Brolin joins Will Smith, 
Tommy Lee Jones and some 
seriously sinister aliens in the 
long-awaited science fiction 
comedy sequel, Men in Black 3. 

Bobby Bank^CofSributor/Getty images 

Diyan Pera/TM & ©20th Century Fox Film Corp 
All nghts reserved/courtesy Everett Collection 

Chronicl&flies into 

Three students discover they have 
superpowers far beyono their 
understanding. As their powers 
grow, so does their darkiside 
to use them to their advantage. 
Their lives take unexpected 
turns as they try to deal with the 
unexplainable changes. 

War Horse Sells Tickets 
and Tissues 

When a boy's beloved thoroughbred is 
sold to an Army captain on the eve of 
World War I, a deeply moving drama is 
set in motion in War Horse. 

The Revenge of the 99 Percent 

When the boss squanders their retirement 
savings, the little people get even. Ben Stiller 
and Eddie Murphy star in the crime comedy. 
Tower Heist. 

Neal Preston/TM and copyright ©Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. 

All rights reserved/Courtesy Everett Collection Van Redin/@Warner Bros Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 

Dave M. Benett/Getty Images 

Animal House 

Matt Damon stars as a well-meaning widower 
who brings his young children to live in a run- 
down zoo in We Bought a Zoo. 

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images 

Make Some Noise 

Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton star in Joyful Noise, 
about conflicts within a Georgia church choir as the 
group prepares for a national competition. 

AP Photo/ Frank Connor. Disney Enterprises 

Breaking Dawn Breaks Records 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, 
the fourth installment in the series, earns 
$500 million in its first 12 days in theaters. 

James Devaney/Contributor/Getty Images 

Save the World 

A cast of superstars 
portray Marvel Comics 
superheroes recruited 
to battle an evil villain 
and his army in the 
theatrical release, 

The Help Is a Hit ^) 

In the early 1960s, an idealistic, Caucasian writer 
wants to write about the struggles of the African- 
American maids who serve her peers in The Help. 

Dale Robinette/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection 


Hoodies Are Classic Casuals Equestrian Style Steps Out 

The classic, English-style riding boot, 
skirts or tucked-in skinny jeans, is on 

Comfortable, cozy and laid-back hoodie 
sweatshirts convey an easy goixng attitude 
toward style. 

Slaven Viasic'Getty Images for Pandora 


Pandora Opens Beaded Bracelet Craze 

worn with Pandora charm bracelets from Denmark bring 
e of the design-your-own style and sparkling self-expression 
strongest footwear trends for fall and winter. to the jewelry store. 


From Locker 
Room to 

As temperatures drop, 
comfortable, cozy, 
sweat pants make the 
leap from gym class to 

e N E R C- 

l_ o - C A R B • * 


Go Retro 

A modem adaptation 
of the mid-century 
classic cardigan adds 
an extra layer of color 
armth. and style. 

Energy Drinks as Teen Fuel Both Popular and Controversial 

The caffeine and sugar in popular but controversial energy drinks fuel teens to help stay awake 
for late-night study sessions and socializing. 


suede boots 
of irreverent, 
to short skirts, 
tucked-in jeans 

Aviator Shades Are Retro Chic 

A new generation embraces the iconic shades of 
the 1970s. Metal-rimmed, aviator-style sunglasses 
make a stylish comeback. 

Layers Make the Look 

Layering is one of the strongest trends for fall and 
winter. Mixing textures and lengths, like a cropped 
jacket over a long top. creates looks that are both 

cozy and cool. 


Mismatched Socks Are No Accident 

Bending the rules is always in style. Students 
express their creativity by mixing brightly colored, 
patterned, mismatched socks. 

Stepping Out in Ballet Flats 

Cute, comfortable, versatile ballet flats 
go with just about everything from 
school outfits to party attire. 

Yogurt Goes Greek 

Greek-style yogurt, which is 
creamier and less sour than 
ordinary yogurt, adds more 
delicious options to the dairy case. 

Nail Polish Crackles 

Ordinary manicures get contrast, 
color and texture with special, 
crackle-effect topcoat formulas. 

Boy StyL 

Whether they're boot cut, skinny 
or loose fit, jeans are still the focus 
of today's style. Just throw on your 
favorite tee or hoodie and you're 
good to go! 

Music Goes to Your Head 

Dr. Dre introduces high-performance, 
over-ear headphones that cancel outside 
noise and enhance the listening experience. 

Faux Is a Go 

The posh look and plush feel of faux fur 
inspires designers to go wild. Fabulous 
faux jackets, vests, collars and accessories 
are hot — and warm. 

Smar tphone Users Love Wordplay 

The number-one mobile word game is Zynga's 
addictive "Words with Friends," a cross-plattorm 
challenge for friends and strangers. 


Moviegoers Stay Home With Netflix Oprah Moves On 

Netflix. a popular online movie rental service, delivers Oprah Winfrey airs the final episode of her 

new flicks to home screens via instant streaming and daytime television talk show after 25 seasons, 

discs in the mail. The hour attracts 16.4 million viewers. 


Nike Makes 
It Personal 

Online custom build-it 
functionality allows 
consumers to design 
their own Nike ID footwear, 
by specifying colors and 
performance features. 

PRNewsFoto/Disney D23 

Stephen Hilger Bioombeng/Getty Images 

Walt Disney World Celebrates 40th Anniversary 

The Walt Disney World Resort turns 40. The celebration at Magic Kingdom Park includes 
fireworks and a mass sing-along of "When You Wish Upon a Star." 

Press Associatiofi/AP Images 

Facebook Makes 
It Easier to Go 
Back in Time. 

Facebook introduced its newest 
development, the Timeline this 
year. The recent change allows 
users to easily view everything from 
past photos, wall posts and status 
updates from any year they were 
subscribed to Facebook. 

Apple iPhone 
4S Launches 

b'V v.f 

Tammie Arroyo/ AP Pholo 

Kardashian Sisters Build 
Reality Show Empire 

Between Kim's 72-day marriage, 
Kourtney's second pregnancy, and 
various scandals, the media can't 
resist covering the Kardashians' 
every move. 

Paul Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Tablet Computing 
Trends Upward 

The tablet computing craze is going strong. 
Consumers can't resist the Apple iPad 2. 
as well as competitors like the Kindle Fire 
and the Transformer Prime. 

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